As a member of our site, you can build and maintain a library of your favorite content in MyLibrary. In just about every company, there’s an ongoing IT conversation about whether to adopt a cloud-based or dedicated server environment. On one hand, dedicated servers allow you and your team to have a high level of control over every aspect of data management. With various blurry lines on either side of the argument – dedicated server technology is becoming less expensive and cloud server platforms are coming with higher levels of computing power – it can be hard to come to a decision. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of each server environment, and then you can decide where you land on the dedicated vs. One of the main arguments for dedicated server platforms is that they are simply faster and more reliable. While the response time differences between the two server environments can literally be broken down to milliseconds in time differences, the performance of a dedicated server has proven to be significantly fast. For enterprise-class companies, customizing the infrastructural computing environment may prove to be a top reason for using a dedicated server.
You can purchase a one-box solution and set up a scalable server in less time than it would take to put together a physical machine, further reducing the benefits offered by the cloud. In many cases, you must submit a formal support request every time you want to make major changes to the server configuration.
In most shared server environments, what you’re essentially getting are apps in a can that already have preset parameters. Second to simply being cheaper than dedicated servers, this is probably the most compelling argument for adopting a cloud server environment. Cloud servers are highly flexible and scalable, and many hosted servers allow you to scale up, down and out on the fly. This is especially helpful for small businesses and startup who don’t need dedicated super servers right out of the gate.
Most small businesses and startups are not in the position to hire expensive consultants and server architecture specialists to get things up and running. Cloud-based servers require minimal training and can be up and running in a matter of a few hours.
This means you don’t have to purchase massive amounts of servers, or rack space in an expensive data center.
You can usually pay for cloud servers by the hour, week or month, depending on the service you are using. When approaching the server conversation, every IT department needs to have an open mind about what is actually realistic in terms of cost and resources, and what is beneficial to the infrastructure as a whole. Dawn Altnam is a regular contributor to The HRIS World, be sure to see her other articles listed just below.
After furthering her education, she now spends her time researching her interests and blogging her discoveries quite often.
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Technology wise, the playing field is becoming ever more even for small businesses (SME’s) Vs their corporate counterparts!

What has started to change in the last lets say 3-4 years, is the internet is getting faster and that presents opportunities developers have never had before.
So the “Cloud” to use the euphemism, has finally enabled small business, to compete equally in terms of technology with bigger business! Experts have suggested that as many as 30% of SME’s in the UK will adopt some kind of hosted IT service in 2012.
Businesses interested in understanding more about what types of cloud computing service may suit your organisation, may benefit from our Free, no obligation Cloud Readiness Review. This entry was posted in Cloud Computing Industry News and tagged Cloud and Small Business, cloud computing, Small business hosting. Hi Mennah, Many thanks for your questions, we have replied to you offline with regard to these.
As a long term client of United Technology Group I have always been impressed at the high levels of service provided by their team.
Some manufacturers, such as Adobe, have already done away with perpetual licensing completely! If you were counting dollars while reading the steps above you likely estimated about $5K – $10k for 25-50 users, depending if you performed the upgrade internally or hired it out.
Eric Dykes is the CEO of UTG, one of Atlanta and Augusta’s fastest-growing Managed Services and Cloud Providers.
UTG delivers a powerful combination of benefits that deliver a distinct competitive advantage. Platform as-a Service, or PaaS, is the cloud’s answer to in-house software programming.
If you’re considering the cloud for your start-up or established company, here are the primary factors to weigh. Samy Arbid is a Project Manager and Controls Engineer at Western Allied who has a passion for design, programming, and technology. During his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife, kids, and family, building things, and brewing beer.
The cloud isna€™t a brand new concept in the world of information technology, but it is relatively new when it comes to cloud for small businesses. Because of the improvements in 3 areas, internet speed, the advances in virtualisation technology and the in datacentre infrastructure. This means SME’s can compete on more equal terms in many cases as their corporate competitors, and often win due to the more flexible nature of a smaller business. If this does happen then should we consider that the Cloud has now come of age and is helping to shape the future of how business will access IT in the future? To arrange a free review or simply to speak to one of our professional team, just contact us or give us a call on 0845 862 0263.
Hyperconverged Computing From CiscoCollaboration is all about people connecting with other people to get things done. That’s right—you CANNOT purchase an Adobe desktop product without an active subscription and the entire software industry is headed this way as well. It becomes even easier when you consider working with a Microsoft partner that can help you make the best decisions, inventory and consider your existing licensing, and streamline the whole process. In Part 2, we will take an in-depth, technical look into the pros and cons of upgrading your existing Exchange Server versus Migrating to Office 365.
At UTG, we help our partners navigate the sometimes confusing terrain of Cloud computing as it relates to their business goals, across Georgia and beyond.
For technologists, this is a massive over simplification, however it demonstrates the shift from traditional computing to services. That is, rather than housing a fixed number of physical servers in your building, you pay to have virtual servers provided to you. That is, rather than setting up your server stack from scratch, you pay for virtual servers that come fully stacked and ready for customization and development.

That is, rather than buying software and worrying about keeping it up to date, you pay to have software provided to you usually through a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari. Non-cloud software such as AutoCAD and Revit will require that files be transferred between the cloud service and the end-user. He specializes in LonWorks, BACnet, and Modbus control system integration and programs in C, Java, and jQuery. This affords you the luxury of returning to your favorite content on any machine at any time.Get started now!
It is highly customizable, and you can choose the options that work best for your small business. This is especially wonderful for people who work from home or remote into the office frequently. They are stored in warehouse with maximum levels of security which involve security guards, constant video surveillance, and even biometric security like fingerprint scans. From advanced email telephony and backup services, to vast server processing power, it’s all in the cloud for small business!
In the early days it’s only available to the elite, the corporate entities who can afford it for the advantages and long term return on investment it brings. Developers can now leverage this to turn the history of technology on its head and develop applications that give the masses (or SME) the latest technology being developed, cost effectively and NOW! Services such as Hosted Exchange, Hosted Desktops, Hosted VoIP and Hosted Servers are among the fastest growing solutions giving a positive advantage to small business! Is private cloud hosting for someone like me or for a larger customer that runs very large websites? Note, purchasing through a Microsoft partner, such as UTG, will get you some free perks at no additional subscription cost.
This article will not only enlighten you on what this mysterious technology is but also whether it’s appropriate for your small, medium, or large business.
Additionally he leads Western Allied's R&D in open systems, network security, web frameworks, and IoT frameworks.
This means you have to pay for the high setup cost and the often variable maintenance costs. As the technology develops through more use, it becomes more affordable and therefore available to businesses lower down the perceived food chain. However, in full disclosure, you may have some additional consulting expense for the migration, depending on your situation, but that’s a one-time investment. Accountability - We accept our individual and team responsibilities and we meet our commitments. Then something interesting happens, it becomes affordable to the small business, the SME; at that point it goes mainstream! Please note per our privacy policy, The HRIS World does not sell lists not buy lists - your information is held in strict confidence..
If you choose to replace your on-site server with a cloud-based one, you are no longer in charge of the costs of maintaining the hardware.
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