We are excited to announce that starting from this release, CloudBerry Backup tool supports Image-Based Backup feature that significantly extends the capabilities of existing "Bare metal and System state" backup! Include disk volumes into backup - CloudBerry Backup now allows you to back up not only a system disk but also any other hard drive volume on your computer. Restore to dissimilar hardware - There is no need to keep an exact hardware configuration to be able to restore the system from the backup. In our case, we performed a full backup of the system once (13 MB), and then after a little while we uploaded two modified blocks of the system (512 KB).As you can see, block-level backup functionality allows you to greatly reduce the backup space and backup speed since you do not have to backup the entire system every time you run the backup job. This entry was posted in CloudBerry Backup Blog, How-To Guides, News, Products Blog and tagged CloudBerry Backup 4.2, Image-Based Backup on July 28, 2015 by admin. This entry was posted in CloudBerry Backup Blog, Products Blog and tagged Backup, Notification on October 2, 2014 by Alexander N. Using CloudBerry Backup you can easily create a bootable USB device to use it as Recovery Disk for bare metal restore. You'll get to the "Tools" screen where you will see three available options: "Command Prompt", "Registry Editor" and "Save Logs". This entry was posted in CloudBerry Backup Blog, How-To Guides, News and tagged Bootable, CloudBerry Backup, Image-Based Backup, USB, USB Drive on July 28, 2015 by admin. When setting up an Import job, you can encrypt your device with TrueCrypt prior sending it to AWS service. When setting up an Export job, you need to specify TrueCrypt password to allow AWS service to encrypt your data. With CloudBerry Backup and Explorer releases 3.8 we have added an ability to work with disks being encrypted by TrueCrypt. In the second way you can set up and run (or schedule) initial backup with AWS Import option to a regular disk and then apply TrueCrypt to the disk. The first scenario takes less time (twice or more) than the second one because you can use "a fast format" for TrueCrypt. We have already seen some of the services which offer online backup of your precious data for FREE! But then, if you find a service which easily integrates with your Amazon S3 storage account and helps you automate the backup and restore processes, you would obviously get interested. CloudBerry Online Backup is a Windows product that automates backup and restore processes and works with your Amazon S3 storage accounts. Microsoft’s implementation of encryption algorithms ensure that the data transfer is secure and safe. The users who want to back up their Oracle databases using CloudBerry Backup should take some extra actions to perform cloud database backup. The main point is that you need a script for the Oracle database backup that CloudBerry Backup will run prior to uploading the backup to the cloud.

This script connects to your database under default SYSTEM user and creates a copy of all critical datafiles, tablespaces and logs. Note: If you don't want to store results of the RMAN backup after you have uploaded it to the cloud,  you can create the BAT file that will delete those files.
This entry was posted in CloudBerry Backup Blog, How-To Guides and tagged Backup, Oracle on April 30, 2015 by admin. This gives us the advantage of only needing to pay for only a single off-site backup solution. Welcome to the Web's Largest Dedicated Windows Home Server (WHS) Resource by Microsoft MVP Philip Churchill.
Now you can do image based backup of desktop OS without any restrictions and additional manual actions. You can include all the volumes in the backup plan in order to back up your system entirely. A new image based backup allows you to recover your system to a new computer with dissimilar hardware. To take advantage of the Image Based Backup feature, click Bare Metal button on the CloudBerry Backup toolbar.2.
When the backup job is complete you can review the backed up system data by navigating to the Backup Storage tab. Just download 15 day fully functional trial version of CloudBerry Backup and check if our backup solution meets your needs and requirements. Email notification reports make it possible to stay informed about the state of your backup and, thus, have full control over your backup.
In the dialog box, specify your USB device from the drop-down list and come up with a Master password to protect your Recovery Disk.
After it makes all the way to the end and shows "Done", you can go ahead and click Close button in order to close the dialog.
You will see a welcome screen of "CloudBerry Boot Menu" where you will be prompted to enter the Master Password that you specified when creating the bootable device (if you did not specify any password, just skip this step). When CloudBerry Backup is started, click Restore button on the toolbar to run the Restore Wizard. The first one is - you can make a disk as TrueCrypt disk at first then set up and run a backup with AWS Import option and you are ready to send the disk to AWS. The second scenario allows you to schedule initial backup and keep it running even if you logged off but it will require time to apply TrueCrypt to ready-made disk with data. If your critical business data becomes unrecoverable then there is every chance that the business could fail. But then most of these Free services come with its own set of limitations like data backup size limit, unavailability of technical support, no guarantee for data backed-up etc.

Amazon S3 has proved itself as an inexpensive cloud storage service that you may use for online backup as well as for hosting static resources of your website like web images, Flash video, audio files, etc.
CloudBerry Labs are known for quality products and moreover its based on Amazon S3, which is an excellent online storage service.
Even though the company has clarified that this is an extended beta in order to gain more feedback and popularize the product before the actual launch, the “beta” tag still makes people to think again.
I believe that it matches in functionality with more established vendors like Mozy if not beat them. Also note that all beta testers will get a FREE commercial license when the product is out! Please note that in order to run this RMAN job, your database should be in the ARCHIVELOG mode. Both Cloudberry Online Backup for Windows Home Server and KeepVault are taken a look at for for their price, backup destination and the add-ins additional features. Please, note that all information from this device will be permanently removed, so we strongly recommend you to backup all your data from the device in order to avoid losing any valuable data.
However, in this case you will have to run initial backup being logged in to your system to keep TrueCrypt disk available. With the full version scheduled to be released anytime soon, it makes sense to try it out right now.
In the next step, you will be prompted to select the volumes to include them in the system snapshot. If they were modified, it identifies the particular modified blocks of the files and then just upload them to the cloud storage according to the backup schedule. Use RMAN (Recovery Manager), it is a native Oracle utility, that is included into default installation of the Oracle database. If it is a network share, don't forget to specify your network credentials in Tools - Network Credentials. RMAN is a backup and recovery manager supplied for Oracle databases (from version 8) created by the Oracle Corporation. Complete the rest of the Backup Wizard steps to enable encryption and compression options, purge options, backup schedule options, and finally run the backup job.

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