Browse our shop section, where you can view featured, recommended and popular content or explore content by a specific category. Metop-A ASCAT Scatterometer Winds, 0238 UTC 4 August 2016 [click to click to enlarge]Although the strong winds of Earl have diminished now that the storm is over land, Total Precipitable Water values, below, (showing MIRS data, available at this site) remain high and flooding continues to be a threat. Morphed MIRS Total Precipitable Water, 0600 UTC on 4 August 2016 [click to click to enlarge]Three geostationary satellites viewed Earl as it moved across the southern Yucatan peninsula.

GOES-15, GOES-14, GOES-13 (left, center,right) Visible Imagery of Earl over Belize and Mexico, ~1200 UTC on 4 August 2016 [click to click to enlarge]Two Geostationary Satellites viewing a system approximately equidistant from both satellites allowed for stereoscopic imagery to be created, below.
The hourly animation from GOES-14, above, shows a rapid warming of the coldest cloud tops over Earl after landfall, as commonly happens.
A timely Metop-A overpass (times available at this site) from several hours before landfall provided ASCAT winds, below, that also show strongest winds to the north side of this storm.

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