Silver Peak continues to evolve its strategic focus, which is well-aligned with the emerging market requirements for SD-WAN and the blending of SD-WAN and WOC capabilities. Silver Peak now supports two product lines on a common software base; the traditional WAN optimization via its NX and VX product families, and the SD-WAN Unity EdgeConnect, which also includes the optional Unity Boost for full WAN optimization support. Silver Peak continues to evolve its security capabilities for internet connectivity, and to support meshed IPsec tunneling, full SSL proxy, enhanced WAN path control, basic NAT and basic firewall screening, and integration with Zscaler.
Silver Peak offers a very strong solution for optimizing data center storage replication, with segment-leading products and good strategic and go-to-market alliances with data center infrastructure companies, such as VMware, EMC, Hitachi and Dell.
This Monday, Banana Republic pretty much stunned the world with the unveiling of its Startup Guy line of clothing. When you look around the room at startup events, hackathons, or even just your everyday coworking space, you’re more likely to find men (and women) wearing t-shirts (often of some startup or featuring geeky references) and a pair of jeans or shorts. To show what it’s really like to work at a startup, we reached out to guys from several different startups and asked them to share with us descriptions of their own personal styles.
Aside from writing about startups and entrepreneurship, Ronald is interested in 'Doctor Who', Murakami, 'The Mindy Project', and fried chicken.
If you are the kind of person who gets just a little breathless at the very mention of malware and decidedly dizzy when yet another DDoS attack makes the headlines, perhaps you should consider a career as an ethical hacker? The first question that needs to be answered is understanding just what an ethical hacker is.
Conrad Constantine, a research team engineer at AlienVault, is not so happy about the whole ethical hacker term in the first place though, telling IT Pro "putting the word ethical as a qualifier to hacker implies that there is something inherently unethical about hacking.
Ian Glover, chairman of CREST, prefers the penetration tester label and his definition goes a little further in that it recognises you need to be more than just a techie in order to truly fulfil the role. A penetration tester, he says, has to be able to "communicate the results of the tests at a level tailored to the audience" Glover says, and "provide technical consultancy and recommendations to customers as to how any reported vulnerabilities could be mitigated".

This involves the CHECK scheme, where penetration testers prove themselves through practical examination under lab conditions. Phil Robinson, director of Digital Assurance and a Founder Associate Member of the Institute of Information Security Professionals points towards the Tiger Scheme and CREST certifications.
As far as the CREST certification is concerned, Ian Glover points out that in order to pass at the lower level a candidate will need "knowledge and skills on a wide range of relevant subjects, and in addition they would normally require two to three years regular and frequent practical experience, equating to about 6,000 hours experience and research." When it comes to the higher level that increases to five years or 10,000 hours. But what about if that 'experience and research' was largely garnered on, for want of a better phrase, the dark side? Dominique Karg, is the co-founder and brilliantly titled chief hacking officer at AlienVault.
Marcus Ranum, chief security officer at Tenable Network Security, thinks that a track record as a recreational hacker simply shows errors in judgement and a willingness to put self-interest first. Assuming you have got this far and still want to enter the world of ethical hacking, how much can you expect to earn and just how buoyant is the job market? Peter Chadha adds that a penetration tester working as a contractor can easily earn between ?400-?500 a day. John Yeo, director at Trustwave SpiderLabs, put it in a nutshell when he told us that given the recent uptick in mainstream media awareness of the types of malicious compromises that take place on a regular basis, and the reality that now cybersecurity is much higher on every organisation's executive agenda "in many respects it has never been better". Who should you approach if you actually want to get started in the penetration testing field?
Ian Glover: "Anyone interested in a career in the industry should contact CREST who will provide advice and guidance on the best way to enter and then progress in the industry. This includes a strong focus on data-center-to-data-center storage replication, aggressively championing virtual-appliance-based solutions in both the data center and branch office, and now focusing on a unified WAN optimization and SD-WAN solution to support new integrated WAN architectures.
The Unity Orchestrator offers centralized policy-based network orchestration for both product lines.

Consider Silver Peak for all branch office optimization needs, data center replication needs, and for hybrid WAN and SD-WAN. Our specialists have over 15 years experience deploying solutions at some of the largest global companies.
While it seems that Banana Republic no longer has the line featured on its website, the collection of looks displayed on Monday were replete with perfectly tailored chinos, exposed ankles, and  crisp, chambray button-downs. He is currently based in New York because he mistakenly studied philosophy in college and is now a "writer". Jeff Schmidt, global head of business continuity, security and governance at BT, defines an ethical hacker as a "computer security expert, who specialises in penetration testing and other testing methodologies to make sure an organisation's information systems are secure." This sounds about right to me. Whether you call the job ethical hacking, white hat hacking or penetration testing is up to you. Peter Chadha, chief executive and founder of DrPete, reckons that all you need is "a vast amount of technical knowledge of IT systems and software and, in particular, how to exploit their vulnerabilities" but acknowledges that there are formal qualifications available. Can, and do, black hat hackers cross the divide and enter the legit world of the penetration tester?
The Silver Peak Unity solution includes the Cloud Intelligence and Advanced Exterior WAN routing, which optimizes external SaaS applications, and monitors and maintains performance metrics for more than 50 SaaS applications.
The main thing is that it is being done with the full consent of the company whose resources are being explored.
A registered level professional would expect to earn in the region of ?55,000 and a team leader could be looking at ?90,000-plus.

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