Deploy balanced performance with next-generation Intel® processing and high-capacity internal storage for data-intensive tasks with PowerEdge R520.
The Dell PowerEdge R520 is a 2-socket, 2U rack-mount server offering an excellent balance of processing power, storage capacity, and redundancy. Spectra Logic has announced that it has made enhancements to its BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway that enables direct archive to Amazon’s public cloud offering.
As we previously wrote, Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway sits in front of the deep storage tape libraries and can easily be used as a tier for deep storage, is cost-effective, and has extremely high scalability. Ensures true genetic diversity of data storage via storage on different media types and geographic dispersion of data—two key elements of a solid digital preservation strategy. Creates a multi-tier private cloud to store a copy of frequently accessed data on online disk, and archive infrequent or rarely accessed data indefinitely on Spectra ArcticBlue disk-based archive or Spectra Logic tape. Shares content globally by utilizing the public cloud’s inherent infrastructure to make content available to disparate users and sites worldwide. Provides data retrieval management policies to limit or prevent unexpected retrieval charges through BlackPearl’s Advanced Bucket Management. Spectra BlackPearl with direct archive to Amazon public cloud is expected be available in August 2016.
Libelium today added new integration options from leading Cloud technology providers in the latest stage of the build-out of its Waspmote wireless sensor platform ecosystem, to reduce time to market for Internet of Things solutions. Libelium has simplified the integration of leading Cloud software platforms to its Waspmote wireless sensor network platform, decreasing time to market for new IoT solutions. Axeda – The Axeda Machine Cloud offers an IoT and M2M platform to connect remote devices and assets, manage connected products, enable application development, and integrate machine data with enterprise business systems. MQTT – a simple, lightweight messaging protocol designed for constrained devices and low-bandwidth, high-latency networks where battery power is critical.
Enter Jolidrive, a place where you can link all of your cloud storage accounts and get access to all the different services from one place. For many of the services, you can even edit the files right from the Jolidrive page, so there is literally no reason to leave the site to manage your files.
Sites like YouTube allow you to view your videos and videos from your subscriptions right from within Jolidrive.

Use sites like Box, Dropbox, YouTube, Facebook, Google Drive, Skydrive, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr and more. Enter your mobile number to receive a free text message with the download link for the app.
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The 2016 Summer Olympic Games are underway, and will be entertaining sports fans around the world till the 21st of August. Amazon's naming scheme for its various consumer electronics devices is, at best, confusing.
Ceph Software Defined Storage (SDS) Appliance, with easy use GUI, powered by ARM micro server cluster in a box to support object storage, block storage and file system and OpenStack Swift, Cinder, Nova and Glance. The R520’s price per performance, configuration flexibility, and headroom for growth make it highly appealing for consolidation and virtualization, web hosting, for use as a mediumsize mail server, or as a general-purpose server.
Delivering the performance of two Intel Xeon E5-2400 processors and complemented by up to twelve DIMMs, up to four PCIe Gen3-enabled slots and up to eight internal hard drives, the R520 delivers balanced performance. BlackPearl can now integrate directly with Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) Standard, and can automatically restore data archived to Glacier and Infrequent Access. The BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway is aimed at organizations where data is a significant part of their operations. Customers can use Cyberduck to move data between previously disparate storage platforms including local file systems, remote FTP systems, and a host of public cloud storage, including Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Google Cloud Storage and Drive, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace Cloudfiles and iRODS.
BlackPearl also includes an automatic, time-based expiration policy that can be customized by the storage administrator.
Libelium’s Meshlium Sensor Network Gateway is easily configured with the new Meshlium Manager System to send machine data from Waspmote to the Axeda Machine Cloud for use. Sensor data from Waspmote can directly integrate with existing maps and ArcGIS applications, to create and enhance IoT solutions with precise location and geospatial analysis tools.
MQTT is an emerging open standard widely deployed due to its bandwidth reduction and delivery assurance features: Waspmote data can be stored in any Cloud platform that uses this protocol. It can be hard to keep track of everything, and logging into each site individually can be a serious pain and time waster.

Box, Dropbox, YouTube, Facebook, Google Drive, Skydrive, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr and more are available. Each of your connected services is listed on the left side of the screen, and clicking one will open up the files and folders available on the right side of the screen. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.
After years of anticipation, hype, and fervent discussion, it's time to take the wrapper off Hello Games' procedural space simulation for PS4 and PC. The R520 is optimized for running a wide range of core applications, such as small-medium mail server, web server, small-scale hosting, and database server. With built-in redundancy, the R520 is a trustworthy platform for your business-critical databases and applications.
Spectra Logic also announced the certification of the Cyberduck open source client software tool with its BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway. The direct archive into Amazon public cloud adds a new tier of data storage alongside its tiering to nearline and tape. The new Cloud connector framework is based on a new managing system for Libelium’s Meshlium wireless sensor gateway, allowing easy configuration of any of these platforms. The cloud is meant to make life easier, but logging into a lot of different services to make the most of all the available free space is certainly not adding efficiency to anyone’s life.
It only takes a few seconds to connect each of them, and once you do, you can get access to all of your files in one handy place. From here, you can do pretty much whatever you want with the files, all without needing to go the individual sites.
Consistent worldwide support makes it highly appealing to larger businesses and organizations with distributed offices. The dense form factor and innovative systems management of the R520 allow you to save space and to use your IT administrator’s time efficiently.

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