According to their site, Bottoms Up isn’t just another happy hour app; it offers an extensive list of features that benefit both establishments and app users. Real-Time Nightlife Heat Map: When a Bottoms Up user is in a subscribed establishment, that establishment glows gold on the map.
More: The app also offers accurate happy hour information, simple search filters for users, entry push notifications that alert your of the specials, events and deals for an establishment, and safe ride simple taxi search. Offer Mobile Deals (on your terms): “the bars have complete control over their mobile deals,” says Martiny.
Patron Analytics: Anytime a Bottoms Up app user enters a subscribed establishment, their anonymous demographic information and night life preference are automatically submitted to the bar. Get Social: Bottoms Up also offers social media automation that saves you time and effort with posting your specials and events to Facebook and Twitter. Martiny also says he is very pleased with the teams progress, but has learned a lot from the experience. The Clip Art collection was introduced with Microsoft Word 6.0 in 1993 and today stood as a relic of sorts. But there's still some need for free, easy to access options for canned images (think vector graphics).

A link to the source of the image is provided, which you should use to review the source of the image and the applicable license to determine whether your use will comply with the license.
Microsoft also cleaned another item out of the attic in March, finishing the shuttering its MSN Messenger service. It includes everything from happy hour specials and local events to showing you the location of where your friends choose to go out.
However, the Bottoms Up team is offering deals, will have representatives at various social locations and will attend events to market their app.
They are launching in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Athens, Georgia; they are targeting college students in that area and have also received extensive support from local restaurants and economic development associations.
It will make navigation much easier for people who are not familiar with the restaurants or bars in the area,” says Martiny.
Benjamin Jackson is the originator of the concept and is currently a marketing strategist for Bottoms Up.
She's also interested in covering apps, emerging technology, IoT and beauty & wellness. In the past she has interned at NBC Sports, NBC Olympics, Brand-Yourself, and the Times Leader Newspaper as well as worked at WWNY-TV and the StartFast Venture Accelerator in Upstate New York.

Whether you’re trying to save money or just looking for a deal, it’s always exciting to find a good promotion.
The more friends you have at a bar, the larger the glow: “I know in real-time if I have friends at a bar and where other people are so I can get a good idea of where people are partying that night,” says Martiny. Amanda is originally from Kansas City, MO but has also lived in Canton, MA and Scranton, PA.
The figures for other districts were not immediately known.Vehicle, mobile phone and computer accessories, surgical equipment, furniture, timber, glass and plywood products, and tiles and sports goods are among the commodities on which tax is evaded the most.
The commodities were imported in bulk through air and sea ports, often by understating the quantity of goods in the bill of entry to pay lower import duty. High-end establishments which offered personal services, such as costly hairdressing salons and beauty parlours, are also under the scrutiny of tax inspectors.

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