SummaryThe public cloud storage services market continues to rapidly evolve, with market domination by the hyperscale vendors. This unique attribute, however, poses many new security challenges which have not been well understood.
To ensure the correctness of users’ data in the cloud, we propose an effective and flexible distributed scheme with two salient features, opposing to its predecessors. Unlike most prior works, the new scheme further supports secure and efficient dynamic operations on data blocks, including: data update, delete and append. Are you considering hosting your Sage 100 ERP software someplace other than your company servers? Cloud computing involves deploying (or more commonly renting) groups of remote servers and software networks that allow centralized data storage and online access to computer services or resources.
Does your host allow you to run not only Sage 100 ERP but also common add-ons (Starship, Scanforce, Crystal Reports, etc) – the most basic hosting providers, including Sage themselves,  may not?
Does your host have experience with setup and configuration of Sage 100 ERP – as well as the most common add-ons?
Prior to moving your Sage 100 ERP off-site you should also consider the stability of your office internet connection. About Wayne SchulzWayne Schulz is a Sage 100 Consultant who has worked with Sage 100 and Sage 100c ( Formerly Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200) since 1986. Dell's 2016 monitor lineup includes a stunning OLED display, InfinityEdge bezels, and wireless phone charging. That may seem like the price of a used car, but when you consider the only other 30-inch UltraHD 4K panel that we know of is the studio-grade Sony BVMX300 at $18,000, maybe ita€™s not so bad.
Unlike conventional monitors that use LEDs or fluorescent tubes to light them, organic light emitting diodes or OLEDs create their own lighting.
The company said it has built in special features to compensate for two weaknesses of OLED. The other problem with OLED panels is a shorter life span due to the organic layer breaking down over time. Dell didna€™t say what the panel technology is, but as ita€™s described as a€?ultra wide viewinga€? angles, wea€™d guess that means ita€™s an a€?IPS-likea€? screen.
Della€™s two last new monitors support Miracast and Bluetooth wireless display connectivity. Both monitors are limited to a single HDMI port and are priced at $429 for the 23-inch and $469 for the 24-inch monitor. Della€™s 23-inch UltraSharp Wireless lets you wirelessly charge your phone while displaying the contents on your monitor via wireless too.

PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Microsoft recently unleashed the latest addition to its Office family onto the world with a curious little app called Sway. Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more!
With the price wars subsiding, CIOs and infrastructure managers should prioritize vendors' product strength, breadth of ecosystem and TCO as key purchase criteria. In contrast to traditional solutions, where the IT services are under proper physical, logical and personnel controls, cloud computing moves the application software and databases to the large data centers, where the management of the data and services may not be fully trustworthy. In this article, we focus on cloud data storage security, which has always been an important aspect of quality of service. Extensive security and performance analysis shows that the proposed scheme is highly efficient and resilient against Byzantine failure, malicious data modification attack, and even server colluding attacks.
If you have a connection that is unstable or very slow you may  find  cloud hosting won’t work for you. He provides advanced Sage 100 technical support to companies located throughout the United States on all versions of Sage 100. Dell formerly unwrapped its first OLED panel Wednesday morning at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This allows OLED displays to be thinner and smaller while offering superb black levels and contrast levels.A OLEDs have been in use in phones for years and high-end televisions more recently, but so far havena€™t dipped to consumer displays. The first is image retention, where a static image that has been on the screen too long a€?burns ina€? to the screen.
Dell said the UP3017Q features a a€?presencea€? detector to tell when youa€™re in front of the monitor or not, and switch off the display when you arena€™t.
Dell said it has integrated USB-C Power Delivery into the new monitor so you can run the display and power your laptop through a single USB-C cable. Monitor companies have been hesitant to throw the term IPS around lest they draw the legal wrath of Sharp these days. That means you can stream your phonea€™s screen to your Dell UltraSharp Wireless Monitor without touching it.A Laptops that also support Miracast can use the monitor wirelessly as a secondary or primary display.
If you're looking for an easy way to create and share presentations as well as engaging web content, Sway is worth a look. After a lengthy preview period, the completely free web-centric presentation and content creation tool is now officially available on iOS, the web and as a fully native Windows 10 app.Because of its focus on creating narrative content, many have likened Sway to its Office cousin, PowerPoint - and with good reason.

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Since most companies have fairly reliable (and fast) internet connections  there is seldom a concern about connectivity except for in the most remote of areas.
Pricing for the Sage’s own hosting starts at $159 though Sage hosting does not allow for any customization of your ERP and few (if any) third party integrations. If youa€™re still champing at the bit to see just how gorgeous this OLED looks on your desk, youa€™ll have to wait a bit longer. What Sage’s hosting does allow for is an inexpensive bundle of the Sage 100 ERP licenses along with hosting. The 23-inch UltraSharp Wireless also has a built-in wireless charging base that supports charging tablets or phones that use the Qi or PMA charing standards. It believes the app will transform the way we create interactive reports and tell stories by using adaptive designs. This is the perfect bow to buy a growing kid, woman or smaller adult because it is ultra adjustable and grows with the archer. For this reason the Sage option is usually best for smaller companies who don’t need customization and have 3 or fewer users.
Now that Sway is freely and officially available to all, let's take a look at where Microsoft has succeeded with its latest Office app.DesignBecause Sway is currently available on iOS, Windows 10, and the web, I am going to be dealing with three slightly different designs depending on where you're working. However, with the obvious exception of layout tweaks for different screen sizes, the experience largely feels the same across devices.When you first load Sway and log in with your Microsoft account, you're presented with a somewhat barren screen containing a black navigation bar and menu on top, along with the option to create a new Sway. If you've drafted any others and saved them to your account, they'll be located here for easy access as well.
Clicking "Create New" will take you to the main attraction.Once you're actually on the creation screen, Sway's options are laid out pretty clearly.
There are shortcuts to various "cards" representing the types of content you can add to each portion of your project.
However, there are some, like the options to insert Tweets and embed maps and videos from other websites, that show off the forward-thinking nature of Sway.On the web and Windows 10 app, there are clearly labeled options across the top that allow you to switch between various content and design functions. One of the most interesting is "Insert," which sounds innocuous enough, but actually allows you to select from oodles of online content sources for your project, including Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Bing and your OneDrive account.Next to the Insert tab is a Design option for controlling the accent colors and font of your project, as well as a Navigation tab for switching between horizontal, vertical and presentation-optimized layouts. Next, there's the "Remix!" button that calls for your cursor's attention simply by virtue of its enticing exclamation point.

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