Online storage graphic with a blue cloud shape and a modern smartphone, a great icon for synchronizing and sharing files online.
RapidShare suggests that all uploads be scanned for copyrighted content, which would probably put a stake in the heart of fair use once and for all. Another option is convergent encryption, which is perhaps a bit less secure, but still better than nothing.
So instead of finding your name in the next article about identity theft or online fraud, sure up your computer’s security.
There are a variety of tools out there that can help you to do business better and to improve your operational efficiency. 2) Moodle Moodle is an online learning management system offered for free to help educators to create a private website filled with extended learning courses. Collaborative tools and activities, allowing users to work and learn together via wikis, forums, and database activities.
4) Smartsheet Smartsheet is an online project management tool that allows teams to increase their productivity using the cloud and mobile technologies.
5) Yammer Yammer is a social network system for businesses to utilize in order to collaborate across interdisciplinary teams.
You can check if settings are correct by looking at “File” as “Model” is the location to the file you have selected.
After a short time (depending on the size of the original SD Card) HDDRawCopyTool will be finished copying the SD Card. If you are sure the new (empty) SD Card is in the cardreader you can proceed by clicking “Yes”. After a short time (depending on the size of the SD Card) HDDRawCopyTool will be done copying to the new SD Card. Next you can extend the partition by hovering above it and select “extend” with your right mouse button.
Next the program will be busy for a short while, depending on the size of the SD Card, applying the changes. To cater to the needs of tech-enthusiast readers, we have decided to note down the top 10 free apps of the month for Windows phones from now on.
Dictionary - An interactive English Dictionary contains more than 1,50,000 words and their definitions. Earlier this month at the Digital Landscapes conference in Dublin, Google’s vice president in charge of global ad operations told a slightly bewildered audience that “in three years time, desktops will be irrelevant,” adding that “In Japan, most research is done today on smart phones, not PCs. Herlihy’s remarks were given weight to by comments from Google’s chief executive Eric Schmidt, at the Mobile World Conference event in Barcelona in February. According to Morgan Stanley’s December Mobile Internet Report, the mobile web market will eventually be double the size of the desktop web market.
At one end, the desktop PC is being hit by the growing use of smartphones, netbooks and notebooks. In February, IDC predicted that 10 per cent of new desktop deployments in the corporate enterprise would be virtual. The key to the desktop PC’s survival is that the days of one-size-fits-all computing are over. As Curtis Campbell, senior product marketing manager for commercial desktops at Dell suggests: “In today’s business environment, staff are increasingly looking to use their computers on their own terms.
For these industries, Campbell believes that “mobility is less important than security, manageability and scalability” – all areas where the desktop system comes up trumps. It’s a point backed up by Andrew Barrow, desktop and visuals director for Lenovo in Western Europe. Nor should we forget that the needs of a user whose work mostly involves a word processor, email and spreadsheet are very different from a user whose work may extend to large-scale spreadsheet manipulation, application development, the editing of more visually intensive documents, or other forms of visualisation or content creation. While it’s possible to buy a large-screen laptop with the required processing and graphics horse power, it’s more economical to outfit a department with desktop systems and screens. And while we’ll all spend more time searching and using social networking sites on our mobiles and word processing from our laptops in the future, the desktop PC has one final ace in the whole: you can always add more performance when you need it. These are tough times for the desktop PC, and the days of one on every corporate desk are over, never to return. While cloud-based services could one day make the hardware platform irrelevant for those who want to communicate or write a memo, it’s unlikely they’ll do the same for those who need to create or manage those services, analyse a mass of scientific data or produce a good-looking 50 page report. Just give them access to your file (share), and then you can all collaborate on the same document at once and see the changes live.

The web will provide the services and storage you need, and it’s safer than keeping files locally. The plan also indicates the files uploaded should be private by default, with the user being forced to explicitly share a file publicly.
With convergent encryption, your personal unencrypted data is used to derive the key that will be used to encrypt it. A little Bill here, a little Tax there, next thing you know, if you want to use a Cloud service, you have to agree not to use encryption. Now, many of these business tools are being integrated with Microsoft Office 365 in order to streamline your operations. You’ll have access to all of the standard office products like Outlook, Word, Excel, and SharePoint, and you can integrate your Office calendar.
Office 365 can be integrated with Moodle in order to provide both teachers and students with a more productive experience.
Some of the best features of this business tool include: • Co-ordinating and collaborating projects with others in order to complete tasks.
Using Yammer, you’ll be able to connect people within your organization, search and share information across teams, and organize around ideas and projects. With Microsoft Office 365, you can streamline your business processes to improve productivity, so consider taking advantage of these great business tools that integrate the two systems. After that, the created file should be restored to the new memory card and the “partition” needs to be extended. Here we point out that you’re going to clone the original SDCard to a single file on the harddrive of your computer. With smartphones it’s better to use the entire SD Card so the slider can be put to maximum.
The app stores all the definitions right on the phone so that you can use it in the offline mode as well.MicrosoftDropbox - One of the most popular cloud storage services which allows you to store your photos, documents and videos for free.
At the other end, it’s being hit by a resurgence of interest in desktop virtualisation – putting virtual systems on a server, not real ones on or under users’ desks. Look behind the headline-grabbing proclamations, the predictions and the statistics, and there are sound reasons why the desktop PC isn’t going anywhere. Staff can work on the move, or use the same device at home or at work, and the screens are large enough and the processors powerful enough to make them a viable, all-day work solution.
For a while the desktop PC has seemed like the notebooks inefficient older brother, using more energy for arguably little gain in real-world terms. As long as users need more application power than a smartphone or netbook can offer, they’ll be in demand.
But in the wake of the Megaupload raid, some cloud storage companies are getting cold feet and are rushing to placate the emissaries of the content industry, such as the RIAA and MPAA. RapidShare also says that sites should hire significant numbers of new staff to actively scan user data when there is reasonable suspicion an account is being used for piracy.To be clear, RapidShare is advocating a system by which a cloud storage provider can look at your personal data if Fox, Universal, or any other content provider suspects you of wrongdoing. So with this technology, two identical files will still be identical after encryption, but unreadable without the original file.
Find out more about some of the best business tools that you can now use along with Microsoft Office 365. Essentials is a business tool that combines contact management services with e-marketing, helping entrepreneurs to stay organized, convert potential clients, and get more from previous customers. Allows you to check in on your projects or tasks, attach files or photos, request status updates, and view the project timeline.
Helpful apps also allow you to stay connected with your coworkers and what is going on with your business form anywhere. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast Digital. If you would like to replace this memory card by a bigger memory card these files and configurations should be copied also. In the example you see “Source” as the originel SD Card of 512 mb and “Target” as the temporary harddrive file. The copy of the SD Card is now ready and u can exit HDDRawCopyTool by pressing the red cross.
You can select this file and press “open” or you can double click on the file with the left mouse button. In the example you see “Source” as the tempory file of the original SD Card of 512 mb and “Target” as the new SD Card.

Every product announcement we’ve done recently – of course we’ll have a desktop version – but we’ll also have one on a high performance mobile phone,” he added. The likes of Asus and Acer are focusing on new form factors as well, with Intel Atom powered all-in-one net tops and small form factor PCs that clip onto monitors seen as one part of the desktop’s future. Now that is changing, as more energy-efficient processors, screens, graphics processors and system architectures hit the market.
All that might add up to a dark and stormy future for the cloud, and your data.The RapidShare business model is not terribly dissimilar from that of Megaupload. Not only does this smack of privacy invasion, it has to make you question the innate security of these services.Offering automatic encryption of uploaded data is common, but if a cloud storage company can look at your files, that means they have a copy of your encryption key.
This would permit a cloud storage provider to scan for known pirated files while keeping your unique personal data completely private.Even the harsh measures outlined by RapidShare didn’t go over well with the RIAA, which said the proposal fell short of what is needed. Big business keeps getting bigger by gobbling us up and spitting us back out, because they know the individual consumer can’t compete with their million dollar law teams. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC. As such, the company has been looking for ways to distance itself from its unfortunate competitor. Some services, for instance Carbonite Backup, allow users to keep the encryption keys private. We can’t know if any of these policies will become the standard, but copyright holders aren’t going to stop pushing. At the National Press Club, RapidShare recently went a step further by laying out a framework it feels cloud storage providers should adopt to better combat piracy — and it’s straight out of the RIAA’s playbook.
If RapidShare had its way, standard practice in the industry would be to store your data in a way that it could be decrypted without your consent.So what’s the alternative if you really want privacy for your data?
They’re riding high on the takedown of Megaupload and really seem to want strangers rifling through your files in search of copyright violations. It also features tournament schedules, point table and trending cricket news.MicrosoftPhoto Private - The perfect application for anyone who wants to keep people from accidentally seeing their private photos and videos. In this dystopian future, you might have to encrypt your files before uploading them anywhere.
You can’t work with that encrypted data online without decrypting it, thus ending up in the same vulnerable state you were in before. This app can record the break-in attempts silently and tell you when, where and who attempted to log into the app.MicrosoftSHAREit - This app can transfer your files between Windows devices. New technologies that rely on different forms of encryption could be a good middle ground, but the service providers will have to support them.Homomorphic encryption is an exciting idea that would give you much more flexibility in cloud storage. The app supports LAN and Windows hotspot service for free transmission of your bulky files.
This type of encryption allows you to keep a database in the cloud, work with it, and keep it encrypted the whole time. Available for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android, SHAREit is a Lenovo-owned app.MicrosoftVoicy- This Nuance powered app is able to convert speech into text with punctuation. Homomorphic encryption can allow you to decrypt that result without ever knowing what the original data said.
The app also supports a plethora of International languages including English, Hindi, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Italian, Russian, German and French.MicrosoftTouch Tube- TouchTube allows you to watch videos in HQ and HD and download videos on your phone for free. Log into your YouTube account, explore YouTube's vast video catalog, browse your favorite channels, and subscribe to new channels.
Share videos with your friends via your social networks, email, and text messages.MicrosoftStrung Along - In this fun game, you can control a wooden string puppet.
The game features a wide array of different acts with platforming, balancing and timing puzzles. There is also the endless mode to perfect and practice your moves and stay upright as long as possible.MicrosoftSygic- This GPS navigation and map app features offline TomTom maps, POIs, route planning & free map updates.

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