A number of experts shared their picks in similar plugin categories.For instance, image optimization is a thing.
For instance, plugins like Broken Link Checker or Pretty Link are among the most popular on the non-obvious list. A combination of these 2 give me the total control Aweber or MailChimp can’t provide. It promotes interaction and bootstraps you in to a thriving community of bloggers.Plainview Activity Monitor. This shows you failed logins to your site which also shows you the passwords used and other stuff that users do which is really useful if you have a multi author blog.User Switching.
Really needed if you have a membership site, you can log in as someone and you see the site as if you have used their details to log in. Offers both faster site performance and blocks a wide range of threats from every reaching your site. Acts like a giant broom for your WordPress database and cleans everything with the touch of a button.
The problem is, optimizing images manually requires a little bit more time and effort, and many site owners aren’t comfortable using image optimization tools. This plugin helps make image optimization seamless for authors.Alyona Galea WP MayorWP RSS Aggregator.
This great plugin allows you to aggregate photos, videos and text, categorised and filtered in the way you want.MailPoet Newsletters. Was really helpful when I worked at Fizzle.co so we could easily schedule out our content for weeks and months in advance. First, being able to have shorter redirect links to specific pages or other websites you’re linking too.
Second, it tracks how many times those links are used, which is also really helpful.Backup Buddy is a life saver. This WordPress plugin also comes from the developer of WP Sharely, and it is basically a plugin for creating opt in forms; it has a lot of options including allowing users to create in-post forms, sidebar forms, pop ups and slide in forms.
You can exclude categories (say, News) to ensure that posts re-shared are still relevant even if they’re old. When redesigning our website to recrop all of our images and clean out the old ones.Fanciest Author Box.
The advantage to this is that you can just let plugins do whatever they want and know that you’ll still be doing the right thing performance wise on the front end. This has been the plugin that has been the most effective for me for stopping spam (in addition to Akismet).Jeff Starr Perishable PressTheme Check. As a WordPress theme developer, I use the Theme Check plugin to double-check that my themes are up to spec with the latest theme review standards.
The plugin is simple to use and provides clear results and actionable steps for improving theme quality, security, and performance. It can do a lot of stuff that other debugging plugins can’t, like auto Ajax debugging and the ability to filter results by specific plugin or theme.

I use this plugin mostly for debugging database and query variables, but it also comes in handy for testing HTTP requests, WP hooks, PHP errors, and much more. On the front-end, navigating all of these posts is a breeze, as I have full control over the theme template and can use choice template tags as desired. But not so much in the WP Admin Area, where it is sometimes necessary to navigate from one post to the next to make updates, edits, and so on. If deleting an image and reuploading a new one with the same name never made sense to you, you need this plugin.Regenerate Thumbnails. In my case though, I may share several high quality images in my post, and it would be a pity if the time it took to download these put people off the site. To build a community around your blog, simple-press is the easiest way by far to set up a forum that piggy-backs off WordPress’ system. No matter what, every single hour my entire site is backed up to VaultPress’ servers, and there is a simple one button click backup implementation.
It basically turns your WordPress site into a coming soon page complete with sign up form and editable text via the background. You can reward user dofollow backlink too if they have certain number of comments on your blog.
It really helps to build community, it attracts user to leave more comments, and this provides relationships with new and repeat visitors. It shows over-optimization warning in case you have added extra tags, keywords, h1, h2, h3 tags. It is a powerful plugin which helps you to manage, track, cloak and shorten unlimited number of affiliate links from one setting page. This plugin helped me alot in saving my time and managing all affiliate links from one dashboard.
One of my favorite ways of reducing unnecessary bloat is by finding useful code snippets I can substitute for whole plugins. So many themes come with their own sets of shortcodes that are not separated out into another plugin. And some, if they are separated out, are designed to work with just that theme and not at all (or at least not well) with others.
Which is why instead I have really come to love using this massive (free) shortcode bundle by Vladimir Anokhin designed to work well with any theme.Reviewer WordPress Plugin by evoG.
This looks great as a selling point but many customers do not realize creating a bunch of content using theme specific custom post types such as a review lock them into that theme forever.
It may not be the review plugin for everyone, but the point is that if you’re reviewing things on your blog – use a plugin!

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