Have you ever received an email from your visitors and you wish that you could instantly see which pages they look at period to sending email to you, so that you can understand the problem from their point of view and answer their question more efficiently? Hitsteps contact form visitor views analytics is no longer limited to our WordPress plugin and now has been extended to our live chat support system. This change has been applied to all of our customers account and now you will receive an email report with visitor full detail, each time a visitor have conversation with you via our chat system.
Squarespace have an integrated basic web statistics, but if you need more features, we’ve got you covered. You can use Hitsteps Web Analytics and live chat with Squarespace-based websites, we’ve tested it and we provide you with instructions on how to get it running.
If you would like to put a live chat widget in your website too, please use code provided in Chat Widgets section in additional to tracking code.
We’ve introduced Contact form integration for hitsteps analytics a while ago, however lack of proper documentation caused lot of our customers still asking us how to use this feature! Go to Mail Tab and enter [hitsteps_analytics] wherever you want visitor information to be displayed inside of the email. It is better to enable HTML email checkbox, so that you can receive a well organized report of your visitors.
We have manual integration API for those who are not using WordPress, you need to have PHP programming skill to do it or to hire a developer to do it for you.
Now you can simply take a look at each element in your page and see how many click each of them got. There is a very critical security problem detected with linux server which allow hackers to gain access to your Mailserver and SSH without ever knowing it’s password. It is a buffer overflow caused by Glibc known as GHOST, it is vulnerability # CVE-2015-0235 which announced on 27th January. To get most of your online campaigns, you need to have a good analytics solution to track it for you.
Measurement is key for success, if you don’t set goals, you’ll never reach your goals!

In campaign page, you can see those who started campaign but haven’t finished it yet. Don’t go having your next campaign without tracking them first, it’s like throwing eggs down to the floor! There is an issue we faced while part of our database to another server far far away for performance and stability. If your both servers are in same data center, then either rsync or scp would do just fine, but in our case, We came up with Axel! Axel is a parallel HTTP downloader which support resume, and can download as fast as available bandwidth. We had a scenario here, which we needed to distribute load between few servers, buying a load balancer was not an option (or at least we wanted to experiment with DNS Load balancing) and it worked great.
Another side effect is that DNS load balancer won’t keep same visitor on same server on each page refresh or link change, so you need a shared session for all servers.
If you have more than 2 servers, you might need to use MySQL 5.7 above, because they offer multi-source master replication, so your slave server can connect to 2 masters at same time.
Before MySQL 5.7, multi-master replication was done using round robin replication which causes big problem in case one of servers go offline. Now, if one of your servers crash and IP address become unavailable, browser will choose another available IP address, therefor your visitors won’t see any downtime. We use Cloudflare for our service and we use it to have server switchover or failover in case our main server go down, and it been working perfectly ever since! Wouldn’t it be perfect to have a DNS failover, saving costs by avoiding a hardware and also reduce risk of having main load balancer go down? It is possible to have DNS Load balancing by having two IP Addresses point to same record A, but we go for it in another article.
In this article we will cover how to have CloudFlare perform automatic IP failover for your servers, so in case main server go down, backup server kick in. Please note for this to work seamlessly, you need your backup server be exactly same as main server. If you were to use a real DNS to set IP, it would take hours for new IP to apply to DNS servers around globe, and your visitors would still get pointed to crashed server but not with Cloudflare.

You will need to run monit server in your backup server, ideally you can run monit on a separate server which only have monit server on it.
Now, monit will check status of your main server by pinging it, if ping failed for 3 times on 3 cycles, then it will fire tobackup.sh file, same will happen if it cannot access webserver for 2 times. As a sidenote, your cloudflare folder which contain scripts should have write permission because it will write logs into it. You need to download our wordpress plugin file and look at one of the integrations, say contact form 7 and use that as documentation. Lesson learn while tracking your campaign will be priceless and best experience for your next campaigns. However be aware that once you copy a file in your HTTP address it will be accessible to the world, make sure URL is kept secret and you delete file from URL as soon as download is finished. Once crashed server come back online, browser will start serving pages using this server again. You can achieve this by having MySQL replicated and file system synced using lsyncd. You can also have your backup server show a temporarily message. You can get a simple and budget friendly vps linux cloud server from vpsdime and have it check status of your main server. It works with WooCommerce, Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms and even Jetpacks Contact forms! You can search visitors based on labels they trigger, or see label tag next to each visitor in Hitsteps dashboard or any other lists.
You can make a label for your Landing page, Funnel page, Another funnel page and Final page.

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