HP and Samsung are taking very different approaches for business users with flagshipA  phones announced at Mobile World Congress, and it all has to do with the underlying Android and Windows 10 Mobile platforms the devices run on. Samsunga€™s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge could be tuned for futuristic business applications involving virtual reality headsets and wearables. The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are already popular in enterprises, but Samsung is looking ahead. Samsung also foresees the S7 phones working with its Android Wear and Tizen wearables so businesses can be more efficient.
Protecting business data is important, and the S7s have better security features than the S6.
On its part, HP views its 5.96-inch Elite X3 (pictured at top) as a smartphone that can also be a laptop.
Key to the success of Elite X3 is for traditional x86 Windows desktops applications to work on the smartphone, which has an ARM-based chip.
HP is also working with companies like Salesforce to build applications specific to its device.A HP executives said it will develop more enterprise services over time. HP views virtual reality as a big part of the future, but a company executive said there are no such usage models designed for the handset yet.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. The Galaxy Note 8.0 is Samsung's stylus-equipped answer to the iPad Mini, but it'll be a tough sell when it launches April 11 for $399. That's $50 more expensive than Apple's small tablet, at a time when most small tablets are trying to undercut the Mini. The built-in S Pen is pressure-sensitive (with pretty good support among third-party apps) and allows users to quickly jot down notes or make annotations. To Samsung's credit, the company has enjoyed more success than most other Android tablet makers, doubling its market share during the holiday season. That's not bad considering the fierce competition from Amazon's Kindle Fire and Google's Nexus tablets. Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Android smartphone : De Galaxy Ace 4 is Samsung's nieuwste aanwinst, een gebruiksvriendelijke smartphone met een premium compact design dat comfort en draagbaarheid biedt tegen een betaalbare prijs. De Galaxy Ace 4 beschikt over een helder 4.0” touchscreen display voor een prachtige belevenis. De gebruiksvriendelijke Galaxy Ace 4 smartphone zal in Nederland vanaf het derde kwartaal verkrijgbaar zijn in de kleuren Iris Charcoal en Classic White. A redesigned exterior is something we have seen coming, thanks to the massive overhaul we saw in the Galaxy S lineup, and frankly, it is super nice. Thanks to the 64-bit octa-core Exynos processor with 4GB of RAM, I hardly ever noticed any lag, frame rate droppings, or jank. When I say the Note 5 is the best Note device ever, I’m talking about the whole package. The past few flagship devices from Samsung have featured fantastic shooters, and the Note 5 is no different. Worth noting, I found the Galaxy Note 5 to excel in a few points in particular – landscape shots, macro shots, and lowlight. Built into the Galaxy Note 5 is Samsung Pay, the company’s brand new mobile solution.
Everything on the new Galaxy devices is skinned – Dialer, Contacts, Calendar, Calculator, etc. When you have your device locked and the display turned off, you can remove your S Pen and begin writing white text on the black screen.
The same Air Command prompt appears when you remove the S Pen, allowing for quick note taking, Smart Select, and Screen Write.
There seems to be plenty of people up in arms over the fact that Samsung neglected to throw in a microSD slot and removable battery on the Note 5.
I will stick to my guns and claim that the Galaxy Note 5 is an easy pick for Phone of the Year currently, at least until we get our hands on upcoming Nexus devices and the Moto X Pure Edition. One day, out of the blue, my phone just said the memory card had been unexpectedly removed. Now, I know cloud syncing can have its drawbacks, the main one being its usability when you don’t have unlimited data, but that too has become a relative non-issue with the rise of Wi-Fi. I tried the Note 4 because it was the only phone out there with a removable battery plus SD card. There seems to be something wrong with the ultra low power mode: in my Note Edge the expected runtime increases to 12~14 days with a full battery.
I don’t think they can take down Apple, but Samsung sure is the #2 big boy on the block. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life.
This Asian model too, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (SM-P350NZ), have the Beidou navigation sensor in addition to the GPS and GLONASS sensors that are found on board the models sold in the US. And the S Pen models have 2GB of RAM instead of the regular 1.5GB of RAM in the the non-S Pen models.
Other than that, the only difference is that it has additional S Pen features and apps that makes the digitizer useful.
In addition to all the S Pen apps this tablet is one of the new Android tablets to now ship with Microsoft Office suite for Android, which even comes with 100GB of free Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage included. This tablet is becoming available in stores in Taiwan the next copule of days, while the US availability is lagging at least a month behind. When you first switch on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 you'll see that it's pre-loaded with all of the native Google applications such as Google Play, Gmail, Google Maps, People, Google+ and Talk.
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Samsung Note 3 Neo is a well groomed phablet which is available in the markets at a price of Rs 23,999.
The camera is 8 MP Primary Camera with Auto-Focus and LED flash and 2 MP Front camera for selfies and video calling with BSI Sensor.
Htc desire 820 is a sleek device comes with a price tag of Rs 24,500 which is available in monarch orange, marble white, blue mist, tuxedo grey, flamingo grey, santorini white and saffron grey colors.
Samsung Note 3 Neo and Htc Desire 820 comes with matching screen size of 5.5 Inch but Samsung Note 3 Neo screen is superior which is super AMOLED screen than Htc Desire 820 and both the phablets have Corning Gorilla Glass 3.
The camera of Htc desire 820 is a higher grade camera which has 13 primary camera, 8 MP front camera for selfies which is exactly what today’s generation is looking for when compared to Samsung Note 3 Neo which has 8 MP primary camera, 2 MP front camera for selfies.
Samsung announced a new release date for their new 2015-2016 Super AMOLED tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 in the US today, and said that Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 will officially release September 3 in the US. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 was unveiled on July 17, a few days after we leaked the info and images on these tablets. Telegram has been updated in the last hours with interesting news, as it is customary in this application. Another novelty to highlight is that of the personal storage, though surely many of you were already using Telegram as a cloud. Finally, in the version mobile have changes in the interface of the camera, and in the version of desktop (Telegram 0.10) is premiered the new player of video internal.
There are many users who believe that Telegram is the most complete instant messaging that exists, and the truth is that it is difficult to bring the opposite. Previous Previous post: Polar M600, the last Polar wearable arrives with Android WearNext Next post: Do you have problems with your Google Nexus 6 4 G connection? The Elite X3 on the other hand is heavily tied to a large PC user base running classic Windows applications.

The use of virtual reality in enterprises is still being explored, but the smartphonesa€”with the help of headset and camera accessoriesa€”can help real-estate agents shoot 3D home tours or train employees in conducting certain tasks or troubleshooting problems. For example, sensors could detect when a bank customer wearing a Gear smartwatch enters a branch, and alert the manager. The smartphones have Knox 2.6, an improved security layer built into Android thatA taps into OS and chip features to secure a device. The device is designed for business users familiar with and tied heavily to applications running on the Windows desktop. The accessories includes a smartphone dock that can be hooked up to a larger display, and a a€?Mobile Extendera€? that enables computing from the smartphone on a 12.5-inch laptop-like device. HP is providing services so Windows programs can be brought to the Azure cloud, from where the smartphone can access applications. Samsung's hoping that the Galaxy Note 8.0's S Pen stylus and standout features will lure buyers.
The Note 8.0 also includes a built-in IR blaster, allowing it to serve as a remote control for your entertainment center.
It now has 15 percent of the tablet market, compared to 44 percent for Apple, according to IDC. It's $50 more expensive than an iPad Mini, and twice the price of other small tablets like the Nexus 7. The new tablet is interesting, in that it brings Samsung's S Pen and productivity software to yet another screen size but, until the price comes down, it's hard to see the Note 8.0 being a big hit. De Galaxy Ace 4 wordt aangedreven door een 1,0 GHz dual-core processor dat garant staat voor verbeterde prestaties op het gebied van multitasking. Verder is de nieuwe Galaxy smartphone voorzien van een 5 megapixel VGA camera met flitser om levensechte foto?s te maken en HD video?s vast te leggen.
Naturally, they stuck to their guns, outfitting the device with a crazy-good list of specs that all of us Android nerds can appreciate. Even when you are squinting really hard right next to the display, it’s impossible to make out individual pixels. While using the Note 5, I got a solid day of use out of the phone, even while traveling out of town and jumping from WiFi to cellular countless times. There’s no faux leather crap, fake stitching, or any other gaudy gimmicks to make this device look premium.
Of course, design and looks are completely subjective, so what I think looks tasteful and elegant, you could feel otherwise. With a 16MP rear-facing shooter with OIS, I was able to capture a ton of great shots around the house and while I was up in Washington State for a wedding. For macro shots, the amount of detail you can pick up while viewing the photo on a QHD display is remarkable, and the colors are never blown out of proportion. As of right now, the service is in a limited beta, but will see a wider release near the end of the month.
During my experience on the Galaxy Note 5, with its beefed up Exynos processor and 4GB of RAM, TouchWiz actually flies. Once you have mastered that crucial aspect of the S Pen, everything else will fall into place. As a daily driver, there is not much to complain about, with the exception of no microSD card slot and no removable battery – both of which came on the Galaxy Note 4.
Now Samsung with the latest two phones have just become Apple clones so i might as well have apple. Don’t get me wrong, I used to be all about expandable storage like a lot of you here who feverishly defend it like some life-supporting thing, and I can see the convenience of it, sure, but I learned my lesson when I stupidly lugged around all my photos I had with me since the first phone that allowed me to have a microSD card thinking all would be OK.
I rebooted the phone, checked the card, and when it came back on the card, along with all my content, was history. Plus, at home you can always download all of your backed up photos into one neat little folder that you can store on your PC, or backup hard drive, or whatever. I was sitting at a ballgame and I dropped the phone, from knee height, face up and with a protective case. And last but not least, with the integrated Samsung S Pen on the top back of this tablet, the weight goes up from 312 grams to 334 grams. Samsung has also seen fit to pre-install a number of its own apps that it thinks does Google's job better.
You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Htc desire 820 comes in big 5.5 Inch HD display, 720*1280 pixel resolution with Corning Gorilla Glass 3.
It comes with 2 GB of ram, 16 GB internal storage which is expandable to 128 GB and it has Boomsound front facing speakers which are fantastic for music lovers. Samsung Note 3 Neo processor lags at times when compared to Htc Desire 820 and both the phablets have same 2 GB of ram.Htc Desire 820 comes with Boomsound Dual-Speakers which is higher ranking when compared to Samsung Note 3 Neo.
Htc Desire 820 will be upgradable to Android L whereas we have no updates for Samsung Note 3 Neo.
The new 4:3 aspect ratio has been well received too, so it looks like Samsung is sitting on another winner with the new Tab S2. Knowing this, they wanted to give more importance and now access to our cloud denteo of the application will be faster, because in the profile window will appear an icon shaped cloud that we will only have to click to access. And all this must be added the improvement in the speed of downloads, according to the changelog of the update, we will be able to download files between 2 and 4 times faster.
Samsung introduced this week at Mobile World Congress the Gear 360 3D camera, which helps shoot 3D videos, and already offers the Gear VR headset through which to watch the videos. The manager could immediately order the preparation of reports for the customer, which could save time and money. Smartphone users have a special workplace on the S7 from which to access secured enterprise apps. De Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 is voorzien van het Android 4.4 besturingssysteem, om gebruikers te laten genieten van de nieuwste Android functies zoals draadloos printen, Quick Office en bovendien toegang biedt tot Cloud Storage. Dankzij de krachtige 1500mAh batterij staat de Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 garant voor langdurig gebruik.
Featuring a completely reworked design in addition to top tier specifications, if a big phone is something you want, it is likely you will end up purchasing the Galaxy Note 5. With this device, Samsung continues its triumphant success in the world of mobile displays. While fiddling with multi-window functionality or going in and out of applications, the Note 5 simply flies.
Just note, if you are switching from an older Note device to the Note 5, get ready for a serious in-hand difference. While shooting landscapes, I felt that even if I needed to do a bit of size cropping, details were hardly lost, which is appreciated considering the photos are so massive in size that they do usually need a bit of trimming before hitting social media. The Note 5 is available to purchase from all major US carriers, coming in different colors and storage options. The overall look of the skin itself is not all that bad, considering Samsung allows you to apply custom themes through the dedicated Themes app. And since Samsung sort of listened and gave the people what they want, I think TouchWiz will only get better from here. Assuming your S Pen is not already stuck, Samsung’s latest S Pen is quite different from models past, with it now featuring a fancy clicker mechanism, the same as you would find on a pen. In addition, users can create rolling screenshots, of a webpage for example, no longer limiting you to capturing just a display’s worth of information.
While the S Pen feels solid and the software performs great, I am sorry, I can not give Samsung much credit when all it takes to break your phone is to stick the S Pen in backwards.

If you can live without those two things, which I sure can, the Galaxy Note 5 will treat you quite well. As time went on, and Google improved its backup methods, I started relying less and less on microSD cards to the point where it’s a non-issue now. Meanwhile, the intuitive and precise embedded S-Pen makes it so simple to take notes, draw, sketch and express yourself perfectly.
The features of Samsung Note 3 Neo are very convenient and also offers great camera features which are pleasurable and satisfying. Keeping in mind the selfie trend Htc Desire 820 has 8 MP front shooter and primary camera is 13 MP with HD recording which features Htc live make-up mode which makes capturing images more fun.
Htc Desire 820 is quietly brilliant and steals the show when it is compared to Samsung Note 3 Neo which is a matchless deal at this price tag. Both sizes of Samsung Tab S2 are taking pre-order, and this even include the new gold color option, in addition to the black and white color options. This preview is also applied to the bots (for now only in a mobile version), whose behavior can preview before sending them.
A download speed that is perhaps one of the weaker of Telegram, so we hope that this improvement is true and notable. Knox now supports the Android for Work program, and applications can be deployed directly into the workspace by system administrators from the enterprise version of the Google Play store.
Daarnaast is de Galaxy Ace 4 uitgerust met Samsung's TouchWiz Essence interface, wat het gebruik van deze smartphone vereenvoudigd. You will notice that the spec sheet does not include a microSD card slot, removable battery, or IR blaster.
And considering how many games and apps I play with on a daily basis, I am usually the first to cry over hiccups in performance.
Lastly, while I would not go so far as to say the Note 5 beats the G4 in lowlight scenarios, the Note 5 performs quite well. I applied the Material Theme as soon as I booted up the device, changing all of the stock application’s look, plus icons. The clicker does not actually perform any useful features, but it’s fun to click, and that counts for something. In fact, it’s much easier because internet download speeds are usually MUCH faster than writing speeds of microSD cards, especially those cheap-io ones, but I digress.
While I was on the phone with my carrier I reviewed the phone specs and visited Corning’s website and found no mention of Corning Gorilla Glass being used. None of these offerings are outstandingly brilliant by any stretch of the imagination, although S Note will come in handy with your S-Pen.Also pre-loaded are AllShare Play, Crayon Physics, Dropbox, Games Hub, Learning Hub, Music Hub, Polaris Office, Smart Remote and Video Hub. With S-Note, your note-taking is full of rich possibilities which you can easily put together into a story. When viewing the shot before you snap, you will see much more noise than your actual finished product. It can also be purchased on an installment plan, bringing your monthly bill to about $20+ a month depending on which storage model you choose. In terms of what you can do with the S Pen, not too much is different, but there are a few things worth noting.
Sure, if you shoot a ton of 4K videos and high definition photos, you may be screwed, but what percentage of buyers actually plan on doing that? I understand certain photos, sure, special moments, things like that, but 60GB’s worth of pictures and videos? MicroSD cards are not infallible, and believe it or not, they are somewhat more a relic of the past rather than the godsend some make them out to be. Right now my Note 3 has 32gb internal and I just got a 128gb card for it, giving me a nice 160gb storage space to use. Shape Match even lets you visualise your ideas and turn them into quickly into graphs and other finished items you'll be proud to share.
As an added bonus, the device features Fast Charging along with Wireless Fast Charging, so even if you are pounding your battery, you can get a charge quickly for the remainder of the day. We saw on the Galaxy S6 that after a few updates and a couple months of daily usage, the performance took a dive, and honestly, all we can do is cross our fingers that the same won’t happen on this device.
It’s surprisingly light, even with its full-metal frame and glass adorning the front and back.
Multiscreen Real multitasking on the portable 10.1" screen Now, you can do 2 things at the same time. Android as an OS seems prone lately to getting wrenches caught in the gears, so much so that performance issues can’t be entirely blamed on custom skins from OEMs anymore.
Plus, the way Samsung curved the back portion, making the device fit snuggly in-hand is a great touch – much better than a squared slab of metal and glass in your hand that might poke you or feel somewhat sharp. During shooting, my screen was filled with noise and other ambient light sources, but once the shot was complete, it actually turned out rather well. Once Samsung Pay is officially launched, we plan on giving it a whirl, and will then report our findings.
I contacted Samsung Support and asked them a direct question, is your Note Edge made with Gorilla Glass? For example, what if you want to see an actor's profile while watching a movie you recently downloaded? From what I have seen so far, I am not too worried about performance suffering in the coming months.
And with further tweaking of light settings, I am sure a more skilled photographer could snap excellent shots with this device. But if you can manage to keep your goods on-device (not including cloud storage) to just 32GB or 64GB, the Galaxy Note 5 is a great option. So that leaves me looking for either the new Moto X who was smart enough to put a sd card back in their units or a Note 4 at half the price of the new Note 5. Shape MatchVisualise your ideas better by turning squiggly shapes into neat organised figures. Allshare Play & Cast - Seamless Sharing Connection to other tablets, laptops or TVs lets you share and experience multimedia together, wherever you are.
Everything from navigating UI to multitasking to web surfing is made faster and easier; indulge in multimedia on the go without a second thought. Large battery capacity means less frequent recharging because your power lasts longer for more sustained usage.
HSPA+ 21 & Wi-Fi Channel Bonding Revel in mobile multimedia without restraint or delay with impressively fast transmission speeds that allows you to get your files so much quicker. HSDPA+ is three times speedier, thereby reducing your wait time to a third so you can enjoy your multimedia even sooner. Wi-Fi Channel Bonding also boosts wireless data transmission rates by efficiently using two bonded channels instead of one so you can access web-based content such as movie downloads, music files and games in half the usual time. Best Multimedia Experience on a Large Screen 1080p Full HD Playback on a larger screen promises to intensify your viewing pleasure. Whether you're watching downloaded videos, catching the latest viral sensation on YouTube or live streaming, you'll be able to see everything in bright, crystal clear high definition.

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