At Cloudware, we offer Cloud infrastructure as a service that provides reliable, high-performance and flexible virtual servers, accessible and manageable over the Internet. As a part of a specialized cloud platform Cloudware combines powerful technology, intuitive software and world-class services built for any business scenario, especially high-potential, high-risk workloads. We cover the technical details so that you put focus on the strategic initiatives that matter most to your organization. All main operations at Coudware are fully automated and get completed in a very short time.
Reduce the time needed to start or expand your business – Cloudware saves days, weeks and months.
Manage your systems anywhere in the world via all internet connected devices – smartphone, laptop, tablet.
Essentially, the genuine cloud hosting platform serves distinct hosting services such as storage space, mail, File Transfer Protocol, databases, DNS, stats, Control Panel, backup, and so on, on independent sets of leading edge web servers. If a cPanel-based site hosting wholesaler has a cloud hosting solution at hand, which is very unlikely, a lot of web servers must be acquired. So, you have to create a custom web space hosting Control Panel that will perform flawlessly and to add it within the cloud platform, as if it was an indelible part of it.
The smallest contribution demanded, just for the cloud website hosting hardware equipment, amounts to somewhere between $60,000 USD and $80,000.
The term Cloud hosting origins from Cloud computing, where two and more computers are connected in a system. The infrastructure is not limited to a singe server or data center as in the traditional hosting. If you own any consumer electronics device, whether that is a television, a tablet device, a smartphone, or something else, it is likely that you’ve heard about cloud computing in the last two years.  However, despite many people knowing the principles behind the cloud, and what it is, few actually realize the ‘real world’ examples of how cloud computing is being used, and of the ways in which it is perhaps having an influence on their own lives.
Another example of widespread use of cloud computing today, although most storage services and platforms use the words ‘cloud computing’ somewhere in their title, description, or user guides, so you’ll probably know what these are. While cloud hosting has proven useful at a consumer level, it is businesses who are feeling the real benefit, with increased collaboration becoming a reality and the cloud bringing a wider range of flexibility to a business. The use of cloud computing in social media is not yet widespread, but several sites, including Facebook, are increasingly using cloud platforms to manage their own content levels and enhance the user experience. One of the oldest examples of how the cloud plays a part in our lives, and also still one of the best. The biggest impact the cloud has had on the way we live is unquestionably how we’re now living in a world where we can access anything we want from almost anywhere we want.  So as long as we have a device in hand, whether we’re at home or on a long journey, the information we need, both personal and professional, is never any further than a few clicks away.
With almost 15 years in the hosting industry, JaguarPC has acquired the experience and knowledge required to provide some of the best hosting services on the market.
JaguarPC offers a complete range of hosting solutions, including affordable personal hosting solutions powered by Linux or Windows. By using a Content Delivery Network (CDN), webmasters have the option of storing alternate static files on servers worldwide.
I would like to use this article as a look into some of the more popular CDN and cloud sharing applications. High-traffic websites and web applications would however notice a tremendous benefit in latency because of download speeds and performance.
The purpose of a delivery network is to deliver your static files (CSS, JS, Images) from the most convenient server farm based on the user’s location.
I have put together a compilation of 7 outstanding Content Delivery Networks which provide exceptional service all around. Anybody who is just getting interested in CDNs should try the free plan and get a better understanding. But even though newcomers are just learning the ropes, more professional plans can offer plenty of beneficial features as well.
One interesting point on their homepage is the guided video tour which explains a bit about Content Delivery Networks. Microsoft, in my opinion, has always been on the fence with some really great & really bad software releases in the past two decades.
If you know that your website drives a lot of traffic and you need a seriously fast & stable delivery network, go with NetDNA.
It’s also interesting if you check out their pricing chart you will notice that data is charged differently based on location. Why I love MaxCDN so much is their flexible pay-as-you-go pricing plan which starts at $40 for 1TB of data. After the initial 1TB of data is used you would be paying $70 for each additional Terabyte added. Possibly the greatest advantage to using Google’s App Engine is that you can get disk space and file hosting through Google for absolutely free! When scouring the web recently I found a tutorial for setting up App Engine and how to create your first online CDN repository.
Now one alternatively interesting tidbit of info is that Rackspace has their own Cloud Files API which is public for any programmers to build with. For this last segment I have composed a mini-showcase of alternative file sharing websites. These file storage services can also double as a private cloud host for your own personal files. This article should provide a solid overview of CDNs and cloud file distribution in general. Reproduction of materials found on this site, in any form, without explicit permission is prohibited.
An Overview of Cloud Server Hosting for Small Businesses You are using an outdated browser. Cloud hosting, the latest form of web hosting, provides business owners with an excellent opportunity to improve their web presence among competitors due to its many advantages. The importance of choosing a good web hosting option is oftentimes bypassed by most business owners, potentially resulting in bugs, loading errors and other issues that can easily determine visitors who intend to access the website to give up. Cloud hosting, also known as cloud computing, represents a web hosting solution that consists of spreading the resources needed for maintaining a website across more than one web server. Another important advantage of cloud hosting solutions is that your visitors will never have to deal with any bugs that might occur when using shared or dedicated hosting.
Cloud hosting is suited for those website owners who intend to publish a large number of media files and other graphic content on the website.
It is, however, very important to choose a reliable web hosting server in order to get a cloud computing server, as you have better chance of maintaining your website constantly online. If you are wondering what type of hosting is for you or what you need to know before you hire hosting services, Ezi Hosting has two articles that might help you.
A good web hosting company will provide you with a wide range of plans that you can possibly choose from, making sure that you receive exactly what you are looking for.
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Our servers are highly configurable and designed for rapid implementation with reduced system downtime and risk.
Add more servers quickly and easily, whenever you need or remove some of them when you don’t need.
As you can perceive, cloud hosting does not only seem perplexing, but actually it is highly complicated.
There aren't any open source web space hosting CP GUIs (working with the cloud hosting system) as well. The servers included in this system are not simply bundled, processing different tasks, they are collaboratively processing redundant tasks and storing data parallel, which guarantees the security of your data and the flawless experience for your users or website visitors. In Cloud hosting the web hosting services like files storage, ftp, mail services run on many different servers. From cutting-edge Supermicro servers to an advanced R1Soft backup system, JaguarPC puts technology to work to ensure that every client gets the best possible hosting experience. For corporate clients, JaguarPC offers reliable and powerful business hosting plans, as well as ecommerce hosting solutions and secure hosting services. Cloud computing has allowed for large virtual server farms to span the globe via direct Internet access and file downloads. Then packet requests are sent to users based on their locations, so files can be loaded much quicker. Small businesses and even freelancers can benefit tremendously by keeping a local backup of files along with copies in the cloud as needed. When you have visitors from all over the world, physical servers are limited to data transfers from a local connection.
So you may have people accessing your American-hosted website from Australia, Europe, Japan, and South America. This gives the illusion of hosting files on an alternate server which is also handy for backups. Some are more expensive than others and some networks have much broader coverage than others. I really like their service because CloudFlare is one of the few providers to offer a free plan. The backend system can be a little confusing until you have spent time working with a service provider. It is worth noting that nobody will jump into a service paying money if they can try it out for free!
CacheFly is serving files for companies which include Cartoon Network, Microsoft, Bandai-Namco, and Adobe.
But I would argue Windows Azure is one fascinating new launch which has a lot of potential in the realm of cloud hosting. It is still very new, but for webmasters Azure offers a lot of extra functionality like SQL database storage.
I have never been more impressed with a company who is willing to work directly with clients and solve specific bandwidth problems on their website infrastructure. These are big-name Internet companies which solely rely on NetDNA to deliver content across the globe. The cost get can very pricey when you are running multiple websites with an international audience.
Websites which need to host tutorials or online videos may consider this service a lot more valuable than a typical CDN.
This is one of their smaller brands which is the perfect solution for small-to-medium sized businesses.
If you aren’t familiar with units of data transfer 1TB is just about 1000GB (which is huge). There are no time limits for when the data caps would run out, so you can hold onto this storage for as long as needed.
Developers can sign up for a new application account and determine how much space is required for their app. This means you can count on Google to serve your files through a tremendous network of server farms.
This is an excellent step-by-step guide for newcomers who are not yet familiar with Google’s interface.
The most conclusive solution would be a CDN but it can host many of your core website files as well.
But surprisingly they have broken into the business of public cloud CDN hosting partnered with the Akami Network. These are all cloud-based solutions where you can upload files to the Internet and then share links with your friends or coworkers. It can be annoying to find room for hosting backups and important documents, let alone keep them with you everywhere.
It is my hope that newer web developers will take the time to research this topic and learn more about file storage and cloud server infrastructure. Since it first appeared on the market, cloud hosting has been providing large corporations with plenty of benefits that have helped business owners maintain their websites online continually, regardless of any server errors that occurred.
In many cases, shared or dedicated hosting solutions do not offer consumers enough resources to keep a website continually functioning perfectly, which is why a big number of individuals are now recommending cloud hosting.
Choosing cloud hosting can bring many advantages to business owners who plan to create a website for their business.
These bugs might involve loading errors and incomplete loading of images or other media files, to name just a few. This is because cloud servers will allow those files  to load properly every time a visitor accesses it. Even though the price you will have to pay might be a little higher, you are ensured of the many important advantages that can help you offer your customers a better experience while visiting your website. Doing research is of utmost importance when choosing a good company, as you have to get familiarized with all the services you can choose and know what each offers. Some of the topics we cover include BI, BPM, Cloud Computing, Data Storage, Health IT and Open Source.
All the hosting servers in a cluster are devoted to serving solely the given service and nothing apart from it. All web page hosting services (data storage, electronic mail, FTP, databases, DNS, stats, webspace hosting CP, backup, etc.) are being served concurrently on a single web server where these specific one-server website hosting platforms and hosting CPs are set up.
Building an empire is for risk takers and visionaries who know what they want.And it takes a special person to put up a tech startup company without considering cloud hosting as its platform. This separation ensures that if there is a failure in one device this will not cause a failure in the entire service.
This cloud environment has created a method for delivering files more quickly and effortlessly than with standard physical servers. This provides the option of working from any computer with access to data that would otherwise be impossible.

Any premium CDN will charge a hefty fee for their services, but some networks are very cheap or even free to take out for a test drive.
But this process is all about filling your specific needs for hosting solutions in the cloud. CloudFlare does not charge based on bandwidth, but instead by a monthly fee and limited data caps.
CacheFly as a company has been around since early 2002 and has one solid track record for hosting files in the cloud. It’s about 2-3 minutes long and provides a great explanation of what CacheFly can do.
If you have specific needs for your website try their price calculator to get an average cost estimate. But webmasters who need a specific service may be interested in NetDNA’s other brands. This is especially true with blogs or online magazines which are displaying a lot of unique content on a single webpage.
Any small business or new startup can hold onto this limit for a very long time without going over. This is one of the best CDNs for somebody who knows they want good quality but don’t have a lot of money to deal with overage fees and complicated monthly plans. Google is one of the more notorious tech companies in the world and holds a very strong reputation for security. You should understand that although Google offers a free plan, their CDN is at least 10x more powerful than those limitations.
There is some interaction with the command prompt but the whole process isn’t very difficult and actually fairly easy to replicate if you have the guide. This delivery network is huge and gives your files a direct connection to almost anywhere in the entire world. This could be a desktop application or even a website application based on PHP or another common backend language. All these services offer a free account plan to new users for sharing files with as many people as you’d like.
But paying for a premium account with a website like RapidShare or MediaFire guarantees access to your files from any computer with an Internet connection.
But I would argue that any project or business venture will notice benefits by working with cloud hosting techniques. Additionally if you have any suggestions or thoughts on the post feel free to share with us in the discussion area.
Since the website is hosted on multiple servers that use only a small percentage of their total capacity in order to maintain your website online, there is no chance that your website will become unavailable if one of the servers stops working.
Usually, those websites that don’t use a good server are not appreciated by those users that access it, as there are a big number of errors involved. In case a cheap server that doesn’t provide good service is used, the website might load slowly, which will make accessing the website difficult and annoying for all the users.
Another great thing is that you don’t have to get hosting service from the USA, you can pick web hosting from, for example Australia. They will all perform as one web server, sharing out the service's load in practically equal proportions. Cloud hosting today is based on the most innovative hosting technologies available right now and allows your files stored and your websites to be hosted on unlimited number of machines that act as one system.
Thus Cloud hosting can be defined as a web hosting solution that provides resources on demand.
This solution of virtualized servers in the cloud has provided a means for accessing files easier than ever before. It’s a huge marketing bonus to the company and it gives interested clients a chance to gauge their potential without much risk. If you aren’t receiving enormous levels of traffic to your website or to website media (images, video) then CacheFly is probably worth waiting to put off for later. You may be surprised with how economical Microsoft’s CDN will stack up compared with alternatives.
Spend some time working out numbers if you need to stream rich media files and see if the prices are worth paying to handle large bursts of traffic. But MaxCDN is very handy in that your account will receive a warning message when your limit is getting close. There are multiple locations found all around the United States and Europe, along with Asia, Australia, and South America. If you are hosting reasonably sized files you could get away with paying $5-10 monthly for a huge performance boost. So, it's very improbable for a cPanel hosting firm to have the cloud web space hosting platform at hand, owing to the fact that building one takes years. All these separate service clusters will create the so-called cloud website hosting platform.
Even when time and the provision of a competent staff are not an issue, loads of cash must be spent too.
You must be willing to spend that large amount of money, whether from bootstrap or venture capital. Rackspace has a solid reputation when it comes to cloud hosting, and people seem quite happy and satisfied with their services.
However, you must be willing to pay the price.At some point, computer experts warn that cloud services can prove expensive in the long run. That is the reason why the web site hosting providers speculate and lie blatantly (quite directly, in fact) to their customers.
It might make sense when companies, whether large or small enterprises, run their own servers.
You may also like:Prepare Yourself before Choosing Cloud ComputingCompanies that offer cloud computing continues to experience strong interest from customers who want the benefits that this type of IT service can offer. At its core, cloud server hosting is a flexible data storage solution that allows businesses to scale their IT services and operations to end users, while also managing costs and providing focus on core applications. The Three Types of Hosting You Need to UnderstandGetting the technology that supports your website right is important, whether you are starting a blog, an ecommerce site, or a website for your business.
Map your software usage to know whether or not the products that are critical to your business are most efficiently served by cloud hosting. The company should at the minimum also have their servers running in a data center collocation for protection.

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