A recent rumor suggested the Galaxy Note 7′s base variant will come with 64GB of onboard storage, and we have gotten our hands on an image that seems to support that rumor, at least for the Korean market. The Galaxy Note 7 could also come with a hybrid slot that supports both regular microSD cards and Samsung’s new UFS cards, although this is just speculation at this point. Note 4 has 32GB, slap in a 64GB, AMPLE space, especially with Marshmallow being able to move most apps to the SDCard.

Jhin Tonic26 days 8 hours agoWhy sammobile aint posted about the flat variant of the note7 that appeared on twitter ? In 2016, the company brought the microSD slot back, but it also limited internal storage to only 32GB in every market with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. In fact, no one should expect anything less on a device that is expected to be priced at €849.

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