Western Digital, the world leader in storage solutions, has introduced its new My Cloud family of personal cloud solutions.
By simply connecting to the My Cloud personal cloud drive to the Internet, users can get access from the public cloud, without having to pay monthly fees or giving up control of their personal data.
The My Cloud personal cloud drive is designed as the rapid content and device growth requires new storage paradigm that give consumers complete control over their digital lives. It supports for connecting, sharing, syncing and backing-up from all the mobile devices and computers in the household with the amount of digital data being created on these devices growing dramatically.

The new My Cloud is a complete solution for the users to organize, centralize and secure the digital content from all their computers, laptops, mobile device and access all the files anywhere from any device around the world. It is the easier, most secure and most affordable way for customers to control all their data easily across the network. Personal cloud storage will be the new standard that allowing users to keep media and file safe at home on their own physical drive and then access them over the Internet with any PC or Mac computer. This makes the users to enjoy their digital videos, photos and music on all their devices to be accessed in single location.

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