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When disaster strikes, Server Virtualization can be an indispensable tool in helping you recover quickly and efficiently. IBM has announced a new series of updates for its IBM Spectrum Storage range targeting data security, improved performance, analytics and reduced costs. According to the press release IBM has added new features to three members of the Spectrum Storage family, Spectrum Virtualize, Scale and Control. IBM Spectrum Virtualize: New software data encryption for heterogeneous storage systems and better support for RAID. IBM Spectrum Scale software and the IBM Elastic Storage Server integrated system:  Data compression and a new Hadoop Filed System (HDFS) interface. IBM Spectrum Control: Extending management and data analytics capabilities for IBM FlashSystem and IBM Spectrum Scale file and object storage systems. Jamie Thomas, General Manager, IBM Storage said: “As organizations transform to digital business, they increasingly require a solution to store data safely and cost effectively. Another performance increase for Spectrum Virtualize is the addition of a new Distributed RAID feature. A keen hockey goalkeeper, Ian coaches and plays for a number of clubs including Guildford Hockey Club, Alton Hockey Club, Royal Navy, Combined Services, UK Armed Forces and several touring sides. VMware’s cloud infrastructure and business mobility solutions break the bonds that tie IT systems and end-user environments to physical hardware, providing both IT and the business greater efficiency, agility and control. A close comparison of virtualized infrastructure offerings will show you why VMware is a clear industry leader and the choice of over 500,000 customers. Virtualization Review readers have selected vSphere as the best server virtualization product six years running and Horizon with View for best desktop virtualization five years in a row. Choosing a common platform to manage all your applications, from data center to device, greatly simplifies IT so you can focus less on infrastructure and more on innovation. If you want to use the leading software-defined datacenter solution that continues to innovate and grow their amazing ecosystem of partners and educational resources, choose VMware. VMware provides a more capable platform for unified hybrid cloud and business mobility, so how can it be more cost effective than competitors claiming to be less expensive?
The choice is an easy one for IT departments that want to implement the most sophisticated virtual machine migration and management tools. Realizing the benefits of the VMware One Cloud, Any Application, Any Device architecture requires a trustworthy and reliable foundation.
Gartner has placed VMware in the highest position of the Leaders quadrant of every x86 Server Virtualization Magic Quadrant published – the only vendor to be so recognized. In the latest surveys by Temkin Group, customers rate their experience with VMware as #1 among technology vendors and VMware has the highest Net Promoter Score of all software vendors.
More customers worldwide use VMware to manage their private, hosted and public cloud environments than any other vendor, according to IDC. VMware is the leading vendor solution for cloud functions like self-service catalogs, cloud management consoles, cloud governance, and metering & billing. VMware provides the highest-rated virtual desktop platform according to Gigaom Research, beating out Citrix, Microsoft, Dell and Amazon. CxOs surveyed by ZDNet and Tech Pro Research ranked VMware as their most important IT vendor over the next three years.
Thousands of VMware customers have successfully virtuated their Business-Critical Exchange, Oracle Databases, Oracle E-Business Suite, SQL, SAP, and Java applications.
Oracle users virtualize their mission-critical databases on VMware vSphere six times more often than on any other hypervisor.

Tests with vSphere 6 show that even very large and demanding Oracle database workloads can be successfully run with excellent performance with vSphere. We offer a common set of platform services for all forms of enterprise computing to streamline your delivery of “One Cloud, Any Application, Any Device.” vSphere provides compute virtualization for both servers and Horizon desktops and applications on customer premises and in vCloud Air public clouds. The value of the VMware platform is multiplied by the vast ecosystem of our technology partners and solution providers who can get your Software-Defined Data Center running quickly and dependably. Group collaboration is easier, especially if you are jointly working on documents or projects. If you work from multiple locations and you need to access your data and applications whenever you are. Even with a high-speed connection, performance can be slow, due to the number of users on the internet or competing for resources. Many security issues around accessing and storing data (see article on cloud computing and security). For organisations concerned about security, or have to maintain data privacy requirements for compliance eg for HIPAA, SOX.
Some applications currently appear to be more appropriate for cloud computing eg CRM rather than HR or Payroll.
The Big Data Virtual Summit will comprise expert keynotes, real world case studies and interactive discussion panels led by senior IT practitioners who will share their tips for Big Data technologies and data management strategies. The most successful businesses are those with confidence in their ability to store, access and use data effectively. This review looks at why small businesses need to stop being complacent about their networks and at what they can do to maintain their competitive edge as they follow the big boys down the route of increasing collaboration and other bandwidth-hungry applications likely to impact on network performance and availability. Nonprofit organisations in 41 countries can benefit from a free version of the cloud-based productivity suite Office 365 as Microsoft extends the scope of its Technology for Good programme. Registered nonprofit organisations will be able to make use of the software without any charge, regardless of the size of their organisation or the number of staff they employ. President of Microsoft International Jean-Philippe Courtois said the intention was to minimise IT costs for nonprofit organisations so they could focus on their operations. The head of ICT for UK-based charity Christian Aid Philip Humphries said the free access to Microsoft's tools would greatly help his teams' operations. Microsoft's Technology for Good programme also includes online training courses and grants for software including Windows 8 and Visual Studio.
This latest charitable step rivals the Google for Nonprofits programme, which launched in the UK in July and also gives free access to Google cloud-based Apps products including Drive and Gmail for charities.
Nonprofit organisations that are eligible for Microsoft's programme can visit the Office for 365 nonprofits hub for more information. It is just eight months since IBM announced the Spectrum Storage brand at Interconnect in Las Vegas along with a $1 billion investment. Given the recent flood of data breaches many companies are looking for an easy way to add encryption to their storage.
IBM is claiming that it will increase the drive rebuild times, something that is causing serious problems as drive arrays get bigger.
These will use custom Java code which will enable the app to be deployed on a server at an additional location.
While technology remains the core focus of Ian's writings he also covers science fiction, children toys, field hockey and progressive rock. VMware is the recognized leader in virtualization and automation of compute, networking and storage resources from the desktop to the data center and to the cloud. With a unified hybrid cloud based on VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center, you gain a consistently managed and secure environment across private, managed and public clouds, for all applications. You need to be 100 percent sure you can provide a service to the guys competing - you can't delay the race for five minutes while you reboot a server or a storage device.
You can access cloud data and applications with any computing device connected to the internet. Some cloud-based software may not be fully featured, and this would need to be checked before signing up. However, it is an individual organisation’s choice as to whether to use cloud computing.
It is available in the UK and 40 other countries from today, with a further 50 countries added by July 2014.

The firm said it donated $795m in cash, software and services to more than 70,000 nonprofit organisations in 2012. The key to this is not to keep spare drives in the array but to create spare capacity zones across the drives. The big news here is that this will work with IP rather than require fibre channel communications between the clusters and the third site. As an analyst, Ian is the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Practice Leader for Creative Intellect Consulting Ltd.
Ian has also been selected to be the goalkeeping coach for Hockey for Heroes, a UK charity supporting the UK Armed Forces. Our technologies and the open standards they support provide a powerful foundation enabled by “One Cloud, Any Application, Any Device”—our brave new IT architecture. Our solutions for business mobility, including application and desktop virtualization, enterprise mobile management, and content and collaboration, deliver any application to any device. Our vRealize family delivers comprehensive management and automation across your enterprise.
More than 500,000 customers of all sizes, including the entire Fortune 500, have selected VMware as the platform that can deliver the promise of a unified hybrid cloud and business mobility. VMware vRealize Suite manages and automates your entire hybrid cloud, even portions on non-VMware platforms. Or, applications that you can run locally, and then synchronize when the system is back online? As ever, there is a trade-off and the need to consider whether the benefits of cloud computing are worth the costs.
See how the new prices match up to the competition by checking out our recent cloud storage comparison (spoiler: there are still better deals out there) or, alternatively, we can help you maximise your iCloud storage. Key to the efficiency of the encryption will be the use of the Intel AES-NI processor instruction set. This spare capacity will be rotated over time distributing the rebuild load across all the drives. AirWatch by VMware provides the enterprise mobility management platform of choice for customers of all sizes.
When all the capital and operational cost elements of TCO are included, VMware solutions cost less. VMware vSphere -- the industry’s most robust and production-tested hypervisor – provides VMware-powered enterprise data centers with the reliability and performance they need. We coordinate with all major hardware and software vendors to ensure that your IT investments work seamlessly with the VMware platform.
Other software costs may be reduced such as office software costs, if you use the free software available.
This is not just about encrypting data at rest but it will also support the secure erasure of data on the drives. It also means that all the drives are involved in rebuilding data with IBM claiming an increase of 5-10x over existing solutions.
Explore the VMware advantage and see how we can deliver the best solutions for your enterprise.
VMware EVO hyper-converged infrastructure systems make deploying software-defined compute, networking and storage fast and simple. Our many customers, thousands of service providers, and our own vCloud Air public cloud use vSphere as the foundation for all workloads – from the largest, most mission-critical server applications to end-user desktops. VMware and our EVO partners simplify provisioning of your unified hybrid cloud and business mobility with preconfigured EVO hyper-converged infrastructure systems that can be running in minutes. Our vast ecosystem of over 55,000 partners and solution providers and our broad support for the hardware and applications you already own make VMware solutions easy to adopt.

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