Beyond PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Blog What the Dropbox price drop means for engineers and cloud PDM? Dropbox’s new Pro plan also offers a few collaboration features, including “view-only” permissions, which is helpful for freelancers and contractors that want to show mockups to their clients without letting them make any changes. An interesting post was published by Luna-Tech research about the Business Process Management redefinition.
The iPad Air 2 made made its grand debut, with Apple confirming the 6.1mm gold tablet's existence at its 16 October launch event.
As rumours suggested, the device has an improved Retina display, Touch ID sensor on the home button, an anti-reflective coating and second generation 64-bit A8X chip. Popular photo and video editing apps, Pixelmator and Replay, were demonstrated at the event in order to demonstrate the increased capabilities of the new iPad Air 2. It is the thinnest tablet Apple has ever released: 18 per cent thinner than the iPad Air and around half the size of the original iPad. It emerged after the conference that the iPad Air 2 will come with a software-based 'soft' sim card, meaning users will be able to sign up to their chosen mobile provider straight from their tablet, eliminating the need for the individual cards provided by respective operators. At the time of writing, EE were the only provider confirmed for the iPad Air 2's built-in sim card in the UK, with Sprint, T-mobile and AT&T participating in the US. Reports on falling tablet sales have surfaced recently, throwing the prospective success of a new iPad into doubt. As well as a new iPad, the event is also widely expected to be used by Apple to showcase its new Retina Display iMac, and mark the official release of its OS X Yosemite desktop operating system. The 9.7-inch tablet is rumoured to be getting a 2GB RAM boost, with the Touch ID home button first featured on the iPhone 5s and split-screen capability.
It also makes sense when considering the increased demands on the hardware brought about by different iOS 8 features, such as split-screen functionality. It has been heavily suggested the new iPad will feature a daylight-friendly, anti-reflective display, making it easier to read from in natural light. Back in 2013, Business Insider posted alleged images of the new iPad Air, complete with its rumoured metal gold casing. DRAM memory pricing is at the bottom of its cycle, so now is a great time to maximize memory capacity to achieve the best performance and data throughput rates. While in the short term this approach can be advantageous, the longer term issues of potential price hikes and longer lead times can eliminate any short-term benefits.
Within the last two quarters, the migration to 4GB and 8GB DDR3 modules has gained significant momentum.
While DRAM technology transitions and pricing patterns are somewhat predictable, there are always surprises. Another cost-effective option for using the next higher density DRAM on modules or on down-board applications is to stack mainstream off-the-shelf DRAMs.
The blogs and comments posted on EE Times do not reflect the views of EE Times, UBM Electronics, or its sponsors. EFosters Cypress had a great opportunity to bring in new blood and leadership, but it was missed. Gil Russell Hi Rick, Z-NAND is based on technology that is in production and is delivering product for revenue - 3D XPoint remains shrouded in mystery. The Google Glass Explorer programme has launched in the UK, meaning beta testers can now get their hands on the Android-powered eyewear for ?1,000. The Explorer Edition version of the device is essentially a prototype device that Google wants people from a wide range of industries to test in order for it to “shape the future” of the wearable technology. The ?1,000 price tag gets buyers a device, along with a Micro USB cable, ear buds and pouch to keep their Google Glass in. It has also been reported that Google Glass will support external webcams connected with an On-The-Go cable, which can then be used in addition to the headset’s existing built-in camera.
Other features include the ability to take and share photos using just your brainwaves, wearable healthy records to be used in hospitals and live streaming of people’s lives. This initial release is aimed at developers, rather than consumers, and those purchasing the device must be over 18.
The eyewear comes in a selection of colours, including black, red, white, shale grey and blue, and will be shipped in “one-to-two” business days, Google claims. The Explorer Edition features Android 4.4 KitKat and is capable of capturing 5MP pictures and 720p videos. It also reportedly weighs around 43g, boasts Wi-Fi connectivity, and comes equipped with 12GB of usable storage, and a micro USB port.

The search giant is also touting a “one day of typical use” battery life, but warns users that some of its functions, like video recording, will drain the power pack faster than others. Google Glass was first announced in April 2012, and since then questions have been raised by industry watchers about the privacy implications and safety of using the devices. A restaurant in Seattle banned the head-mounted devices because of concerns diners could uses them to film customers without their permission, while the Department For Transport has pre-emptively ruled that drivers should not wear them while behind the wheel. However, it’s not been all doom and gloom for Google Glass, as airline Virgin Atlantic has emerged as an early adopter of the technology having successfully trialled the use of it with its staff. Analysis Bezos & Co's cloud looks likely to turn over at least $2bn in 2013 and potentially much more – a fact sure to put the frighteners on traditional IT suppliers scrabbling to come up with their own as-a-service infrastructure products.
Amazon recorded revenues of $750m within its "Other" category in the first quarter of 2013, up $252m from the $458m reported in the first quarter of 2012, and down as per usual a shade from the final quarter of 2012's $769m, the company reported on Thursday.
If earnings for Other for 2013 follow the standard pattern of not falling below Q1's amount throughout the year – and we think they'll actually go up significantly – then Other is set to book a minimum of $3bn in revenue for the year, and probably closer to $4bn.
Like all cloud companies, those sneaky Amazonians don't want to make it easy for competitors, the press, and financial firms to analyze cloud revenues, so the North American Other category folds AWS revenues in with co-branded credit card agreements and advertising services. But we believe the rapid expansion in revenues in Other since the mid-2006 introduction of the storage service (S3) and the compute service (EC2) point to major growth within AWS. In talking with industry insiders, CEOs at other cloud companies, and analysts, we here at Vulture West have come to believe that AWS represents at least 75 per cent of "Other", and could even be higher – one source told us in late 2012 that they expected AWS would run to $2bn in 2012 out of total revenues of $2.385bn. By our reckoning, that puts AWS on track to make Amazon a shade over $2.25bn in 2013 in the unlikely scenario that we see no quarter-on-quarter increase, and potentially much more if there's quarterly growth like in past years. Another indication for the growth of AWS lies in the dramatic increase in the amount of objects being stored in the S3 cloud, which shows a major year-on-year increase in use of the service, going from a shade under a trillion stored objects in early 2012 to "over" 2 trillion by Q2 2013. Besides the storage growth, the company added 159 features and services to the cloud in 2012 – an example that Bezos highlighted to shareholders in the company's annual report as an example of "internally driven motivation".
But though some of these new features – Glacier, Redshift, Trusted Advisor – may drive new revenue, we believe that the growth in AWS has more to do with the 27 price cuts the company has enacted since launching the service in 2006.
So next time you tune into Netflix, save a file in Dropbox, or spin up an application on Heroku, bear in mind that each time you use one of those services you lead to a higher spend on AWS, and enlarge the scale advantages the cloud can use when putting the pricing-frighteners on its competition. Adobe wanted to enable creativity in their customers and allow them to be mobile and function in the cloud.
Learn about the 6 Tips for Engaging the New Mobile Workforce and how they can make your workers more productive. If you’re in IT, don’t make the mistake of assuming that all or even most of this growth will be centered on public cloud services.
In my article CAD companies and cloud storage strategy few weeks ago, I discussed the aspect of cloud storage business. Navigate to the following Business Insider article to see some interesting aspects of comparison between cloud storage providers. Dropbox Pro also lets users password-protect their links to any folders or documents, and even apply expiration dates to those items. It is extremely important to view files and data remotely without downloading file(s) to your computer and mobile devices.
As you know, Kenesto is not a vendor of PDM (or PLM, if anyone can figure out the difference), and yet the three capabilities that you mention are just a few of the many capabilities offered by Kenesto. Feel free to double-check it against what was actually announced to see how much of the rumour and speculation surrounding the device came true. The cost of DRAM directly impacts the type and amount of memory that system designers choose for their new product launches.
For instance, if a product’s average lifecycle is three to five years, it becomes more difficult to take advantage of price fluctuations with older DRAM technologies. One method is to qualify not only the current density of DRAM but also the next higher density as well.
In this way, a system can be designed to support both options, and then the OEM could make a quick transition when the market conditions change. EE Times, UBM Electronics, and its sponsors do not assume responsibility for any comments, claims, or opinions made by authors and bloggers. This makes multiple camera views a possibility, in turn providing more opportunity for developers creating apps for the device.
Indeed, at the end of June, the ICO sounded the alarm over privacy when it comes to wearable technology in general. At the beginning of July, it transpired that UK cinemas had also banned the use of Google Glass amid concerns the devices could be used by movie pirates, and San Diego Comic-Con organisers took a similar stance a few weeks later.

We have neither seen nor heard of any compelling evidence for dramatic advertising growth and, given the woeful state of the ad industry with falling rates at Google, we doubt it's growing like a weed. This scorched-earth pricing strategy has led to an ongoing race to the bottom on cloud prices between Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, and has spawned a wave of startups that wouldn't exist were it not for these clouds. Cloud storage companies want your data and for that purpose they will make it very easy for you to sync your data into cloud storage. The most interesting part of the article speaks about specific cloud storage features – view only, password protection, time expiration and remote delete. As PCWorld’s Zach Miners points out, this would be useful for wedding photographers that only want to allow access to a particular album of photos for a limited time. The next battle in cloud solutions competitive race will require to show functionality specifically tuned for engineering data. Why did you not mention that, and also mention that Autodesk PLM360 can also meet your three requirements?
For example, immediately following the launch of DDR3, system designers were hesitant to make the transition due to high price points. As a result, the planning horizon for system designers should incorporate a detailed analysis of memory technology trends and their associated pricing patterns. During that time, the 2Gb DDR3 DRAM dropped below the crossover point of two 1Gb DDR3 DRAMs.
In the example above, it would have been to design-in 2Gb-based modules while 1Gb-based modules were still at a lower cost. The DRAM pricing chart using this option is shown below (click image to download larger image as a PDF). Prior to SMART, Arthur worked as a product manager for DRAM, SRAM and NV memories at Hitachi Semiconductor America for six years. They are no substitute for your own research and should not be relied upon for trading or any other purpose. Finally, Dropbox Pro will also let you delete any Dropbox files from a lost or stolen device while keeping those same files backed up in Dropbox’s cloud, which will be a relief for many who have ever worried about losing sensitive data on a misplaced device.
The ability to bring your data to the cloud and bring it back at the time you need in a secure manner will be a key thing to evaluate.
People are re-using the data between projects, working in teams and with different outsource providers. To be able to access this data when it located remotely in the cloud can be a third important advantage of cloud PDM tools. We demonstrate real-time tracking of the 3-D pose and configuration of the hand for gestural user-input and desktop virtual reality. Even though DDR2 prices declined in this same time-period, they did not drop at nearly the level of DDR3.
In addition, right now OEMs would be wise to begin evaluating and qualifying 4Gb-based modules.
Dropbox price drop and attempt to introduce important features made me think about future trajectories of cloud storage and how it will related to engineers and growing number of cloud PDM solutions. You can see how Apple, Google, Microsoft, Dropbox and other vendors are trying to simplify the cloud sync story for their eco-systems.
To support access control schema that can support individuals, small companies and teams in large companies can be a challenging task.
DDR2 price declines were also isolated to 1Gb DRAMs (which did not help to drive up the usage rates for higher density DDR2 modules).When DDR3 2Gb DRAM pricing hit the crossover point, more upgrade migration began, which continues to affect all types of DDR3 modules and form factors.
So, think about your tools (CAD systems first!) and they way you work with your data before deciding to sync your files into one of major cloud storage service. It is possible that sharper than expected price drops could happen to the 4Gb DRAM (similar to the 2Gb DDR3 DRAM). To simplify data sync for CAD and other tools can be a first place to show advantages of cloud PDM. In this case, prepared OEMs could be in a position to immediately changeover any backlog they have to the new module using the higher density DRAM.

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