Alcatel-Lucent SA is set to boost the performance of its cloud-based IP video storage and content delivery technologies with the introduction of its enhanced Cloud DVR platform and the Elastic Content Delivery Network. This will allow service providers to manage network capacity more dynamically as they deal with ever-growing customer demand.
The UK TV, broadband, phone and mobile provider, TalkTalk Telecom Group PLC, has already tested components of the enhanced cloud DVR in a live network environment.
With more consumers moving away from set top boxes to watch on-demand content over their smartphones, tablets and other connected devices, data traffic across networks is increasing. Cloud DVRThe Cloud DVR platform allows content to be stored in the cloud rather than a set-top-box, enabling consumers to access video from any connected device at home. Ceph, an open source project, offers a distributed object store designed to provide excellent performance, reliability and scalability, ensuring capacity meets variable consumer demand at all times.
Erasure coding, coupled with Intel ISA-L offers high efficiency and HA storage, allowing data to use half the space of other methods.
Elastic CDNCompany's Velocix content delivery network (CDN) technologies allow service providers to optimize video content for delivery on any device. With functionality moved to the cloud, the Elastic CDN allows resources to be allocated more flexibly, when and where they are needed.
Bev Crair, VP, data center group, GM storage, Intel, said: ""The digital service economy ushered in by the agility and efficiency of cloud computing is driving great demand for innovative storage solutions. Paul Larbey, head, IP video business, Alcatel-Lucent, said: "Our IP video portfolio help customers better manage the changes in traffic that they are seeing as their subscribers move away from the set top box to viewing on demand video over a variety of connected devices. You can replicate the data on your Barracuda Backup Server offsite with Barracuda Cloud Storage, where your data will be stored in two secure data centres within the UK. The Barracuda Cloud also enables Offsite Vaulting where you can utilise unlimited cloud storage for your older revisions. Data in Barracuda Cloud Storage is stored in variable part sizes, typically no more than 1MB, with each part being AES 256-bit symmetrically encrypted (it remains fully encrypted until it is restored), no single computer in the storage system has all the parts required to reconstruct data. If you need more information, click here for a more detailed list of security measures for the Barracuda data centres, the Barracuda Backup solution itself, and Barracuda Networks and its employees. Technical support and sales staff at E-ZU were very willing to go that extra yard to help us achieve our goals by offering up enhancements and fresh design ideas.
A survey has detailed that businesses, in particular SME’s, can reduce their IT costs by approximately 35% when using cloud based document management systems. Cost savings alone, however, are not the primary driving force – there are other significant benefits from choosing a cloud based document management system.

A cloud based document management system is also highly automated so IT staff don’t have to worry about server and software upgrades, leaving them free to concentrate on more productive tasks. For more information on cloud based document management please click here on contact Documents OnLine on 0800 840 3336.
Prior to writing this post, my initial assumptions about 'cloud', apart from the weather formation, were that it referred to the average (from my personal experience) wi-fi service which can be found throughout the UK, or a piece of software, such as HootSuite which combines various platforms and marketing techniques into a single package. There are numerous cloud storage solutions, including ones that have been developed by those huge organisations Adobe and Google, which enable professionals and members of the public to access files from any computer in the world with an internet connection.
For the purposes of balance, other cloud storage services are available, including DropBox, CloudMe and Mega, thus clearly showing that there is a market for this concept.
Another problem that could arise with cloud storage is the situation which inflicted Mega's predecessor in early 2012. There are good points to cloud storage though, in addition to easy mobility, provided you don't share an item to the wrong person, specifically on Google Docs.
It's a tough choice, but with the right security, I might be tempted to shift away from the status quo. The enhanced cloud DVR platform incorporates a number of advances in storage resulting from company's collaboration with Intel Corporation, and using the Intel Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library (ISA-L). Alcatel-Lucent has evolved its IP video portfolio to help service providers manage this traffic, designing their storage and delivery networks with efficiency. New features utilize community-driven applications and innovations developed in conjunction with Intel to generate even more cost-effective cloud DVR storage. During a major sporting event or incident, the provider can dynamically provision virtualized machines in minutes rather than weeks or months and cache popular content closer to users to better manage video traffic over the networks.
This gives you the ability to free up disk space on your local Barracuda Backup Server by offloading monthly and yearly revisions to the Cloud (or to another box if you have multiple Backup Servers), allowing for longer retention policies which aren’t limited by company hardware. This allows your virtual machines (VMs) to be booted from your backup appliance, or from the cloud storage itself, in the event that access to local servers or primary storage is lost. It is encrypted (with full 256-bit AES) before being transmitted from your local Barracuda Backup Server to Barracuda’s main Reading Data Centre (which combines the very latest cooling technologies, an energy-efficient infrastructure, and fully resilient network equipment with rigorous security) and then replicated to another location. Companies interviewed said that it gave them greater flexibility and a more competitive edge. In addition, staff commented on the ‘portability’ of using the cloud as it allows them to access information not just at their desks but wherever they happen to be. However, the term 'cloud' is also used to describe a method of online data storage which can act as an alternative to Microsoft Office, Windows, or losing your flash memory stick.

In addition, Apple's iCloud platform also allows users to access items including photographs, calendars, word documents, spreadsheets and databases from your mobile phone. However, should this type of program be used for all types of data, including credit card and bank account numbers?
In this case, the US Department for Justice closed down the New Zealand based servers of MegaUpload alleging widespread copyright infringement. First, it's probably cheaper, given that you don't have to think about servers, local area networks and other hardware. His primary focus is Finance and Operations Management, that's when he isn't watching clips from The Office on YouTube anyway. Once demand has slowed, extra capacity can be released and used on other applications or services. The Barracuda Cloud Storage infrastructure boasts high-quality RAID hardware with hot-spare drives in every file server, and near instant data mirroring over high-speed fibre connections between the storage locations. This diverse storage system serves to further strengthen the physical security of your data. Space savings and energy savings were some of the other advantages mentioned along with increased productivity. No doubt this is a useful addition, especially if you want to  analyse those monthly sales reports whilst waiting for your lunch. Personally, if I were a business owner, I wouldn't be comfortable with exposing other persons data, unless 128 bit encryption were implemented, although I appreciate that some information about me may already be held in this manner without me knowing or with significant security. But there was significant criticism from law abiding citizens around the world, who had lost personal memories and data, plus questions, which continue to this very day, as to whether or not the US government had gone beyond its jurisdiction. Second, you have the option to frequently update the amount of disk space at the click of a button. The process of replicating data begins immediately after it is copied from a Barracuda Backup Server, and runs continuously. Finally, there are fewer environmental considerations, and most importantly, you have the chance to concentrate on your core business.
This means Barracuda can maintain up to three distinct copies of your data in three separate locations.

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