Cloud services are on the rise and many people are starting to gravitate towards cloud storage because it removes the limitations of device-based storage. I personally use Google Drive for cloud storage and I’m very happy with the service, because it acts on its own and automatically updates the files that I have set it to monitor. Formerly known as SkyDrive, the Microsoft OneDrive cloud service is cheaper than Google Drive, but offers less integration. Box is a lesser known, independent cloud service, but it basically works the same way Dropbox does.
Copy is one of the few cloud storage services that offers unlimited file sizes as well as 15 GB space for free. Mega should be an interesting cloud storage option because it actually offers 50 GB storage space for free. If you want to backup your iPad photos on computer, this article will help you find the best way to transfer photos from iPad to computer. I am a new iPad user and like capturing shots with the camera.  Sometimes I need to download these photos to my laptop for watching or sharing with friends. Dropbox is file hosting service lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily.  To use Dropbox, first you need to create an account, then download the app to iPad and log in.
Dropbox is cloud storage service with 2GB free space, so as long as you upload files to your account, you can view and download them on any computer. Cons: It does not allow to transfer photos to computer directly (First upload photos to Dropbox account, then download). Wireless Transfer App is a good choice if want to transfer photos and videos between iPad and computer quickly and easily. In the last couple weeks, Google Drive and Amazon Cloud Drive have both released desktop versions of their online drives. Up to now, the most common application for online drives has been syncing music via services like iCloud, Amazon Cloud Player, and Google Play. While Amazon and Google have both offered some form of an online drive for the past year, their recent desktop versions make it easy to upload files to your cloud drive.
I wanted to test it’s ability to detect file types, so I added some MP3 files to the Amazon Cloud icon. This site is meant to be a subjective but informative resource for customers shopping for mobile service, or even just people interested in the industry.
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With cloud storage, you can access your files from anywhere, as long as you remember your credentials and password. You also get 15 GB free with OneDrive, while 100 GB wil lset you back $2 a month, or 1 TB for $7 a month.
With Box, you get 10 GB free storage and you will have to pay monthly fees of $5 for 100 GB storage.
Mail around the day), simply to test the features, and OneDrive offers the same out-of-the-box storage + 3 to 15 G.B.
Personally, I use Google Drive more often, because I like the Google+ integration and the ui, but when I do office work or am at work, I use OneDrive.
Without cable and logging into accounts, I can transfer photos between computer and iPad quickly. These desktop applications make it easy to keep your music, videos, pictures, and documents available online via any device such as a computer, a smartphone, a tablet, a media player or even your television.
With the explosion of tablets, smartphones, SSD laptops, more and more people want access to all their files anytime.
We’ll give you an inside look at what phones we like, why we like them, and how to get the most out of your mobile service.
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We also advise two-step authentication on cloud storage services, so that you don’t end up like Jennifer Lawrence or many other who had their private photos shared all around the world. Google Drive comes pre-loaded on most Android phones and you get 15 GB cloud storage for free the moment you sign up with Gmail for an e-mail account. If you choose the largest cloud storage option from Microsoft, you get a free Microsoft Office 365 license. You have a 250 MB file size limit for the free service, but you get a 2 GB limit once you upgrade to 100 GB. Copy also keeps track of your deleted files for 30 days, allowing you to restore them if the need arises. Upgrades are expensive with MEGA, though, and they impact bandwidth when sharing, since the services more on sharing than just storing files. This way, I can separate work from play and the free storage they offer is enough, so I don’t have to get a subscription. After trying and comparing, I get the tools which can help me transfer photos with both WiFi and Cable.
Open the App on your iPad and type the URL into your computer browser address bar, then you can view and  download photos to PC. To transfer iPad photos to computer, first you need download the iCloud Control Panel and install it on your computer. Now music, video, ebooks, documents, spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations, movies, and much more can be easily access via cloud services like Dropbox, Box, Amazon Cloud Drive and Google Drive. Deals, Weekly Ads & Printable Coupons … There’s still a day to enter the big giveaway!

If you are happy with the service and have taken an interest in focusing on cloud storage, you can get 1 TB space for $10 or 100 GB for $2 a month. Box is a pretty basic app, but it does allow for an unlimited storage option if there two users on board for $15 a month.
What’s neat about Mega is that it offers great encryption and claims that not even Mega can access your files unless you want it to. Another tool similar to Dropbox is Skydrive (A type of cloud storage service developed by Microsoft). It’s a simple process, but if you want to add multiple MP3 files, Amazon recommends you Launch Cloud Player. One randomly selected Southern Savers reader is going to win a KitchenAid … Academic affairs, admissions, athletics, and campus services. Nonetheless, it’s a great option for when you want your data to be backed up in a place only you can access.
Microsoft offers up a nice way of getting more cloud storage and allows you to either invite friends, sync information from your PC or Mac or back up your camera roll in exchange for extra cloud storage.
You don’t have the sharing options you can find on other cloud storage services, but you do have two-step authentication protocols as well as file version history.
For example, if you and your friend have a 10 GB file shared, Copy will count 5 GB space used to each of you. As long as you keep the photo stream on, every pictures taken will be automatically synced to your computer and all iCloud devices when connected to WiFi.
Once you install the drive, it immediately syncs all your online Google Docs to the sync folder on your computer.
Getting access to your cloud storage from any location that has decent Wi-Fi is definitely a plus for the service. While Google Drive is more expensive than OneDrive, it does offer great integration with Gmail as well as Google+ and it automatically saves attachments from your mail as well as your photos. OneDrive has an interesting sharing system which you can customize and it also allows you to create documents withing the OneDrive application. To sync a file, simply drag a file or folder to the Amazon Cloud icon, and it will instantly begin to sync the files.
While you are surely familiar with a dozen cloud storage apps, we have handpicked 5 services with which we are delighted. It also makes them available to you in Gmail and Google+ so you don’t have to browse and copy links when you want to share something from your cloud service.
The document creation in OneDrive should be noted because it offers a Microsoft Office-like experience and allows you to use almost every feature of PowerPoint, including delivering a presentation, Word, Excel, etc. That feature is a bigg seller for me, and the OneDrive cloud storage is my first choice because I work with word and powerpoint documents all day long.

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