This is the section where we get a chance to rant about latest happenings in the tech world. OneDrive can store all types of files including photos, video and documents, with accessibility to Windows PCs or mobile devices. All mobile platforms support automatic photo uploads to the OneDrive, and works closely with Microsoft Office apps. With an Office 365 subscription, one can collaborate with people easily and even view and edit changes after they are made. OneDrive’s automatic file organization is not always accurate which is one of the flaws of OneDrive. Dropbox is one of the favorites in cloud storage world because it’s known to be reliable and easy to use. The apps live in the file system for easy transfer of files from the computer to the cloud and even for downloading them. Google Drive combines multiple office tools with cloud storage and one gets an online word processor, spreadsheet app along with a presentation builder too. If you already have a Google account, Google Drive can be accessed easily  and one can start uploading photos, videos, documents, and other files directly on the drive. The built-in office suite is a major advantage for editing documents, spreadsheets and effective presentations.
Google Photos can help you organize photos into albums and one can actually drag and drop files into the Drive with a preview.
One does have to export files to edit them in another program and even have to share storage space with Gmail.
Box is for anyone who can sign up for a free account but it is the huge number of sharing and privacy options that aid business and IT users. Beyond the cloud storage setup, with support for all files, one can assign tasks, comment on other files, and even receive notifications on changes to files. Other apps from Salesforce and NetSuite can be integrated too with plug-ins for Microsoft Office and Adobe Lightroom too. OpenDrive put the user in control of the personal cloud so that you can control the content and share memories, movies, and music all the time. Store your documents, music and pictures online with instant access, sharing and collaboration, all in a simple to use, secure environment. Share files and folders with other OpenDrive users account without restrictions on file sizes.
As a personal account user, one would have to shell out about 13$ per month for unlimited storage and business account users have to shell out less than 30$ per month.

Rajiv is one of the founders of Nimblechapps, a web and mobile development company based out of India. The latest incarnation of Microsoft’s Office 365 for Business offering is now on general release, and consists of several new product bundles aimed at SMBs, mid-market and enterprise users. These product bundles all feature the 2013 versions of the software giant’s Exchange, Sharepoint and Lync online products, while the look and feel of the new overall suite is in keeping with that of Windows 8. Microsoft has also launched something called Office 365 ProPlus, which will allow users to supplement their existing cloud deployments with online versions of its Office 2013 applications. The software giant also plans to expand the enterprise social capabilities of its online productivity suite, by rolling out voice, presence and instant messaging features that draw on the company’s Lync and Skype products by June of this year. Microsoft claims one in five of its enterprise customers now use Office 365, while SMB and mid-market adoption has grown by 150 per cent over the past 12 months.
IT Pro also understands that cloud-based versions of Microsoft’s business task management software Project and its diagram creation tool Visio have also been added to the role-call of Office 365 offerings for the first time. During a webcast announcing Office 365 for Business, Kurt DelBene, president of the Office division at Microsoft, said the product was designed to work best with Windows 8 and take advantage of touch-based devices. The release marks the first time the Office desktop application has been offered up as a commercial cloud service, he added.
However, this does not mean Microsoft is planning to stop offering users the option to deploy it on-premise. Julia White, general manager for Office division technical marketing at Microsoft, went on to walk through the technical capabilities of the release, emphasising that users can pick up where they left off when switching devices to access the same documents. Mark Herbert, business development manager at Office 365 Syndication Partner Inty, said existing Office 365 users should be automatically upgraded to the latest edition within the next three months. Meanwhile, Clive Longbottom, service director at market watcher Quocirca, said the new release has much to recommend it, and should push more business users to consider cloud.
The rise of smartphones and the cloud will render traditional desk-based computers all but obsolete within three years, claims Google Europe boss. A senior Google executive believes the rise of smartphones will see the desktop PC all but obsolete within three years. Google Europe boss John Herlihy told delegates at the Digital Landscapes conference at University College Dublin that the move towards the cloud would see mobile devices capable of increasingly rapid and complex applications.
He cited Japan as an example, claiming the majority of research there is now done on smartphones, not PCs.
Herlihy's comments largely echo those made by Google chief executive Eric Schmidt at Mobile World Congress last month, where he announced that the company was shifting to a “mobile first” strategy, having already built strong foundations through its Android mobile operating system and key role in the Open Handset Alliance. According to Herlihy, part of Google's success was down to its willingness to try out new ideas, embracing those that worked and discarding those that didn't with “relentless brutality and execution”.

He also revealed that fear of “the next Google” was one of the primary forces behind its seemingly relentless expansion. TIP: Click here to fix Windows errors and Optimize system performanceGoogle Drive is a place where you can create, share, collaborate, and keep all of your stuff. Fill out the form below to join D-Link's email list and receive the latest product information and promotions. 1 Cascade chaining for control of up to 512 (KVM-440) or 4096 (KVM-450) servers from a single console2 1-Year Limited Warranty available only in the USA and Canada.Product specifications, size, and shape are subject to change without notice, and actual product appearance may differ from that depicted on the package. He loves to write about Big Data and the Internet of Things, and explore how these technologies are evolving and helping businesses to become more agile. Files live in the cloud with the Dropbox’s website, and there are subsequent applications related to every platform. Business plans include 100 GB for 3-10 users at $6 a month and unlimited storage with minimum 3 users at $17 per month.
At Nimblechapps he overlooks delivery, product development and often lends a hand to the in house development team. There will be issues, as the interface is not the same, so there may be a need to re-train users,” he told IT Pro. And with that trend likely to emerge in western markets too, Google is shifting its focus increasingly to the mobile space.
Whether you're working with a friend on a joint research project, planning a wedding with your fiance or tracking a budget with roommates, you can do it in Drive. Before joining SiliconANGLE, Mike was an editor at Argophilia Travel News, an occassional contributer to The Epoch Times, and has also dabbled in SEO and social media marketing. Here is a list of the most popular cloud storage tools, with their strengths and weaknesses.
We seek feedback at every opportunity on something – we either kill it, adjust it or redeploy resources. You can upload and access all of your files, including videos, photos, Google Docs, PDFs and beyond. He usually bases himself in Bangkok, Thailand, though he can often be found roaming through the jungles or chilling on a beach. Get access to files anywhere through Secure Cloud Storage and file backup for your photos, videos, files and more with Google Drive.

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