I recently received a new TalkTalk Super Router v3, which is made by Huawei and has the model number HG635.
So I read through the GNUDip spec, and worked out each stage and created a PHP script which would provide the seed information, verify a change request and then update CloudFlare for me.
The PHP code is below and can be used to not only update CloudFlare, but any DNS provider if they have an API you can call. Now you’ve found the Record ID (in this case 138325147) you can create this PHP file. Sit back, hopefully from now onwards your router will update the IP address every time it changes.
I tried using this with my 3 day old HG633, and turns out there’s a huge issue with the firmware where it truncates the last two digit of the time and sign fields.

You wouldn’t happen to have a copy of the firmware running on your router I could flash on to mine by chance? Looking at the logs I get the salt and time returned correctly (are you sure the script you are using is working) although over the last 10 months the IP address has never actually changed. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
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I was interested in getting some kind of Dynamic DNS set up and was pleased to see that it had some settings under Internet->Internet Services. This is the one your router will speak to, so it needs to be on a webserver outside of your home network.

After a while of Googling it looked possible to set up my own GNUDip running on Perl speaking to my own DNS server. Except I couldn’t be bother to install Perl and I no longer managed the DNS server but now used CloudFlare.

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