With Speedy Mirror, your content is spontaneously duplicated to our servers, which are based in many different areas around the world. Another free option is CloudFlare which is a CDN and I’m now using it for this website. In the event that your server is unavailable, visitors should still be able to access your site because CloudFlare serves the visitor a page from its cache.
About us BlueiTech offers Data Center services such as Cloud Server, Dedicated Servers, Cloud VPS, Housing and Hosting professional solutions. The services are completed by a wide range of value-added solutions providing customers with flexibility and scalability.
Have you been reading up on all those facts about how sites with slower page load times (more than 3 seconds) have higher bounce rates? If you are alarmed for the sake of your website and its slowpoke page speeds resulting in bad SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings, you are right to do so and you need to take action before even your niche trickle of visitors forget that you (and your website) exist.
Fortunately, speeding up a WordPress website and optimizing it for super fast performance is easy as pie.
To get a clear and realistic idea of where your WordPress website currently stands in terms of page load speed, run it through an online performance test like Google’s PageSpeed Insight or Pingdom. Once you get your results (both give you a score out of 100), the tools will tell you the potential causes of problem with your loading times. Note: Those with managed hosting need not worry about performance or security or being able to customize their websites any which way they please.
Now the rest of us on using other types of hosting solutions for our WordPress websites need to check the service providers for one very important thing: legitimacy of their claims of “unlimited data transfers” and “100% uptime”.
Those of you on dirt cheap shared hosting should always check the hosting provider (and their customers’ reviews) to see how whether their claims of unlimited storage space, allowed visitors, bandwidth, and data transfers is backed with truth.
You should also check how good the server capacity is and how many instances of downtime or security crisis there have been. The first is to use a caching plugin like WP Super Cache (easy) or WP Total Cache (more comprehensive and therefore difficult). Selective loading done, you can also compress images to reduce your page’s weight (obesity is everywhere). Developers can reduce the number of HTTP requests a page makes by grouping together a large number of images into one single PNG image through CSS sprites. WordPress websites with moderate to heavy global traffic should seriously consider using a content delivery network to make data deliver speedier across geographical terrains.
A content delivery network’s (CDN) servers work by hooking up to your original server and creating their individual caches of the data (on the original server). You can use a plugin like WP Sweep or WP DB Manager to clean your database of rubbish, and without needing get into server-side codes and scripts.
Measure performance with free online tools like PageSpeed Insight to see where you stand and what you need to improve.
Optimize your front-end using lazy load filters, image and media compression, and using CSS sprites. Medium or high traffic websites (with global user-base) can consider using a CDN to improve performance and speedy data delivery. Use WP Sweep or similar plugins to clean up your database and reduce query processing times. Remember that performance and user experience are closely related, but they are not the only factors that make your SEO efforts successful. In my own experience, I was determined to hit the mark that was well less than a second and it appeared all I did, I always landed just over a sec. After much experimentation, I discovered to my amazement that the solution was simple: de-clutter and reduce what the homepage bears!

When I removed all items from the homepage – except the bare basics, I got an impressive score: 225MS!
I’ll thus advise that, aside what you have intelligently advised here, homepage de-cluttering be taken super serious too.
I just found a plugin on the WordPress repo that will configure the W3 Total Caching plugin for you.
This is great post with excellent tips for speeding up WordPress websites, so thanks for sharing. I am pretty sure that website speed loading time is major ranking factor for Google because after making my sites load faster I have started ranking better on Google. I recently embarked on a very serious attempt to learn everything I could about pagespeed optimization. CloudFlare has developed a way to separate SSL from private crypto keys, making it easier for companies to use the cloud to protect their networks. With a faster loading website it can help you achieve a better search engine ranking as well as make your readers happy because most people want to see what they’re looking for RIGHT NOW!
They used to offer a ton of bandwidth (50 GB) at no charge, but now they offer a free 5GB of bandwidth for free and this month I have about 1GB left. Your users will automatically download from the nearest mirror, so they will experience higher download speeds.
The faster page load times will keep your visitors online longer and our caching mechanism will save you CPU and bandwidth resources. Adding or leaving other name servers can cause potential routing issues and other site stability issues so we strongly discourage doing that. There’s no limit, but the web page does begin to become quite slow to use above 50 domains.
We do the same request twice: once through the CloudFlare system, and once directly to your site, so bypassing the CloudFlare system.
Here’s a guide to walk you through the steps to ensure your website’s SERP rankings aren’t diminished due to poor speed. The plugins will take care of database, browser, and object caching (W3TC), general (site-wide) and individual page cache settings, etc. You can do your part by installing Lazy Load XT plugin for all your media content like images, videos, and iFrames.
Tools like Sprite Pad let you drag and drop the images and arrange them before generating the corresponding CSS sprite code. These CDN servers are called PoPs (points of presence) and they deliver these cached versions of the data to users across the globe.
In spirit of ‘getting their money’s worth’, a lot of people go for themes that pack bundled plugins and visual customizers, without checking how fast they load.
If your theme is loaded with bloated code and tons of PHP errors, it’s time to get another theme. Plugins like P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) generate test traffic and analyzes all your plugins for individual load time, along with reports that include number of requests made by individual pages. Select only those themes and plugins that serve your purpose, and try to look for those that are frequently updated and have multiple features so that you don’t need separate plugins for those. Over time that database can get crowded with old, repetitive post revisions, spammed or unapproved comments, duplicated and orphaned metadata, and other useless and unwanted crap. You may not see an immediate difference in SERP rankings after optimizing your pages for performance, but you are now providing a better experience to your visitors. Your bandwidth will be precisely calculated and you will pay only for the gigabytes transferred by our network.
Basically all a user has to do is change their name server records and your site should be online even if your server goes offline.

We will be doing a front-end redesign that will accommodate large numbers of domains in the near future so this is only a temporary issue. Note that WordPress has default settings to let you ‘resize’ the images, but that only resizes the image to given dimensions and doesn’t impact the size. For example, if your original server is housed in France, a PoP in Japan can serve the cached content to users accessing your site from Japan. The themes on WordPress repository are reviewed for compliance with WordPress coding standards, so they’re good to go. You should pick only those plugins and themes which are lightweight and optimized for better performance. If you'd like to guest post for ProBlogger check out our Write for ProBlogger page for details about how YOU can share your tips with our community. For anyone interested in knowing more and benefiting from all of my research, I have written a massive and extremely comprehensive post with everything you need to know. Other trusted sources and marketplaces don’t adhere to theme guidelines as strictly as WordPress theme review team does. But as it grew, said host shoehorned a bunch of folks on servers, slowing down sites and sky rocketing down time. You will have to switch your name servers to CloudFlare to get their protection and CDN services. Th?c t? hi?n nay ngu?i lam website ? Vi?t Nam it khi l?a ch?n cac d?ch v? host t?i Vi?t Nam vi nhi?u ly do t? nh? nen nhu c?u s? d?ng CDN cung kha cao. You can see a list of the worldwide servers here, also for sites using Cloudflare it means site loading times should be very quick even if you’re connecting across the world using a VPN. Hy v?ng sau khi co them ki?n th?c v? CDN va hi?u v? no, b?n s? bi?t minh co nen s? d?ng CDN hay khong va cach s? d?ng CDN cho website wordpress theo cach dung nh?t.CDN la gi?CDN la ch? vi?t t?t c?a Content Delivery Network va t?t nh?t la d?ng c? d?ch sang ti?ng Vi?t ma nen hi?u theo nghia ti?ng Anh d? tranh l?ch l?c, ho?c n?u hi?u thi b?n nen d?ch sang nghia la “m?ng phan ph?i n?i dung” s? ok hon.
CDN la cai ma cho phep b?n luu n?i dung tinh tren nhi?u servers khac nhau khong don thu?n ch? m?t server. Sau do cac PoP CDN s? t? d?ng truy c?p t?i website theo ten mi?n do va t? luu l?i b?n sao toan b? n?i dung tinh ben trong website (cac hinh ?nh, t?p tin CSS, t?p tin Javascript, Flash, Video,….).
Phuong th?c nay s? giup CDN phan ph?i n?i dung streaming t? may ch? va sau do no phan ph?i l?i cho ngu?i dung xem d? ti?t ki?m bang thong t? may ch? streaming g?c.
Them n?a, s? d?ng CDN giup b?n ti?t ki?m bang thong, nhung da ph?n cac hosting ch?t lu?ng hi?n gi? bang thong d?u khong gi?i h?n nen b?n cung ch?ng ph?i lo h?t BW vao cu?i thang nhu khi dung ? m?t vai nha cung c?p hosting Vi?t Nam.Nang cao tr?i nghi?m ngu?i dung va t?t cho SEO. Ngu?i dung khong bao gi? mu?n ? l?i lau, hay quay l?i m?t trang web co t?c d? ch?m nhu rua.
Google r?t hi?u di?u nay nen da dua t?c d? t?i trang vao m?t trong nh?ng tieu chi danh gia website.Tang cu?ng b?o m?t. Nhung khong ph?i website nao cung c?n thi?t d? s? d?ng, ma CDN ch? th?t s? h?u ich khi:Cac Website co lu?ng truy c?p l?n, Website ch?a nhi?u n?i dung tinh (hinh ?nh, css, javascript).
Vi d? thay vi b?n t? host t?p tin jquery.js c?a thu vi?n jQuery thi co th? dung lien k?t CDN c?a jsDelivr.
Hi?n t?i no h? tr? t?i hon 1650 thu vi?n khac nhau, h?u nhu m?i thu vi?n Javascript ph? bi?n d?u co ? do. Cach s? d?ng don gi?n la nhung t?p tin Javascript t?i lien k?t c?a h? thay vi t? host.Google App EngineGoogle App Engine la s?c m?nh c?a Amazon S3 + EC2.
Vui long ki?m tra mail d? xac nh?n dang ky !B?n chua nh?p email ?(*) Thong tin c?a b?n du?c b?o m?t.

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