The advent of cloud storage services has brought about an evolution in the way consumers handle data. Cloud storage is often seen as a godsend that helps relieve some of the “pain” associated with storing photos, videos, documents and large files which we want to keep, but which we don’t need to have a copy of on our own devices. The concept of reducing the burden of storage space issues also applies to companies, which can now outsource some of their storage requirements to a cloud-based service. 1)      Employees can intentionally or unintentionally leak confidential information via a cloud storage service. Which cloud storage service icloud , Although there are tonnes of cloudstorage services out there which cloud storage service is right for you icloud vs google pocketlint has an icloud guide. Today, most people are using not one but multiple devices that allow access to the internet, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, smart watches and a lot more.
The cloud syncs all your devices and makes the data stored on one device accessible by the rest. Some of the cloud storage facilities that you should be opting for this year are also some of the best services put out there for you. With a total of 10 GB storage available, the pCloud may not have as much memory as the Mega but sure is equally efficient. Media Fire provides free memory of 10 GB to start you with, at soon as you download the system, which is followed by 50 GB storage space. Similar to Hive, Mankayia too comes with unlimited memory, allowing users to upload and share files up to the size of 200 MB in amazing speed, with just a drag and drop feature. Ever since the launch of the Apple iPhone, iOS has emerged as one of the most prominent operating systems in the world.
Cloud storage is great for accessing and sharing data and files with your friends, colleagues, and family members.
Yes, there are many free cloud storage services available for 2015, while they also have premium offerings that provide you extra space.
The best thing about these free cloud storage services is that they offer even more free space if your refer their services to your friends or perform other promotion tasks. You can easily view and update your files on MEGA server using your browser, the desktop sync client, or you Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone service. Hive is a handy web app that gives you unlimited amount of storage functioning as a torrent client.
One of the flaw about this free cloud storage service is that you cannot share your files, photos, videos, and other data with the public, or even other users, which is unusual if you compare this with other could hosting service providers. In order to share files, you need to be ‘friends’ with others, and then, you can stream, copy, download, and comment on other person’s data.
To upload files, you need a desktop client, which is pretty much self-explanatory and easy to use. Unlike Hive where you cannot share your files with non-users, pCloud allows you to share your files with others who are not in your friend list. Just like Hive, Mankayia allows you to create a FREE account and also gives you unlimited storage space. Other features you will love about this free cloud storage service it that it lets you download multiple files simultaneously and stream media files using your own account either through the website or mobile app. Dropbox users can get 2GB of free cloud storage when they sign up, and increase it up to 18 GB by following some simple steps of earning more. Likewise, you can share whole folders with anyone, even if they do not possess a Dropbox account. First, you get 5 GB of free cloud storage with Dump Truck, and then refer to your friends to get a whopping 21 GB of free online storage. They have apps for Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android to view and share files on almost any device.
Uploading files is made really easy and simple as Dump Truck can be installed as if it was just another folder on your computer. Extreme custom file sharing options are available to let you share the same files with different people using different security options. There is a mobile-based app for almost all device types – iOS, Blackberry, Android, and Windows Phone – that allows you to quickly and easily upload, download, and share your files with others on the network. Similarly, the desktop sync client for Windows and Mac OS makes it super simple and easy to upload files to Box. As a FlipDrive user, you get 5 GB free cloud storage space and then increase 500 MB every time you refer a friend.
File sharing is very convenient because you can share it with anyone, even those without a FlipDrive account.
Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage is similar to the former SkyDrive, but there are some new inputs available to enhance its usability.
Cloud storage let you access your photos, videos, documents and other important information anywhere and anytime, and also keep your data safe and secure from local hardware damages or other form of data losses you may encounter and to protect your digital data cloud storage services provides free online storage where you can easily store and share your personal files. Cloud storage provides an easy solution to email attachments where you can just share a file or folder link with access level rather than attaching the files, you can collaborate in a group to share work, view, edit and upload files and share thoughts on group projects.
Cloud storage becoming more and more popular day by day because of safe, secure and reliable anywhere access of files, photos, videos and important documents and lots of sharing options which is a another plus point to any cloud storage.

And, to keep in view all these features we have reviewed and listed the top 5 best free cloud services for you. Google Drive offers you a decent deal of pay as you grow and you get 15 GB of free storage. Installing Google Drive for PC or MAC let you easily sync files shared in your My Drive folder. You can change sharing settings to allow your friends and colleagues to access your uploaded files and  you can also have the option to share your files with whom you want to share with choice of access level you set by which you can share documents with your friends and colleagues without sending email attachments. You can make any file, document or folder private, share with a link, make it public on web and set access level to any group or individual you want.
Dropbox is one of the largest cloud storage providers and offers great list of services and features. Though there’re endless opportunities of features a cloud storage could provide but not all can be provided with the start and Dropbox still offers great list of features a cloud storage should offer.
Dropbox works on almost all platforms; Windows, MAC, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Linux so, it let you access your files on device you’re accessible to anywhere anytime.
Inviting and sharing with friends and colleagues is the common feature in all cloud storage services and Dropbox also let you invite people to folder, share link and create photo galleries viewable to anyone you choose. And, if by chance you accidently deleted any file or folder then you can restore your data within a month you have deleted that, because Dropbox keeps one month history of you work. Box is a popular cloud storage service but unlike Google Drive where you can upload a file upto size of 1 TB Dropbox limits file size upto 5 GB and 250 MB under Personal Free plan. What you get in Personal Free account is 10 GB free cloud storage, quickly share large files and folders and easily embed files in your website. Box provides an online collaboration platform where in a group anyone whom you invite can view, edit, upload, comment and assign work in a shared folder which make it easy to work on a project no matter from where you’re participating in. An added feature in Box is their real time update system where you’ll get email notifications for everything you’re involved in at Box platform. You can view, edit and save documents in OneDrive from you Office 2013 applications and if you have not installed Office 2013 then you can still access your office documents within your browser using Office Online and collaborate in group projects with your friends and colleagues.
You can easily create word documents, excel workbooks, powerpoint presentations and more, share you photos, create slide shows, send a link to someone or embed anywhere from just one place, OneDrive. FEATURES: 8 GB additional free storage, View, edit and save OneDrive files in Office 2013, Office Online, Create Office documents online. However these are the best cloud storage services which provides free as well paid online storage options, but there are other more or less known cloud storage providers, let us know which one you’re using and what you like or dislike about specific one by leaving a comment.
It’s also probably safer to store this data using cloud storage accounts because the chances of failure are low (unless that data is seized as was the case with Megaupload).
This is great news for the company but organizations need to be aware that cloud storage services being used by their employees could pose a security risk. What an employee downloads at home is their business but if that employee accesses those files in the office then a company may have an security issue to deal with. It’s really cool to be able to upload the contents of your SD card to your cloud storage account; however when you have employees downloading larger files and folders in the workplace, all that data can easily block the upload stream of the company’s expensive bandwidth.
Companies need to be aware of the risks that employee-owned storage accounts pose to their network. With the average number of computing devices used by individuals across the world being two the need for storage facility has also increased. Hence, you no longer have to wait to get to your office, open the desktop and sort the files, to be able to share important data with your clients. With most of these services, you are sure to be availed with many gigabytes of storage capacity.
Out experts bring to you some of the names of the top cloud storage facilities that you could take advantage of. With a whooping 50GB storage capacity, this is without any doubt one of the best cloud services that you can come across. With uncommon features like friend referrals, the 10 GB memory can be extended up to 20 GB, making it quite a handy service.
Unlimited memory and storage facility teamed with characteristics like torrent client makes Hive one of the smartest apps and systems on the block.
The memory storage space can be extended with the help of additional downloads and also friend referrals. All the above mentioned systems are the best that you can come across online and also are availed at free of cost. But the free cloud storage offered as the starter’s package is often more than enough for many people and businesses.
The desktop client can be install on your Windows PC, Mac device, or Linux operation system. In fact, you can upload file size up to 200MB at a time, use its drag-and-drop feature on the website to upload files, or upload files from browsers, or a mobile app for iOS as well as Android. The best thing about Dropbox is that you can view and upload all your files through a desktop PC or a mobile device.
As a box user, you can either choose to share a  single file or a whole folders with the public.

However, if you choose not to use their space for email, you can use that space for file storage. Unlike other cloud storage services in this list, FlipDrive does not have a desktop client for uploading files, so you will have to do the job using your browser (you can upload whole folders using your browsers, which is very helpful though). OneDrive cloud storage offers camera backup feature on Android platform which automatically backs up camera roll to the 3GB cloud storage. Similarly, existing SkyDrive apps across mobile platforms will be transformed into OneDrive after an update. Anything you edit, modify, add or remove will be reflected in your Google Drive account and vice versa. Dropbox offers 2 GB free storage which you can increase upto 16 GB with their referral program. Auto sync feature make it feel like the whole system is just one drive whether you have a connection on not you can access files anytime because Dropbox updates only changes to files rather than transferring the whole thing. Instead Box provides great customer support and higher level of services for personal (Free), Business and Enterprise IT plans. More on you can access your files on any device; desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, Box is available on both iPhone and Android for on the go access to files. You don’t need to worry about your data you have saved physically because your data will be stored remotely and securely in an offsite location.
The proliferation of smartphones, digital cameras, tablets, data on PCs, etc., has made society’s consumption of storage space increase at a phenomenal rate. The hard disks and devices consumers use are much more likely to fail, break, be misplaced, lost or get stolen, or reach their end of life. Without proper measures, employees can copy whatever they want to their cloud storage account. Without knowing, files in the employee’s cloud storage folder may contain malware or illegal material.
Although the upload stream is not used as much, a hogged upload stream can result in slower downloads. Having your data stored away in a single drive or machine can be limiting you to share important data and files when on the go.
You can use these unique services to store all their pictures, music and also important documents. One of the best things about Mega is its end to end encryption facility that safeguards your data against any encryption and also avoids any chance of breach in your privacy. Other than allowing storing unlimited files, Hive also allows the online streaming and sharing of files, without you having to individually downloading them. Free things put on smile on anyone’s and everyone’s face, especially when they are as great as these individual cloud storage systems. But, you can easily grab that auto-generated public link and share it with others using your email address. If you might be interested to check the rest of the sites that have managed to make it to our grand list, please visit the following links. As an introduction offer, the company is also giving free 100GB cloud storage to its first 100,000 users across the globe. In an easy to use interface you can even directly drag or upload folder from your local storage using Chrome browser or installing a Java-Based Folder Upload applet to upload folders from any other browser.
While some wil do so to make life easier and allow them to work remotely, there are other employees who will have less than noble intentions.
Web monitoring software can help an IT manager identify employees who are using cloud-based storage and take action to limit its use or simply block it. Understanding this dire need for constantly updating data storage amongst individuals, Cloud systems have made accessing vast amount of files on the go possible. The trick here is to choose the ones that are compatible with all your devices and offers the best storing and accessibility services. Mega is compatible with all the major platforms, which include- Microsoft, Blackberry, Android, Windows, iOS and a lot of others. In case that you are looking for the same system on your smart phone, you can avail the same with a mobile app with the same features.
The only fall back of the system accounts to the disability of sharing files with the public. GFI WebMonitor® can help your track and report on how much bandwidth is being used by cloud storage, and who are the users who are accessing these services. To help you choose the 5 best Cloud services 2015, we bring to your list of tried and tested cloud storage options you can use for better accessibility to your documents. The system comes with a friendly storing and updating feature, which once can use to share files with friends. You can only share files with friends, this can also be considered as one of the security measures posed by the system.

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