I just learned about the SSLv3 Support vulnerability from CloudFlare, who I use to help speed up this blog.
In it they explain that SSL 3.0 [RFC6101] is an obsolete and insecure protocol, but some servers will fallback to it if its successors fail.
It would be a good idea, if you use SSL, to check with your webhost that the vulnerability is properly patched.

They posted on Facebook that they have already patched up CloudFlare to ensure that nobody can take advantage of the exploit. Some cunning hackers have developed a way to force the fallback and then this provides the chance to exploit the security hole in SSL 3.0.
The vulnerability allows an attacker to add padding to a request in order to then calculate the plaintext of encryption using the SSLv3 protocol.

Effectively, this allows an attacker to compromise the encryption when using the SSLv3 protocol.

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