As it promised it would, Microsoft just turned its Xbox Music service into another credible Spotify alternative.
Microsoft announced the move on its Windows Blog just moments ago, sending thousands of users rushing to get their Xbox Music collection uploaded on to OneDrive.
Spotify, the world’s most popular music subscription service doesn’t offer anything like Xbox Music’s OneDrive integration.
Besides, music streaming and 100GB of cloud storage, Xbox Music users also get access to music video streaming through the Xbox Music apps on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Microsoft says that users can add up to 50,000 individual tracks to their streaming personal collection without any issue. Windows watchers were expecting Microsoft to roll out Xbox Music integration with OneDrive.
Origin is proud to announce the official launch of 9.0, a new version of the Origin client that brings a fresh new look and improved functionality to the PC gaming community. Microsoft is prepping technology that streams Xbox games on PC browsers, if a new report from veteran Microsoft reporter Brad Sams of Neowin is correct. Last year Microsoft used the effervescent power of the cloud to demonstrate Halo 4 running on a Windows Phone, amongst other devices. Another source told Sams the experience will provide 60 frames per second, which is more than we can say of most Xbox 360 and Xbox One games.
Here's where I'm confused though: PlayStation Now is the most direct equivalent to this Microsoft service, and it runs exclusively on PlayStation devices.
Unless, that is, the technology allows you to only stream the dashboard and games straight from your own Xbox, similar to the way Steam in-home streaming works with PCs. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Aside from the default styles, there were premium themes available for purchase on the XBOX Live Marketplace. Ability to disable notifications, new messages, chat requests, mute the notification sound, etc. The option to install games to hard drive in order to decrease load times and to make the hardware quieter. Two years later, Microsoft announced a new dashboard set for the release of the Microsoft Kinect, which was set to launch in November of 2010.
Improved Netflix integration by enabling to search the entire Netflix catalog from within the console. At E3 2011, Microsoft announced their latest update for a system that was now in it’s sixth year. Complete design change in the Metro Design Language, with an interface similar to the Windows Phone and Windows 8 operating system.
Today’s cloud storage announcements are great for Windows users because Microsoft says support on Windows Phone and Windows 8 is already available. The Origin friends list has been separated from the main client window, and can be moved and hidden at will. Both Xbox One and Xbox 360 games will purportedly work with the service, which can be accessed through either Internet Explorer or Chrome.

This browser-based solution apparently is the continuation of that research, as well as a use for Microsoft's enormous Azure cloud infrastructure. OnLive has been streaming games on multiple platforms for years, Steam now allows in-home PC game streaming, Nvidia's Shield streams PC games, and Sony's making its big push with PlayStation Now.
In that case, Xbox streaming to Windows devices could help prop up struggling Windows tablet sales and give the Xbox One an advantage over the PlayStation 4, whose Remote Play features are limited to a handful of Sony's mobile devices. At the time (and still today) certain special collector’s editions of games would also come with a free redeemable code which allowed users to download a free premium theme or gamer picture that was related to the game purchased. The Xbox 360 now stood alongside the PS3 and the Nintendo Wii, which were both in their second year as well. The update was released on December 6th, 2011 and with it came a complete new UI and a fresh new take on a platform that has had more than half a decade of changes and enhancements. And at this time I know of no proven method to actually reverting the system back to a previous Dashboard. The change means that anyone can upload their unprotected MP3s to Microsoft’s storage service and stream through a web browser or a compatible Xbox Music app. Microsoft isn’t charging users any extra for storing their music, but users will only be able to upload as much as their OneDrive storage pool can handle without upgrades.
Subscribers can download copies of their songs for offline playback later, but there’s no way to upload the songs you already own.
What’s surprising is how quickly the company is moving to tie everything into its core services. Unfortunately, Xbox Music subscribers with an iPhone or Android device are still left out in the cold.
Just last month Microsoft Research released details about DeLorean, its initiative to reduce lag in network-based games. Having the advantage of the lead, Microsoft was able to experiment with various customization options for the consumer’s individual consoles.
The update included YouTube, Skype, Bing Search, Cloud Server Support, Crackle, and many other enhancements that pushed the system to a more modernized interface and improved features that pushed the envelope for social gaming and media.
Personally, I feel the newer dashboards are a bit overwhelming and slightly cumbersome to navigate. Users can either choose to add more storage to OneDrive directly or pay for an Xbox Music Pass which adds 100GB of extra storage. That’s important, most smartphone and tablet users have went through one or even two different music services from which they’ve purchased songs. Creating a Music folder and uploading the songs stored on your device is all that needs to be done.
Already subscribing to the company’s Office 365 subscription service gets users extra OneDrive cloud storage.
That’s disappointing as Microsoft already doesn’t allow iPhone or Android users to browse its marketplace directly.
And in the My Games tab, we’ve added new high-res box art and hover cards for a cleaner, more modern look.
The Xbox One isn't selling incredibly well, but it's also not selling so poorly that a PC-based streaming system makes a ton of sense.

The ability to customize the way your console looked with various themes to fit the front and sides of it was something very different for home console users.
That same year, Microsoft changed their logo with a fresh new style that I personally found to be more original and artistic as opposed to the old style. I think it would be cool if Microsoft made an update that allows 360 users to change the dashboard to the one they’re more fond of.
For instance, when I purchased my 360 in that first month, the system came with a customizable faceplate of Call of Duty 2 (one of the strong launch titles released that month).
In scrolling from left to right, each section would have a different-colored background signifying its own unique area but you also had the option to change all sections to one background color as well. This new dashboard added numerous new features including an all new UI and the ability to create personalized Avatars, essentially mini characters of yourself.
In keeping with this the new brand and style, it was scattered all across the 2010 update in menus and titles. The latest Windows 10 build, build 10166, was released to Windows Insiders mere hours ago and included a new version of the Edge browser.The only significant change to the browser formerly known as Spartan was the enabling of localhost loopback by default. In system, the dashboard had the ability to have multiple profiles on your console with each user being able to customize the dashboard to exactly fit their own unique style.
Avatars were going to represent each gamer by customizing their body shape, facial features, hair, clothes and accessories.
The 360 launched with a horde of different themes but only a couple of them really stood out as being slick and stylish. Additionally, gamers were are able to download free clothes and props for their avatars, as well as purchase new props and gear via the XBOX Live Marketplace. The menu system changed as well, featuring a more 3D style vibe with more options and sections. If you want to keep these, make sure you back up your favorites before upgrading to Build 10166. To workaround this issue, temporarily change your locale to en-US and set your desired flags. Your flags will be preserved even if you change your locale again afterward.What do you think of the new browser so far? He has worked in the telecommunications industry since 2003 and specializes in GSM based technology. He also uses (too many) VoIP apps and is a long-time user of BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Phone. He adores anything having to do with space exploration and writing and is also an aspiring violinist.

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