Despite the huge strides in digital and tech platforms in India, cloud computing absorption in the country is at an abysmal two per cent, according to AS Rajgopal, CEO, NxtGen Datacenter and Cloud Technologies. Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. Is the Cloud Ready for Enterprise Planning, Modeling and Analytics – and Are Enterprises Ready for the Cloud? Protecting the Enterprise Means Protecting the Cloud and the Network – Where’s the Opportunity?
IT market research agency IDC has revealed the share of HPE, EMC, Dell and NetApp in the global enterprise storage market for Q1 2016. Be sure to subscribe to our daily newsletter if you want more news about Enterprise IT, Big Data, Mobility, BYOD, Cloud, BPO, Data Center, Networking, Security and Software! TweetThe “Cloud” has become the biggest buzzword in technology today and it is having a revolutionary impact on small to medium size businesses (SMBs), especially in the way they market their business.
In order to optimize their spending, small businesses have to be creative when it comes to marketing resources. Cloud technology is either free or paid incrementally on a subscription basis, saving organizations money. SMBs can implement their cloud marketing software without the need to purchase hardware, software licenses or implementation IT services. Placing marketing assets in the cloud makes them easy for all parties involved to create, modify, use and share. By placing storage and server needs in the hands of a third-party provider, SMBs shifts the burden placed on their in-house IT team to a third-party provider. Social media cloud platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, opened the doors for organizations of all sizes to increase their brand awareness and facilitate conversations with their customers. Customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation software is a must-have for companies that want to keep in touch with their customers, and for SMBs, the most compelling products live in the cloud.

Virtual events platforms hosted in the cloud include webcasts and webinars but also full blown seminars and conferences. Cloud based document storage services help paper intensive small businesses manage their paper and digital files by scanning and hosting the scanned documents in an online management system. In 2012, more than 1.7 million jobs in the field of cloud computing remained unoccupied, according to analysts firm IDC. Cloud marketing has the ability to drastically change the ways in which they reach and engage their audience, particularly with regard to distributing and storing mission-critical data. More and more companies encourage their employees to work on their devices, thus reducing the cost of computer equipment, but also increase the cost to maintain licenses and safety. Despite the inclination to wait until all of the cloud’s kinks have been worked out, holding off on cloud initiatives until the industry matures won’t guarantee success.
The software industry is undergoing major changes by trends such as cloud, SaaS, mobile technology and the “consumerization of IT”. The research revealed that the growth of non-relational data management technology is forcing analytics providers to accelerate their R&D efforts and acquisitions thereby focusing on new tools and applications and the integration of new and existing technologies. IDC researchers believe that as more enterprises are becoming interested in this technology, vendors and CIOs will have to devote more resources to business analytics services.
IDC also noted that growth in appliances, software as a service (SaaS), and outsourcing deals for business analytics technology will likely mean that enterprises will pay increasingly less attention to specific technology components, instead focusing on the business value arguments and overall functionality. While many believe CIO's role is evolving and that he's occupying a key place in the boardroom, a recent study brings to light that more than half of the CIO, CTO or IT admin staff (55%) are not thanked by colleagues for carrying out essential IT tasks on their behalf. Thirty percent of physical servers are sitting "comatose" according to research findings from Anthesis Group. Revenue of original design manufacturers (ODMs) that sell directly to hyperscale datacenters  dipped 39.9 percent to $681 million. Best example is Google Analytics, a free web analytics service from Google, which helps marketers gather data about website visitors and determine the sources of website traffic, which keywords produce the most conversions, and which marketing elements produce the highest ROI.

Cloud marketing software is accessible over the internet in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, where all you need in an internet connection. The marketing staff can access these assets wherever they are, rather than having to remain at their desks. As a result, the in-house IT departments can focus on business-critical tasks without having to incur additional costs in manpower and training. SMBs can connect and receive direct feedback from their customers and targeted markets without the need to hire outside market research companies. These have been traditionally used for online classes and training certifications but are now seen as marketing tools to showcase live product demos to clients and for hosting online marketing events.
He added that the demand for business analytics solutions is exposing the previously minor issue of the shortage of highly skilled IT and analytics staff. At the same time, the research noted that a growing emphasis on industry and business-specific analytic applications will take hold over the forecast period.
Utilizing low cost cloud marketing tools (cloud computing tools for marketing functions) is the perfect answer to tight resources with small businesses.
Mobility is important for SMBs because it lowers transportation cost and increases productivity. This will be a long-term trend that is likely to accelerate merger and acquisition activity in the business analytics market, predicts IDC business analytics, as vendors will have to execute go-to-market strategies depending on ever finer segmentation of target audiences by industry, region and organisation size, the research firm said.

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