So here's a layperson's guide to switching off iCloud, so your naked photos don't stay stuck in cyberspace where hackers can guess your password. If you've used Dropbox or Google Drive, you probably don't have any difficulty figuring out "where" your stuff is online. You delete apps from your iPhone but when you go to iTunes on your laptop, there they all are, undeleted. Nonetheless, you probably want to check that iCloud isn't hanging on to stuff you thought you deleted, and you want to make sure that iCloud isn't backing up your photos the next time you start drunk-texting your booty call.
You may have noticed that when you take a photo on your iPhone, it saves a copy of the photo in your camera album and also a copy of the photo appears in your "Photo Stream." The photo stream is gathering your photos and preparing to send them to iCloud. But the problem with mass upload backups is that users aren't as diligent about going through them all and deleting the ones they don't want stored forever. After hours of anticipation and endless speculation, the wait is over: Pokemon Go has launched in the United States for iOS and Android.
This announcement comes after a long day of waiting after the game was released in Australia and New Zealand early Wednesday morning.
The Note7 comes with a Quad HD Dual edge Super AMOLED display with the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 5.
We look at how the Samsung Galaxy Note7 stacks up against the S7 edge, the recently launched Huawei Honor Note 8 and the iPhone 6s Plus. The Note7 includes an iris scanner, the only one of the four devices compared, allowing you to unlock your device using your eyes. While unlocking the Note7 with the iris scanner is quick, it also has other uses like added security for online banking. Of the four phablets compared, the Note7 is the only one that comes with a stylus – the S Pen. Like previous Samsung Galaxy devices, the Note7 is water and dust resistant, but this time around Samsung has also made the S Pen water resistant. The S Pen also has a few new skills, including the Samsung Notes app that combines four Note5 handwriting and drawing apps into one, with additional art tools.

The Screen-off Memo function allows you to take notes on your locked Note7 when the screen is off. The S Pen also allows you to create GIFs instantly from any video and share instantly with the Smart Select tool. The translation tool allows you to hover the S Pen over a word and you can get a Google translation in over 70 languages. The Samsung Galaxy Note7 definitely doesna€™t come cheap and is the priciest of the four compared devices, with the Honor Note 8 easily the cheapest option, but it does lack NFC.
About Latest Posts Collen KrielCollen Kriel is a beat writer for SiliconANGLE covering consumer technology with a focus on mobile. SIGN UP FOR THE SiliconANGLE NEWSLETTER!Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. You can delete your photos from your iPhone, but they stay inside iCloud, clogging up space. As an iPhone user you probably think that the reason your Android friends don't get your texts is because their phones are cheap rubbish.
And Apple also says it has fixed the password security flaw in Find My iPhone that can give hackers access to your iCloud photos. The company recommends that you go to Settings > iCloud, then tap to off iCloud features (see image at right). It's no good just deleting the naked selfie from your camera album a€” you have to delete it from Photo Stream too. Now go through all these buttons and menus, and turn off anything you don't want living in the cloud. He has been writing since first grade when his novel "A Robot and Me" hit the top of the refrigerator.
It has a 12MP camera, an iris scanner, expandable storage and is the first Samsung device with a USB-C charger port.
Compared to the previous Note, the Note7 S Pen has a smaller pen tip, reduced to 0.7mm allowing for more accuracy.

You can then pin the note to your Always On display and it will remain on your screen for an hour. When you're in the consumer electronics market, those two conditions lead to the same result. Do the same thing a€” turn "off" any type of media that you don't want living in the cloud. Since then, he has written coupons, training modules and listicles about his favorite bars for fun and paychecks alike.
In addition, the S Pen, like the Note7, is water resistant and comes with a host of new features.
He endures a minor fascination with people who define themselves by the brand of smartphone they own. It's because iMessage is flawed a€” it's trying to find your friends in iCloud first before giving up and then a€” maybe a€” sending the text on to your friend's phone number.
But note that the photos setting is at the bottom and has a different button a€” turn that off too! His background in comedy ranges from stand-up to sketch, and he runs a very popular stand-up show in Chicago called Rat Pack Comedy, which he's very proud of.
Prior to writing for SiliconANGLE he worked as an account executive in the IT industry, directly for, or in association with companies like Mimecast, IBM, VMware and Micros. Carriers has already started announcing pricing as well as bundled promotion deals, check out our post to see how you can preorder your Note7.

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