Data has always been valuable, but over the past decade we have seen a dramatic increase in just how much data holds value.
Some people still fear putting their data into the cloud based on unfounded assumptions of insecurity, but what many people with this paranoia fail to realize is that when you use a cloud storage vendor, you are using a team of professionals that specializes in storing and protecting data, so can provide you with a more secure option than your internal staff of IT generalists can provide. Cloud services also provide elasticity in their services, allowing you to easily adjust the volume of storage you need to use, so you aren’t overpaying for storage space in anticipation of growth. Integrated cloud storage will also help you sync multiple locations while keeping IT costs lower by not requiring as much support at each location. One issue to consider with cloud storage is the possibility of downtime that could make your data inaccessible.
What this means is that your most vital data should be stored on-site and in the cloud, because sometimes redundancies are good.
There is a necessary investment to start implementing cloud storage and meld it with your existing physical data center.
In addition to making cloud storage setup a breeze, these integrated server solutions put you in a position to start utilizing other services to make your business more efficient like desktop virtualization to let employees work from anywhere without issues or to automate IT tasks to provide quicker response to events and reduce errors in regular maintenance. The expansion of cloud services is a growing trend because it is one of the few win-win scenarios where you get better performance and greater flexibility at a lower cost than traditional services. Our vision is to create awareness and to help find innovative ways to connect our planet in a positive eco-friendly manner. The Lighter Side Of The Cloud – Boredom TrackerBy David Fletcher Please feel free to share our comics via social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest. What You Need To Know About Choosing A Cloud Services ProviderSelecting The Right Cloud Services Provider How to find the right partner for cloud adoption on an enterprise scale The cloud is capable of delivering many benefits, enabling greater collaboration, business agility, and speed to market. The Fully Aware, Hybrid-Cloud ApproachHybrid-Cloud Approach For over 20 years, organizations have been attempting to secure their networks and protect their data. Staying on Top of Your Infrastructure-as-a-Service Security ResponsibilitiesInfrastructure-as-a-Service Security It’s no secret many organizations rely on popular cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft for access to computing infrastructure.
Adopting A Cohesive GRC Mindset For Cloud SecurityCloud Security Mindset Businesses are becoming wise to the compelling benefits of cloud computing.
Which Is Better For Your Company: Cloud-Based or On-Premise ERP Deployment?Cloud-Based or On-Premise ERP Deployment? Business Analytics Vs Data ScienceBig Data Continues To Grow Big Data continues to be a much discussed topic of interest and for good reason. Utilizing Digital Marketing Techniques Via The CloudDigital Marketing Trends In the past, trends in the exceptionally fast-paced digital marketing arena have been quickly adopted or abandoned, keeping marketers and consumers on their toes. The Big Data Movement Gets BiggerThe Big Data Movement In recent years, Big Data and Cloud relations have been growing steadily.
12 Promising Business Intelligence (BI) Services For Your Company12 Promising Business Intelligence (BI) Services Business Intelligence (BI) services have recently seen an explosion of innovation and choices for business owners and entrepreneurs. This short guide will outline what each service has to offer, making you a more informed cloud storage user. OneDrive organizes your files by file type, supposedly making it easier to find your uploads.
The Android, iOS, and Windows Phone apps all have the ability to automatically upload any photo you take to your cloud account. Microsoft hopes to one day make OneDrive so sophisticated that it will be able to know what pictures are most important to you and sort them accordingly while deleting the unimportant ones.
OneDrive is likely best suited for people who want their files stored quickly while putting in minimal effort. Dropbox is a well-known contender in the cloud storage arena, mostly because of its reliability, easy-to-use interface, and fast setup.
Dropbox won’t sort anything for you, so it’s up to you to determine how you want to organize your files. All in all, Dropbox is great for people looking for a clean, easy-to-use place to store their data and need to access it with different kinds of devices. Google has a whole suite of office tools that are basically a dumbed down version of Microsoft Office.
If you have a Chromebook, then Drive is your best cloud storage option, being that it’s built into the operating system. Box caters to the business and IT crowd, although you can create a free individual account. While Box doesn’t have the same full suite that Google Drive has, you can use it to create basic text documents.
The other cool thing about Box is that you can integrate it with other apps like Salesforce and NetSuite, allowing you to easily pass documents back and forth.
Box may feel a bit overwhelming for the casual cloud user, but for business people working with complex processes and data, it’s one of the best. Amazon entered the cloud storage game a couple years ago and has stepped up significantly since then with its Unlimited Photo plan and Unlimited Everything plan. The Unlimited Everything plan gives you exactly what you’d hope: storage for an unlimited number of files of any type.
A major difference with the Amazon Cloud Drive app is that it doesn’t allow you to view your files from a folder on your computer. When using the app with your mobile device, you can set it to automatically upload any videos and photos immediately after you take them.
While it does have its drawbacks (only allowing you to view and manage files on the Cloud Drive website being the major one), you still get an unlimited amount of space store to small to medium sized files. For instance, if you have a 50GB folder shared amongst five people, you can section off the folder to give each person using it an equal 10GB of space.
CudaDrive has a bunch of different pricing options, every one of them allowing for unlimited users, no maximum file size limit, file revision history and recovery.

Both Copy and CudaDrive are impressive alternatives to the mainstream cloud servicers out there. Enter your email address to receive monthly updates about our latest news, events and free technology resoureces for your small business. Green House Data released improvement to the gBlock cloud hosting platform with gScale Object Storage, enabling highly scalable, cost-effective storage for documents, media files, video, and other unstructured data. These storage modes will also make it easier for users to move clouds between the company and Amazon Web Services Swift-compatible storage environments.
Object storage is distributed, meaning it treats all available hardware and disk drives, and treats files as containers, or buckets, rather than traditional storage, which is highly organized into directories.
Object storage platforms allow web interface access from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing convenient retrieval of files.
Seagate Private Cloud home media storage lets you create your very own cloud that may be out there outdoor the house. This is a service aimed at enterprise customers looking to archive large amounts of data without paying the Earth or compromising on performance too much. Performance may not be on a par with Google's regular cloud storage but while it is perhaps best suited for backups and archiving, it could also be used for certain types of apps where speed is not of the utmost importance.
Google has teamed up with a number of partners -- including Iron Mountain, NetApp and Symantec -- so Nearline can be accessed through other services. With Google Cloud Storage Nearline, you can now benefit from a very low-cost, highly-durable storage that can be used to store limitless amounts of data and have access to that data at any time. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place!Cloud Storage Risks and BenefitsKeeping pace with the ever changing science and technology is something that we all want to do.
We know the optimal time of day to post on social networks, we can predict what a customer’s next purchase will be based on a few of their previous purchases, and we test which call-to-action is more likely to succeed in each demographic. Protection and accessibility are essential to proper data storage, and cloud storage has become an incredibly viable solution that gives you access to your data while keeping it secure, and adjusting to fit your needs.
While this is a real concern, it is also a concern with your own internal network, and cloud service providers understand that uptime is one of the most important aspects of their service and prioritize it appropriately. Whether you’re worried about an outage or disaster recovery, cloud storage in conjunction with some physical storage is going to provide the best solution but does require integration. Fortunately, shard infrastructure platforms, like Dell’s PowerEdge VRTX server, make this integration process simple and managed so that all systems are running seamlessly on the most current information, regardless of whether your current system uses direct attached storage (DAS), network attached storage (NAS), Fibre Channel, or internet SCSI. Many companies’ resistance on moving to cloud storage is because they have already invested in traditional storage solutions, but continuing t throw good money after bad is not how businesses survive. You’re Not AloneExperiencing Cluster Flux?  The growth of Hadoop over the past decade has proven that the ability of this open source technology to process data at massive scale, and allow users access to shared resources is not hype.
When adopting cloud, they need a high level of confidence in how it will be risk-managed and controlled, to preserve the security of their information and integrity of their operations.
You know how enterprise resource management (ERP) can improve processes within your supply chain, and the things to keep in mind when implementing an ERP system. 2016 promises a similarly expeditious temperament, with a few new digital marketing offerings taking center stage. And while there have been many questions raised around how best to use the information being gathered, there is no question that there is a real future between the two. So many choices, in fact, that many companies aren’t sure which business intelligence company to use.
If you use Windows 8, 8.1, or the new Windows 10, then you have it built into your operating system. Also, if you use Microsoft Office apps, you’ll be able to see a list of recent documents saved to OneDrive. By downloading the app, you can integrate it with your filing system so you can easily move files in and out of the cloud. The design is almost too basic and doesn’t give you all that many options to view and organize your files.
The 15GB storage space you get with it is shared between your Gmail, Google+, and any other files you create or upload. You can also download other Drive apps for Android and iOS to better view and manage your files on your phone. Apart from the basics you come to expect from any cloud storage service, Box has a list of additional features that allow you to share files with colleagues, assign tasks, leave comments on someone’s work, and get notifications when a file changes. You can decide who in the company can view and open specific files and folders, as well as who can edit and upload documents.
You can also install plug-ins for Microsoft Office and Adobe Lightroom that will let you open and edit files saved on Box.
The only catch is that each file has to be under 2GB unless you use the Cloud Drive desktop apps. You can upload files and download your entire library, but if you want to view them or make changes, you have to go to Amazon’s website. Included with your free account is a referral program where you can receive 5GB of free storage by getting someone else to sign up. This way only 10 GB of space is taken up by each person’s CudaDrive account, preventing the entire size of the folder from counting against each individual’s storage limit. If you have petabytes of information that you need to access with some regularity, gScale is going to be the ideal cloud storage platform," said Thompson. The data center provider offers four tiers of block storage so customers can maximize cost savings and performance depending on the application requirements. Arrange all of your circle of relatives’s pictures, videos, music and essential documents in one safe central location on your house network, and back up no longer most effective all of your PCs and Macs, however your cloud products and services as neatly.
Starting today, Google is offering Google Cloud Storage Nearline for the insanely low price of $0.01 per gigabyte.

Nearline is a service designed for data which does not need to be accessed all that often, but when the need arises, there's a response time of under 3 seconds.
Google Cloud Storage Nearline sits as a halfway house between traditional cloud storage and offline, cold storage, and Google points out that integration with other Google Cloud Storage services means that the package provides a consistent means of accessing data.
When NetBackup hits version 7.7, Nearline will be supported, while SteelStore is due to gain support in the second half of the year. Our primary focus is to help you bring new use cases to life, and this is why we’ve worked with some of the leading backup and storage providers and are focused on growing this ecosystem.
When it comes to storing and preserving the data on our computers and mobile devices, “cloud storage” is the magical word. But that doesn’t entirely replace the need for keeping some of your most vital information in-house as well. Making the move now positions your company to be ready for the new computing era where big ROI comes from big data.
But do you know if cloud-based or on-premise ERP deployment is better for your company or industry?
With Office 365, you can open a document on OneDrive and collaborate on it in real time so you can see changes appear just as they happen.
You can pull and upload files using either the Dropbox website or the desktop and mobile app.
The service automatically syncs your files across all of your devices, so you can access them from anywhere. The great thing about these tools is that you can use them to open other files, even if they were made in another program. You can also password-protect individual files and set expiration dates for shared folders.
Private Cloud can mechanically and often back up each PC and Mac laptop in the house-wirelessly.1 Stress less knowing that all of your networked computers are sponsored up, and set your individual backup schedule the use of the included Seagate Dashboard software. We look forward to seeing the great, innovative ways you’ll use this distinctive new storage option.
A cloud storage service can protect our precious data that we can access whenever we want, from any corner of the world.Best Cloud Storage for MusicWe can use a cloud storage service for storing all sorts of data and that actually includes music files too. No file is too large for Dropbox (that is unless it goes over your allotted space) and upload time will depend on your connection speed. To a music lover like me, it’s very difficult to part with my most treasured music files only because the hard drive of my computer has a limited storage space.
You can also upload your own personal photos, videos, documents, Photoshop files, and much more. If that is so, You’ll be able to simply transfer and back up files stored to your favourite cloud service to Private Cloud. Why worry when the cloud is right up there waiting for you to put in your favorite music collection?
Release area within the cloud or just have native Get right of entry to to all of your files you select. Here are some of the great cloud storage service for storing your music!How to Choose a Cloud Storage ServiceLike with most services, choosing the right service might sound like a difficult task, especially if you’re not very technical.
Private Cloud leads the class in streaming to the highest-promoting Sensible TVs and hooked up devices.
If you find yourself struggling with the idea of picking the right cloud storage service, this article is for you!Mobile Cloud Storage: Find The Best OneIt hasn’t been long since smartphones and tablets have been introduced in the market and you might know how these gadgets efficiently offer you the greatest tech experience with increased mobility.
Get right of entry to your music, movies and docs from computers, game consoles, Sensible TVs and different hooked up devices right through the house. We now have access to our virtual cloud storage with just a few taps on our smartphones or tablets. If you happen to own a Roku Player, Samsung Sensible TV or Blu-ray Disc player with Sensible Hub (2012 model or later), You’ll be able to profit from the Seagate Media app to Experience simple content browsing together with your remote keep watch over.
But are any random cloud storage good enough to meet our needs?Best 5 Linux Cloud Storage ServicesPeople are now more interested to back up their data in the cloud storage – which is practically a very affordable data store at the moment.
You’ll be able to additionally use the Seagate Media app together with your smartphone or pill and solid your content to a Chrome solid, LG Sensible TV or Roku player when you wish to have to proportion it at the biggest screen in the house-your TV.
Many of the enterprises around the world along with many individuals use Linux built directories for storing the company’s credible data and information. A good cloud storage service that supports Linux can help them back up their huge volumes of data. Check out the Top 5 Linux Cloud Storage Services here!How Does Cloud Storage Work?How much do you know about cloud storage system?
With the development of technology, the traditional data storage is walking on a completely new road opening a wide range of possibilities.
Check out this article on how a cloud storage works and blend in with the crowd!Why Do You Need a Cloud Storage Service?Although the concept of cloud storage is still relatively new to the common people, one this is for sure – within just a few decades, the physical hard drives will vanish from the face of the earth.
Check out the battle between the two and choose your ride!Home Cloud Storage ReviewsWhen looking for the best cloud storage solution for your home, you’ll find a huge pile of appealing services offering syncing and data storing options for all your essential files and folders. A cloud storage service can offer unlimited data storage at a very affordable rate and some cloud space absolutely for free. Free, cheap, and paid options all carefully reported inside!Best Cloud Storage for BusinessFor maintaining an on-site data storage for your business, you need a big budget and also the right IT professionals who can manage the storage system.

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