I am sorry to inform you that I'm blocking anyone who posts spam so that I don't allow anything that is only English. I mean, however, if you want to leave a comment please paste the following text into the comment area: ?????. A few hours ago, CloudFlare issued a statement admitting that hackers managed to gain access to the email accounts of Matthew Prince, the co-founder and CEO of the company. The most interesting fact, according to Prince, is that his account had been protected with a two-factor authentication system. La velocidad de carga de nuestro sitio depende de muchos factores, pero podemos darle algo de ayuda usando el servicio de Cloudflare, el cual consiste en hacer que nuestro contenido se encuentre disponible en diferentes terminales del mundo donde los usuarios esten mas cerca y asi evitar consumo de ancho de banda de nuestro servidor y ataques.
En el servicio existen planes pero tambien podemos usar un servicio gratuito que es de gran ayuda para nuestro blog o web, principalmente si usamos un CMS que genera muchas consultas a nuestra base de datos y requiere de instalacion del software.
Tal y como se menciona en Cristalab, solo debemos de seguir el asistente del servicio para cambiar los DNS actuales de nuestro dominio por el que nos daran en nuestra cuenta. Tambien puedes hacer que tus archivos estaticos como imagenes, CSS y archivos .JS no se carguen directamente desde tu dominio, para lo que puedes utilizar un subdominio para hacer que estos ficheros se carguen a traves de Cloudflare, disminuyendo velocidad y ancho de banda.

Con Cloudflare te ahorras ancho de banda, especialmente si tu servicio de hosting no es potente, es compartido y no aguanta muchas visitas, evitas hotlinking de imagenes, evitas ataques, etc. Tambien existen otros servicios de CDN que puedes encontrar en la red, los cuales son totalmente de pagos, pero con Cloudflare puedes proteger tu sitio sin costos. Activating CloudFlare is easy, create a free account, add your site, it will sniff some of your DNS records, you need to confirm them, and then it asks you to change your DNS name server from your host to them.
I honestly don’t have a clear Idea about the source of this conflict between CloudFlare and Adsense, I was not willing to stick around for long to find out!
Bottom line is CloudFlare can really speed up your website, and protect you from some potential hackers.
We could see all customer account information, name, IP address, payment method, paid with, user ID, etc.
Con tan solo cambiar los registros y verificar que nuestros datos esten correctamente guardados y funcionando. Accediendo a tu panel de control en Cloudflare podras ver las estadisticas de cada uno de estos detalles anteriormente mencionados.

I decided to try it on this blog and see how it can help, what’s the worst that can happen right? I tried white listing some IPs from the US assuming that one of them may be an Adsense crawler that is used to determine the contents of a page. But you may want to test the effects of it on your adsense, and visitors before permanently applying it to all your websites. Some might argue that the rest of my income was coming from malicious robot clicks, but do you really believe that google will pay you for such traffic?
CloudFlare may really protect you from some bots, vulnerability scanners etc, but it will challenge many of your legit visitors as well, making many bounce directly off the challenge page. So I just opted out, restored my original Name servers, and now my income is starting to get back to normal.

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