Exclusive: The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a barely-curved display, plenty of new software features! Our source says the phone is “thicker than the Galaxy Note 5 but doesn’t feel like it in the hand.” The back has curved glass like the Galaxy S7.
The front of the Galaxy Note 7 has two cameras to handle iris scanning, which we’re not claiming as part of our exclusive information as other publications have covered it. Iris scanning can be used in conjunction with fingerprint scanning or traditional lock screen layouts for quick access to the phone. Regarding the look of the software, our source says its very reminiscent of what Asian companies implement in their hardware. Because of the special display, the Galaxy Note 7 will ship with the usual Edge screen features.
To lengthen battery life, Samsung is even allowing you to scale down the Galaxy Note 7’s screen resolution to 720p. This all sounds good to most of you, but existing owners of the Gear VR won’t be happy to know that the Galaxy Note 7 is not going to work with the original virtual reality headset from Samsung.
We can’t say anything about the processor, unfortunately, and that will vary by region anyways.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Fresh off the flop that was the Fire Phone, it’s also a strong reminder that Amazon still makes very good devices.
So other than the fact that Amazon dropped “Kindle” from the name, what’s new in the HDX 8.9? Coupled with that lovely display, Amazon Instant Video shines on the HDX, with fast-loading videos and the “X-Ray” feature showing IMDB info right there in the player. With the new KitKat-based Fire OS (“Sangria”), a few more incentives exist for those who dwell in the kingdom of Bezos.
This presented a perfect opportunity to test Mayday, so I fired it up and relinquished control of my screen to my remote helper.
Add everything up, and you get an excellent, reasonably priced tablet for your lean-back multimedia horseplay. Apple announced its 6th generation iPhone, the iPhone 5, at a special event in San Francisco this morning. The camera saw an upgrade in silicon and software, though it seems to be the same optical package as the previous generation. A15 is much better and advanced architecture than A9.It is very power efficient and fast that event dual core A15 can easily beat quad core A9 in every aspect.
Look forward to frequent updates Anand and Brian.Unrelated, how does Apple keep some of their SoC tech from being stolen by their fab Samsung?
It’s other features are Social Networking Services And Apps, Private Mode, OneDrive Cloud Storage, Stylus Pen Support, Quick Connect, S Health, S Finder, S Voice, Smart Gestures, Noise Cancellation. Hi Friends This is Himanshu Grewal Owner & Founder of PhonePrices - I Love Blogging Blogging and Blogging. The announcements keep rolling in, and we'll hopefully have a hands-on with all of the new devices soon. If you have to look at a detailed spec sheet to understand the difference between two products, that company has failed.
My fear as smartphones and tablets get more powerful is that there will be less and less emphasis on writing efficient code and the applications that end up running on these devices will be just as fat and heavy as some written for PC's. The pen input seems pretty cool but it seems like they've just tacked this on to their existing lineup.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. The iris scanner uses infrared technology to work in the dark but doing so with glasses will be tricky.
This means you’re getting a 12MP rear camera with Dual Pixel technology and a 5MP front camera.

We’re told there is “lots of white, a new status bar, and rounded app icons.” Remember the leaked version of TouchWiz that showed up in June? The S Pen is going to get added capabilities that allow it to act as a magnifying glass and a translator. The company is going to launch a new virtual reality headset that will also work with previous Galaxy devices. They’re identical: The same size, the same weight, the same screen, the same industrial design, the same nice $380 base price for the 16GB Wi-Fi version with lock-screen ads. The best deal is an 16GB version with lock-screen ads, but the an ad-free 32GB HDX jumps up to 4.
The changes may be invisible, but there wasn’t much (externally) that needed changing anyway.
Upgrading the display is a no-brainer move from one tablet generation to the next, especially for the highest-end model in a company’s lineup. Dolby Atmos only works with movies that were mixed for Atmos, and there’s no “Mixed For Atmos” Amazon Instant Video section to help you find them. In standby with the cover on, the HDX seemingly lasts forever—I left it alone for a week and the battery meter barely budged.
I explained the issue: I could only find private browsing on my old tablet, not my new one. There’s a Family Library feature, which lets you share your purchased apps and content with another person.
You launch the app, point the HDX’s back-facing 8-megapixel camera at a product package, book cover, bar code, or logo, and Firefly sometimes recognizes it. While the tablet is an excellent piece of hardware for watching movies, surfing the Web, and playing games, you won’t find all your favorite iOS or Android apps in the cordoned-off halls of Amazon’s Appstore.
The HDX 8.9 looks great, feels great, sounds great, and performs great, even if it won’t bowl you over with bold new flavors.
Multiple stills will be integrated for better low light performance, in an all ISP solution. It’s Battery Model is Li-Ion 3000 mAh and Stand-by Time is 400 Hrs, Unofficial and Talk time is 15 Hrs Unofficial and Music Playback Up to 38 Hrs so you listen music for long time and Video Playback is 10 Hrs enjoy more videos for long time. Its box contains are Handset, Battery 3000 mAh, Charger, USB Data Cable, 3.5 mm Headset, User Guide, Warranty Card. We mentioned speculation yesterday that the Note 10.1 could have a high-density display and next-generation SoC. Until then, follow the source for the full press release and peep the gallery and full specs below. In the console gaming space the argument for releasing a game on one console is that your developers can focus their efforts on wringing the very most out of the hardware, without worrying about other hardware. And next to the S Pen slot is a USB Type-C port that can still be used with micro-USB cables as Samsung is including an adapter with the Galaxy Note 7. Also, Samsung’s Always On Display feature will support the S Pen for instant note-taking that keeps notes on the display at all times.
Yes, the company is going to get into cloud storage and compete directly with Google Drive and Apple iCloud.
Amazon does books well, and they do video well, and they make hardware that delivers great experiences for both of them. It offers swift and smooth performance thanks to its 2.5GHz quad-core CPU, 2GB RAM, and the Adreno 420 graphics processor. The HDX also offers standout audio features—some that carry over from the previous HDX (top-notch stereo speakers) and some that are brand new (Dolby Atmos). There’s a new “Smart Suspend” feature that toggles Wi-Fi on and off based on your predicted usage times, connecting periodically to fetch email and other updates.
Everybody gets a sleeker look for the system fonts and icons and the Smart Suspend feature. You’ll need to trust said person (and vice versa), because they’ll have access to your payment info.

It’ll add known objects to a running queue of things you can buy on Amazon, and it can use the tablet’s microphone to identify songs, movies, and TV shows.
Still, many major offerings are there (Netflix, Spotify, Pinterest, Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, HBO Go, Evernote, and plenty of games). This is a huge deal because it means Apple beat both TI and Samsung on bringing A15s to market.
Legacy applications will be letterboxed until they are updated to support the added real estate.
The package has been reduced in size by 25%, it's unclear whether that will have any effect on image quality, though. The hardware, then, is not the big advance, rather Samsung is playing up the improved productivity opportunities that result from applying the original Note's S Pen interface, along with the new S Note software on a larger screen. As a treat for all our readers, we're going to be working on a series of Pipeline posts that will lay out the full specs (as we know them) for as many products and manufacturers as we can muster. Samsung, has their own fabs, and are just as private about their contracts and fabrication difficulties.
And the 2014 HDX’s new components and features move the chains forward for Amazon’s flagship tablet, albeit in a subtle manner.
The 805 is a chip designed with 4K video in mind, so it’s surprising that the HDX doesn’t have a 4K screen or video capabilities. Even with last year’s specs, the 2560 x 1600 (339ppi) LCD display is among the brightest, sharpest, and most-vivid in the tablet realm.
The back-facing speakers are still among the best in the game; they’re crisp, nuanced, and loud.
The logistics were what made me skeptical: In theaters, Atmos requires a grid of speakers above and around the audience, pumping audio from above, behind, and in front of the crowd to sync directional sounds with movie action. Over the course of five days, using it for an hour or two every night, I only had to recharge it once. It’s also very easy to set your new tablet up with all the apps you had on your old one, as the ecosystem creates a cloud mirror of apps you’ve installed on other Amazon devices.
I asked whether that was being added in a future update (she couldn’t say), added a follow-up question about Dolby Atmos, and we bid adieu.
The HDX also supports multiple user profiles for the same tablet so that everyone gets their own apps and preferences. But the most painful gaps are all the Google services: There’s no Gmail, no Google Maps, no Chrome, no Google Drive, no official YouTube app. Its pixel density still trumps that of the iPad Air 2 (264ppi), iPad Mini 3 (324ppi), and Nexus 9 (287ppi). And while the HDX’s Atmos feature doesn’t match that theater experience, it’s still incredible.
Amazon’s battery life quote of “12 hours mixed use” sounds conservative after using the HDX. There’s no-limit cloud storage for any photos you take with the HDX or any other Amazon device, but if you want to store pics taken with other devices, you get a free 5 gigs. You can set up profiles for both adults and children, and parental control features can be activated if you’re sharing it with the kids.
The speakers are positioned on a slight slant, keeping them firing upward even when they’re covered by the optional Origami case ($55 to $70). The tablet adds real depth and richness to sound, sharp highs, thundering lows, and a traveling effect. It’s like you’re listening to a 7.1 setup in a rich guy’s TV room, even when you’re using $20 earbuds.
But for Android the challenge is that even tightly written code can have random conflicts with particular hardware, or software quirks.

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