You can lock down the WordPress admin login with some .htaccess rules to prevent unauthorized login attempts. This guide will show how you to limit WordPress admin login attempts by IP address, or referrer.
Below we'll show you, how to get to your .htaccess file, and what edits to make, to limit WordPress admin logins. There are a few ways to restrict access to your WordPress admin section using this .htaccess file. If you are using CloudFlare or a DNS level filtering service, this method won't work, you'll want to setup a secondary WordPress .htaccess password for protection instead. If your IP address changes, you can protect your WordPress site by only allowing login requests coming directly from your domain name. Most brute force attacks rely on sending direct POST requests right to your wp-login.php script.
It's important to wait for the previous block to expire and be patient before attempting to access your WordPress site again.
You should now be blocking unauthorized WordPress admin login attempts utilizing .htaccess rules.

When you implement the .htaccess rule, you should give it at least 15-20 minutes before trying to access it again. This has happened COUNTLESS TIMES and it gets me in, but then a few days later it is supposedly hacked again. If you continue to have login problems, please either contact our live technical support staff, or provide us more information on the URL you're having the problem with so that we can investigate the issue in more depth. I'm STILL having issues - no website at all and cannot even access the dashboard on wordpress!
I followed the steps (using the referrer method), and now not only can I not log in, all of my pages (excpet the homepage) are showing 404 errors - even when I'm just browsing the site.
I had that backslash in there originally, and it still prevented me from even accessing my pages outside of logging in. The "\" is required in order to recognize the period in between the domain name and it's extension.
If you try to access the WordPress dashboard within the 15 minute window of a block, this could extend the block longer. If the visit to a site exceeds a certain expected number per 10min, the htacces file will be changed on the fly for an hour.

This time the outage seems even more serious because the Tor website of TPB which was normally up during the previous outages is now unavailable.2016 has been a pretty bad year for The Pirate Bay as this must be the nth time, TPB has been knocked off due to some error. This confirms that there is no issue with CloudFlare CDNs and TPB’s servers are unresponsive.
This will also prevent brute force attacs from a large amount of computers, and keep open your site to mayby 95% of your users depending on what kind of site it is.
Another website status checking website, Currently Down shows that TPB is offline since 4 hours 30 minutes up to the time of writing this article. Even the official TPB status page is showing that the HTTPS version of The Pirate Bay is offline along with the new torrents, new users and new comments pages.

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