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As cloud storage and SSDs threaten to make hard drives an afterthought, Seagate's LaCie division has decided to make storage an art form.
The $280 LaCie Mirror takes a 1 terabyte external hard drive and encases it in Gorilla Glass 3, more commonly found in smartphones. As consumers increasingly back up their data to local SSDs and to cloud storage located elsewhere, one might wonder why consumers should continue investing in hard drives. Why this matters: We've recommended you rip out your hard drive and replace it with a flash-based SSD for a year or more now. And the Seagate Seven: a steel-encased $100 500GB external drive designed to mimic a bare drive. Seagate has found itself overtaken in recent years by Western Digital in terms of revenue and market share; WD now ships about 45 percent of the world's hard drives. Seagate's wireless drives also recognize the fact that more and more people are storing their files in the clouda€”and yet, when it comes time to stream a large file to a local PC, most balk at the time and effort to do so. And at one time, we might have called a product like the new Seagate Personal Cloud a NAS drive and been done with it; as more and more devices are becoming connected, however, wirelessly connected drives are gaining acceptance.
Like the existing WD MyCloud line, Seagate's Personal Cloud uses a free Seagate Media app to securely access music, videos, and documents from the drive. You can also set the drive to backup its contents to Amazon S3, Box, Baidu, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more; or else take what you've uploaded to that drive and store a local copy.
The hard drive industry has seen a shift from local drives tucked inside a PC to massive amounts of storage whirring away anonymously insider servers.
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Smartphones make for great point-and-shoot camera replacements, which means many people use their phones exclusively to take all of their photos and keep up with memories. The quickest way to backup your pictures is to connect your device to your computer and copy your photos, but it can be a little confusing to find exactly where your photos are at on your device.
First things first, connect your phone to one of your computer’s USB ports with your USB cable. If you do have a device that has both internal storage and an SD card, you’re going to see two locations listed in your device.
Opening your DCIM folder can show a few different folders, but you’re going to want the Camera folder. Connecting your phone to your computer to backup photos is an easy way to keep your memories safe, but it’s still a hassle to connect your device to your computer and manually move everything over.
If you already use Dropbox to frequently store files in their cloud, setting up Dropbox to automatically sync your photos is a piece of cake. First things first, if you don’t already have the Dropbox application, you can grab it off of Google Play. If you already use Dropbox but don’t have the camera upload turned on, you can find the option to turn it on in the settings menu.
All of your uploaded pictures and videos are stored in a Camera Uploads folder in your Dropbox account, which can be accessed from the Dropbox app or any web browser from any device. The downside to using Dropbox’s Camera Upload is obviously the data usage and battery usage.
Obviously, Dropbox isn’t the only cloud storage solution for backing up your pictures, but in my opinion, it is easiest to access and effective way. There are also options for simply moving files around your WiFi network for photo backups, too. Born in southern Alabama, Jared spends his working time selling phones and his spare time writing about them. There are a number of alternatives to Dropbox for automatic cloud backup: Wuala and Hubic both have it while also giving more free space and, in the case of Wuala, better security and syncing options.
Hey, thanks for sharing your method, and i also find iPubsoft Android Manager helpful for transfering photos from Android phone to computer! Dropbox Camera Uploads auto saves files from Screenshots and pictures you download from Facebook.

I lost my phone(android) is there any way I can back up the pix currently on it through a desktop before someone deletes all my stuff? I searcch in google about how to backup and transfer android phone data to pc,I found a powerful tool – Samsung Messages Backup software. Have a look at the powerful tool Assistant for Android, easy steps to transfer your photos from Android to a desktop computer.
1.Coolmuster Android Assistant enables you to backup almost every data type, contacts, videos, music, photos, messages,applications. 3.Transferring process are simple that within only 3 steps, you can transfer data that you want . I’d like to recommend Android Mobile Manager, this tool works well on file transfer between android and computer.
Can i sign into google accounts on the kindle fire?, Askville question: can i sign into google accounts on the kindle fire? How to install google apps on kindle fire hd or hdx, Hello, thank you for writing this article.
Kindle fire hdx vs ipad mini 2 vs google nexus 7, The amazon kindle fire hd heats up the 7-inch tablet wars, but with the google nexus 7 and the soon-to-be-announced ipad mini, which is the best 7-inch tablet for the. File explorer is a major part of Windows 10 as an Operating System with a functionality to organize and manage the files you have or files required by the software you installed. When you launch the file explorer, the window that appears will display the Quick Access by default. Onedrive is a free online storage or cloud server where you can save your files through the File Explorer, make sure you have a microsoft account in order to use this service. You can do common operations such as copy, move, delete, and rename as usual, nothing different. If you are still experiencing problems and need help in using File Explorer, or if you know anything else about the File Explorer please let us know about it. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections. Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising. Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased.
Seagate's answer is to make its external hard drives conversation pieces, while trying to replace cloud storage with a local product. But Seagate would still like you to remember that uploading a few dozen gigabytes of photos and movies to a cloud services takes time. Seagate already ships a 500GB Wireless Plus drive for $150; at $130, the new one's just a trifle cheaper, and the wireless performance has improved.
Seagate hasn't what it will charge for the Personal Cloud, with single-drive configurations from 3 to 5 terabytes, and dual-drive (RAID 0, 1) configs from 4, 6, and 8 terabytes.
But Seagate is hoping to make hard drives sexy again by giving local storage all the bells and whistles of cloud storage, while simultaneously placing control of your data back into your own hands.. The problem with that is that phones can easily get lost or stolen, SD cards can go bad or any number of things that can cause you to lose months or years of pictures unexpectedly.
Many Android devices have internal storage and an SD card slot, so there can be two possible locations for it, and there’s tons of folders in both locations, especially if you have tons of apps. Most apps will store photos in a Pictures folder, so for Instagram you would look for an Instagram folder inside the Pictures folder on your device storage.
It also isn’t a feasible solution for someone that uses something like a Chromebook or tablet for their primary computer.
If you don’t have a Dropbox account, you can get a free account and get 2 GB of space to store your photos, which, for most people, is way more than enough storage. It walks you through setup just like a first-time user, and you’ll still get your extra 500 MB for your first upload. Google offers photo backups through Google+, but they can’t be access in Google Drive the same way Dropbox allows you to from your desktop. The Android enthusiasm started with the original Motorola Droid and an unhealthy obsession with fixing things that aren't broken. Only catch: the pics are around 4MP, which is more than appropriate for sharing on the web.
I have more than 2000+ pictures in my photo album and another 2000+ pictures in my whatsapp folder.

Even moving the sd card from one device to another changes most of the dates, but if I put it back in the original phone the dates are great…about to throw both phones away! It is compatible to almost every Android phone, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, ZTE, LG, HUAWEI, Dell etc.
With that being said I’ve transferred my photos from my camera roll from my Android to my laptop but cannot figure out how to get them from my cloud to my laptop… Can anyone help with this please??? File Explorer in Windows 10 is a little different from the Windows Explorer on the previous version of Windows OS. There are many different ways to do it, but we are only going to use the easiest way: when your screen shows the desktop without any window show up, simply pressed window + E on your keyboard, this will launch File Explorer immediately. Quick Access contains some folders that you frequently open or used so you no longer have to digging the folders that are too deep and requires several steps to find it. There are some keyboard shortcuts that can help you in operating the File Explorer and probably will make you look like an IT guys, because you do not need a mouse.
If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. Is that a compelling enough argument, or as venture capitalist Fred Wilson argued, did we truly "kill off the file" in 2014, replacing it with social networks and streaming services?
In this guide, we’re going to go over how to backup your pictures, just in case you run into some data loss down the road. Some models require a driver or software to be installed in order to see the internal storage.
Most people tend to store photos on the SD card so it’s easier to move photos between devices, but either option works.
Fortunately, you can use Dropbox’s fantastic app to automatically keep your photos backed up to the cloud, no cables involved. You will find a Dropbox folder under your username folder (PCs) which always be in sync with the Dropbox website. Any other cloud service like Box or SkyDrive could also be theoretically used to backup your photos, but they won’t be as automatic as Dropbox.
This accidentally led to being the go-to guy for anything more complicated than a toaster, which he considers more of a curse than a blessing. On the left side of the Quick Access is some kind of bookmarks from what is shown on the right side, of course you can change this by adding or changing the folder to be displayed in the Quick Access.
To save your files to OneDrive, simply drag and drop your files from the right side to the folder under OneDrive on the left panel.
The easiest way to do this is to go back to the root of the DCIM folder (where you can see the Camera folder instead of the individual photos) and right-click and copy that entire Camera folder. Jared is enrolled in online classes at the University of Phoenix, and spends his spare time on video games and listening to music.
Now I want to print my pics on a poster but because I haven’t shared them they are not on my instagram profile.
Copy, move, delete, and rename is the main function that you can do by using File Explorer, lets learn how to use it.
Then, find a suitable place to backup your photos, which could be in your Photos library or just your desktop, and right-click and paste the folder. You can also move photos into Dropbox’s Public folder to easily share them with your friends and family, which is a great tool for those of you that are heavily dependent on social networking sites.
Files from Downloads and Photos which were downloaded from your camera are not backed up at all. For most people with a data cap, sticking to WiFi uploads is the best option as Dropbox uploads photos immediately after taking them.
If you snap a few dozen photos, you can burn through quite a bit of data in a short time without realizing it, and this is doubly true for videos. There’s also an option to go ahead and upload your current photos and videos on your device to Dropbox.

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