Amazon's Cloud Drive desktop storage apps were released today for both Windows and Mac, but are they worth your time? You still access and manage files at the Cloud Drive Web site, but uploading has never been easier. Click the icon to bring up a menu for quick access to the Web site, upload status, and a few other options.
After a fairly easy setup (requiring my Amazon account log-in info), a cloud-shaped icon was placed in my system tray (in the menu bar on the Mac) for easy access. There's little in the way of interface for the new app on either platform beyond a few options in the pop-up menu from the cloud icon. The free Amazon Cloud Drive service, which has been out for some time, comes with 5GB of storage space, but you can upgrade to get more space with several tiered packages, with each tier working out to a dollar a gigabyte. In my tests, I drag-and-dropped files to the icon and also tried the right-click to upload method, and both uploaded files quickly and easily.
We’re bringing Momentum to New York: our newest event, showcasing only the best speakers and startups. Microsoft has also added new ways for OneDrive users to earn more storage, on top of the 7GB everyone gets for free. Available across every major device and platform: It’s built into the latest versions of Windows, Windows Phone, Office, and Xbox.
The best way to store, view and share photos and videos: No need to manually upload photos or videos. Perfect for sharing documents: OneDrive is built into Office as the default save location, so you can see the recent documents you were working on and pick up right where you left off even if you switch devices. Built for businesses too: OneDrive for Business lets companies give their employees the ability to store, sync, and share files across multiple devices with ease, manageability and security.
The last point is worth expanding on: Logan told us SkyDrive Pro wasn’t renamed as “OneDrive Pro” because there was some confusion around whether the product was just a more feature-filled version of Microsoft’s cloud storage platform. Last but not least, Microsoft is celebrating today’s news by giving away 100GB of free storage for one year to 100,000 people.
Office 365, Microsoft’s core productivity platform, enables employees to get the job done anytime, anywhere. Communication tools that helps you connect better with customers and colleagues from email and Instant messaging to social networking and video conferencing.

Collaboration with people in or outside your company from wherever you are working, whenever you need to. DeFelsko Corp.’s PosiTector 6000 coating thickness gage features built-in memory, onscreen statistics, USB mass storage and a new “fast” mode. Comments are reviewed by moderators before they appear to ensure they meet Products Finishing’s submission guidelines. The service was already available at the Amazon Cloud Drive Web site, but with a dedicated app you get easy access for storing just about any type of file on the fly.
Upon first launch, Amazon gives you a quick four-step tour for how to use the Cloud Drive storage app. Managing and moving files to appropriate folders will still take place on the Web site, but you can access the site easily from the pop-up menu as well.
You can choose from 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, or 1,000GB (so a 200GB-per-year subscription will run you $200, working out to $16.75 per month). The only improvement I might like to see is the ability to view files already on the Cloud Drive from the contextual menu, but with the Web site only a click away, it's hard to be annoyed that this feature has been left out. If you want to keep files in the cloud so you have easy access from an icon on your computer desktop wherever you are, Amazon Cloud Drive couldn't be easier to use. He is the Senior Editor in charge iOS software and has become an expert reviewer of the software that runs on each new Apple device. At the same time, Microsoft is using its legal requirement to change the name as an opportunity to push its marketing message as well as add some new features.
We asked Logan, and he confirmed that all mobile users who currently have the SkyDrive app will not need to uninstall it first and then install the OneDrive app. In short: the ability to share and view videos just as easily as photos (thanks to MPEG real-time transcoding), automatic camera roll backup for Android, and real time co-authoring with Office Web apps.
You can also make it the default storage option, so you never have to worry about where your files are being saved. Start screen integration with Windows 8.1 and even Xbox slide shows means give you more ways to share your content with family and friends, and OneDrive also features one-click sharing to Facebook and email. Real-time co-authoring using the free online version of Office in OneDrive lets multiple people work on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents simultaneously, always having access to the latest version and being able to see edits as they happen.
If you’re interested, you’ll need to follow OneDrive on Twitter as the company will only be sharing details there.

Over the years, he has covered the tech industry for multiple publications, including Ars Technica, Neowin, TechSpot, ZDNet, and CNET. In addition to delivering cloud versions of every day tools and applications such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. It shows how to store documents, photos, and videos by either right-clicking a file and choosing "Upload to Cloud Drive" or by dragging and dropping the file to the icon. Most people will probably be able to get away with using the free version, but it will require strict file management the closer you get to your cap. It's true the Cloud Drive Web site is easily accessible, but for the convenience of drag-and-drop and contextual menu file uploads, grabbing the free desktop app is a no-brainer. If their platform supports automatic update, the app will silently update (like Android and iOS 7). You can also receive up to 5GB more for referring friends (500MB for each friend who accepts an invitation).
Office 365 provides robust enterprise solutions for email, collaboration, conferencing, enterprise social, personalized insights, and sales automation. I found that the "Upload to Cloud Drive" contextual menu option worked only on Windows right away. On the site, the interface is highly intuitive so you shouldn't have much trouble navigating to files and moving them to appropriate folders. Logan told us it’s not getting any new features today, but the company will share more at its SharePoint Conference in March. No software is required.According to the company, all PosiTector 6000 probes built after 2006 are backwards compatible with the new body style, allowing users to upgrade the gage body and keep existing probes.
On my Mac, the icon showed up in the menu bar, and I could drag-and-drop files, but I was only able to use the right-click contextual menu item once I restarted my Mac.

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