To access any AWS services, you must first create an AWS account. Upon sign-up, new AWS users receive 5 GB of Amazon S3 standard storage.
In order to quick build a testable version of the J4S3 tool, I’ve recycled an old project which makes use of JCA and Bouncycastle frameworks for a password-based encryption solution. Another very interesting object of AWS SDK is MultipleFileUpload that allows you to upload a single object as a set of parts (useful when your file size reaches 100 MB). Finally I would also include a deep investigation about the network traffic during a session of data upload with J4S3.
In a bid to bolster its toolbox for developing cloud-based applications, IBM said this week it would acquire StrongLoop Inc., an application development software startup.
IBM's goal is to combine the ability of Node.js to rapidly create APIs with Java and API management capabilities on its Bluemix application development platform. The "js" stands for JavaScript, the popular browser scripting language that glues much of the Web together. Node.js emerged last year when it was embraced by large enterprises like payroll and benefits processor ADP and Dow Jones. IBM was a founding member of the Node.js Foundation launched earlier this year to accelerate adoption of the API development tool and related modules. Along with Bluemix, IBM also said it would incorporate StrongLoop's cloud capabilities into its IoT Foundation with the intention of providing access to insights from Internet of Things sensor data.

IBM is forecasting that the market for API development and deployment will soar to $2.2 trillion by 2018.
IBM also views the StrongLoop acquisition as another way of connecting front-end applications with back-end systems via APIs running on a hybrid cloud.
George Leopold has written about science and technology for more than 25 years, focusing on electronics and aerospace technology.
Requests to AWS must be signed, that is, they must include information that AWS can use to authenticate the requestor. This class provides also a series of useful methods which allow for example to check the transfer status and calculate the percentage of data transferred. As you can see in the above image, all packet are securely transferred on Amazon S3 using SSL protocol. AWS APIs make use of  HTTPS connections for requests and data transfer. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information.
Node.js has caught on with companies seeking a faster way of moving and manipulating data than they have with Java, PHP, Ruby or Python. Formation of the group signaled that "the Node.js codebase has become essential to the developer ecosystem for scalable, distributed network applications," the founders noted.
It also expects to provide worldwide support for the StrongLoop platform by the second half of 2016, including translation support for Brazilian Portuguese, Mandarin and simplified Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

It estimates there are about 11 million JavaScript and Node developers building APIs with the frameworks.
Requests are signed using the access key ID and secret access key of an account or of an IAM user. Follows the code snippet of a simple progress bar that displays the transfer status to the user (I calculate also the approximate total bytes of data transferred at the end of the upload process).
I was corious about this, so I used tcpdump and wireshark to capture traffic during a session of upload with J4S3. Since many programmers already are familiar with JavaScript, the transition to Node.js has proven relatively easy.
10) it would integrate Node.js with its existing mobile services and WebSphere Application Server.
These keys (access ID and access KEY) are stored into a file with password-based encryption. The main() method in the CLI class makes use of the object to manage the user input when the J4S3 executable jar is running.

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