13th March 2015 by Greg Ferro Providing a web application on the Internet can be a risky business. Enterprises can improve HTTPS website performance while enhancing security and key integrity at a reasonable price. Enterprises can prevent oversizing Internet connections and infrastructure and get savings in CapEx and OpEx.
Enterprises can reduce cost of load balancers by using CDN,  offloading SSL & reducing traffic load. A standard design model for the Internet front end (shown in the following diagram) and has 5 functional parts. The outcome of sizing for a security event based on high volumes of web requests is that most infrastructure runs as very low utilisation of between 10-30%. Secure web applications, encrypted with HTTPS, are somewhat resistant to performance enhancement using content delivery networks. A company that implements a CloudFlare SSL solution will see major changes to their design.
Perhaps the best reason is that you can sleep easier at night knowing that you have 24-hour DDOS and Web Application security system deployed that is run and operated by a company focussed on the task.
Users are increasingly aware of the security of their data and the expectation of encryption for web traffic is rising.
CloudFlare recently announced a new and innovative process that maintains private key inside the physical security.
CloudFlare has developed some limited changes to the existing SSL web software that can be securely hosted on premises.
Cloudflare is a plucky but mature startup that is dating up with big security features that compete strongly with CDN offerings for more traditional vendors like Akamai, Edgecast and others. The Keyless SSL feature is a significant advance to enable large organisations to use CDN and reduce spending on physical infrastructure.

In addition to the great features you mentioned, you should also share how CloudFlare provides an automatic IPv6 to IPv4 proxy for any website. A podcast on Data Networking where we talk nerdy about technology, recent events, conduct interviews and more.
EtherealMinds Eleven Rules of Design DocumentationHow do I prepare, develop and write Designs ?
Copyright Greg Ferro 2008-2016 - Thanks for reading my site, it's been good to have you here. DDOS attacks are commonly exceeding 40 Gigabits per second of data, crackers are web crawling the Internet looking for vulnerabilities and much more.
While DDOS providers are well prepared to mitigate flood attacks the technology is less able to protect against application level attacks that happen inside the encrypted session. Firewalls that scale to tens of gigabits costs millions to purchase and hundreds of thousands to maintain every year. SSL Termination and HTTP manipulation is very common functions but add little value to business need as these functions are increasingly replaced by MVC programming and sharding.
The capital and operational costs of these assets may be measured in the millions therefore solutions. A CDN provider must decrypt traffic to cache content, perform traffic analysis for malicious content and other functions. CDN Providers build analytics engines and threat response teams that provide more focus and capability than an Enterprise team that comparatively limited resources. Google increases SEO ranking for sites that have HTTPS encryption by default and this has made webmasters take notice.
Until now, the CDN provider needed the private key to intercept encrypted traffic and went to extreme lengths to maintain private crypto key security and integrity. Today it offers some free SSL services to smaller websites and prices to use other services are much less than competitors.

It might be time to check out CDN providers again to see if they can improve the user experience through improved performance, increase security and also save money. He has over 20 years in IT, in wide range of employers working as a freelance consultant including Finance, Service Providers and Online Companies. I use these eleven handy rules of Design Documentation that I have worked out over the last fifteen years.
Because it works and it’s free I find it installed on most corporate desktops as the default software for terminal client on Windows but not everyone seems to know how to set the defaults. Opinions, Views and Ideas expressed here are my own and do not represent any employer, vendor or sponsor.
As a result, the data centre Internet connection is scaled for a worst case scenario and not for customer need.
Firewalls still remain common design practice although they are becoming less useful as load balancers increase the security features. Internet connections can be simplified to dual provider for redundant links, firewalls and load balancers can be scaled to lower cost models and continue to provide the features that are used today. Certain organisations, such as trading banks, are prevented by law and other reluctant to do this in spite of extensive preparations by CDN companies. But the most important pieces are the people who design, deploy and operate the technology. Cloudflare SSL solutions change this model by pushing the risk, traffic load and security into the cloud.

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