Cloudflare is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) which has more features than a Standard CDN has to offer. It hides your web-host’s original IP address so that any hacker may not be able to attack the server. It cache your site’s some (or all) resources to load the site quicker and making the actual server work less. If your site goes down, Cloudflare will continue serving cached data until your site comes back up. Cloudflare’s base offering is free of cost and allows you to add multiple number of domains. You can block access to your site for certain regions or countries, If you are receiving many attacks from particular countries.

As Cloudflare acts as a man-in-the-middle, If Cloudflare goes down, your site will also go down, even if your web-hosting is up. Sometimes Cloudflare acts weird, like it sometimes disallow access to the site, but it happens once in a blue moon. To conclude, I can say that cloudflare is a very good service which provides very good level of security and redundancy for free.
There are many advantages of cloudflare and some disadvantages also, we’ll have a look at it later in this post. It gives you ability to change your web-hosting without waiting for the name-servers to propagate. Add your domain and it will automatically detect current name-servers and IP address of current host.

It provides added security to DDoS attacks, It also cache the static resources of your website making your site load faster and putting less load on to the web hosting. Cloudflare has many data-centers around the world, which means that your visitors will be served by the data-center that is nearest to them.

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