In the Data Center or Information Factory, Not Everything is the Same You are using an outdated browser. There are also different threat risks for various applications or information services within in an organization, or across different industry sectors. Security player BAE Systems has formed a five-year partnership with mobile operator Vodafone Group to help businesses secure the data stored on employees’ smartphones and tablets.
The first product to be brought to market as a result of the partnership will be Vodafone Mobile Threat Manager, a cloud-based security offering that will be made available to the operator’s 1,500 global enterprise customers in the Spring. The offering works by scanning traffic to and from a company’s mobile devices to protect users from malicious attacks and block inappropriate content. BAE Systems also revealed that it plans to use Vodafone as its preferred global supplier of mobile communications, except for in the US. As a result, Vodafone is expected to be start providing services to BAE Systems’ 35,000 UK employees from July 2013, and then to the rest of the its global workforce as the contract progresses. The technology tie-up has been billed by BAE Systems’ as a sign of its continued commitment to expanding its cyber security arm, BAE Systems Detica, into the comms market. Vittorio Colao, chief executive of Vodafone Group, said the partnership should help both firms respond better to the IT security needs of mobile workers.
My last posts have explored the first three Dell Services imperatives that drive our work for our customers – Transform, Connect, and Inform.

As IT managers and business executives know too well, unless you proactively protect your business by predicting, preventing and detecting cyber threats, you’re at risk every moment of every day. A big part of the problem is that 85 percent of cyber-attacks go undiscovered for weeks, and the longer an attack goes undiscovered, the greater the damage. Federal mandates require that utility companies have very tight information security, partly to prevent rolling blackouts such as those that plagued the Eastern U.S. The end result wasn’t just a successful implementation, but an ongoing partnership that is all about protecting Ameren and its customers, operating with an understanding of how security issues evolve, quickly.
Dell Services can help make your business into a virtual fortress, and it can help you recover quickly if you are attacked. In this case, Dell SecureWorks analysts performed an in-depth analysis of all security events across Ameren’s security infrastructure, increasing the visibility of their security profile and bolstering compliance with regulations.
Please post your technical questions in the Support Forums or for direct assistance contact Dell Customer Service or Dell Technical Support.. Let us not forget about logical and physical security of information, assets and people, processes and intellectual property.Some data centers or information factories are compute intensive while others are data centric, some are IO or activity intensive with a mix of compute and storage. Ameren needed to upgrade its security to keep up with compliance demands while simultaneously managing the complexity switching security providers, minimizing any gaps in protection. Risks are immediately identified and assessed, the cause is determined, and mitigation strategies are deployed before disaster strikes.

After all, there could be somebody who does not know what some assume as common sense or what others know for various reasons. On the other hand, some data centers such as a communications hub may be network centric with very little data sticking or being stored.Even within in a data center or information factory, various applications will have different profiles, protection requirements for big data and little data. Ameren turned to Dell Services, recognizing that only Dell had the proven ability for the careful planning and collaboration that the implementation demanded.
At times, there is simply the need to restate or have a reminder of what should be known.Consequently, in the data center or information factory, either traditional, virtual, converged, private, hybrid or public cloud, everything is not the same. There can also be a mix of old legacy applications and new systems developed in-house, purchased, open-source based or accessed as a service. The servers and storage may be software defined (a new buzzword that has already jumped the shark), virtualized or operated in a private, hybrid or community cloud if not using a public service.Thus, not all things are the same in the data center, or information factories, both those under traditional management paradigms, as well as those supporting public, private, hybrid or community clouds.
These are based on different characteristics from performance, availability, reliability, responsiveness, cost, security, privacy among others. Likewise, there are different size and types of organizations with various requirements from enterprise to SMB, ROBO and SOHO, business or government, education or research.

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