Cellprime Distribution Corporation (Cellprime), makers of homegrown mobile technology brand CloudFone™, today announced game-changing collaborations and partnerships that are set to disrupt the market in 2016. Comprised of a predominantly young mobile population, the Philippines scored the highest percentage of social web usage in the region, earning its recognition as the ‘most social’ nation according to a 2014 study by WeAreSocial. Cellprime will continue to strengthen its CloudFone brand through the CloudFone Collabs, which include content partnership, co-design and co-marketing strategy. The makers of CloudFone, Cellprime, has rolled out a broad spectrum of mobile devices through their collaborations and partnerships with global and local brands. Beginning with its partnership with Spotify in end-2015, the CloudFone Special Edition phones came with free data to enjoy the use of the Spotify app, earphones, headphones and casing in one upbeat bundle for the music-loving smartphone user.
CloudFone Special Edition smartphones and tablets were also developed, and are currently bundled with Disney, Marvel and Star Wars accessories in 2016.
CloudFone Special Edition phones will also cater to Filipinos’ passion for sports as CloudFone becomes the official mobile phone of the NBA and PBA. CloudFone remains committed to affordability as it releases a strong line-up of best-value devices this year.
Korean automotive titan Hyundai selected Cellprime to be its partner in the Philippines, enabling Cellprime to benefit from Hyundai’s expertise in design and innovation. The company’s partnerships with Hyundai, Gionee and Disney, will also give Cellprime an opportunity to penetrate other markets domestically and abroad.

Cellprime has also acquired rights to develop and market an exclusive line of mobile accessories for Disney, Marvel and Star Wars, set to be rolled out in the course of the year.
Cellprime will embark on more exciting partnerships moving forward as it expands its roster of brands and product portfolio. Cellprime Distribution Corporation was incorporated in March 27, 2003 as the leading distributor of telecommunication products and services with Globe Telecom Inc. CloudFone’s proactive collaboration with numerous globally reputable technology partners such as Intel, Microsoft, Disney, NBA and Spotify, among others, has enhanced Cellprime’s mobile technology and handset development capabilities. Given that over 60% of the country’s mobile population is aged between 13 and 30, Cellprime believes that a vast opportunity lies in working with the lifestyle brands that resonate strongly with this demographic. Here pictured, (from left) Jaime Alcantara, Cellprime Chief Operating Officer, and Eric Yu, Cellprime President introduces devices from (with Jaime) Hyundai, Gionee, and (with Eric) Disney accessories.
The CloudFone Excite Prime is the industry’s best performing Android Lollipop smartphone for its price range. Cellprime and Hyundai will jointly develop a line of mobile devices for mid-to-high-end smartphone users. Cellprime also scored a strategic alliance with Gionee, one of China’s largest mobile phone manufacturers, and will engage in sales and marketing activities for Gionee’s high-end smartphone products in the first quarter of the year.
These accessories will be available through Globe Telecom as well as unique concept stores that are designed to elevate the retail environment nationwide.

Cellprime is also engaged in software development as well as a provider of outsourced technical service and warranty. These, and its exclusive partnership with the giant network operator, Globe Telecom, provide CloudFone with a cutting edge advantage over its peers and competitors. Cellprime is also collaborating with Disney®, Marvel™ and Star Wars™ to produce a range of mobile accessories for phones and tablets.
The company thus forged agreements with the biggest names in the music, entertainment, sports and gaming industries to produce CloudFone Special Edition smartphones and tablets. Gionee has been feted as the maker of the world’s slimmest smartphone as well as introducing a smartphone with longest battery life. The company expanded its mettle in the mobile telecommunications industry through the successful creation and distribution of the mobile phone brand, CloudFone.

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