A researcher at The University of Texas at Arlington has created a new method that uses big data analytics and text-mining techniques to improve market intelligence and explain potential mergers and acquisitions of startup companies in the fast-moving high-technology industry.
The researchers have demonstrated the applicability of their research by developing a cloud-based information system based on their method and have even launched a new company, Topic Technologies, that uses the system to offer market intelligence services on competitors, investors, acquisition targets and potential business partners to companies and startups across the high-technology sector. For the initial analysis, the researchers used publicly available information from startup database CrunchBase on 24,382 companies, the vast majority of which were privately held, early-stage startups. A new cyber security bill known as CISPA, Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, is expected to reach the U.S. Opponents argue that CISPA would allow major corporations to share any information with the government. Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them.
Together with hundreds of expert contributors, Small Business Trends brings you the news, advice and resources you need. Said to be the UK’s main financial centre outside of London – could Leeds be the city to base your business?
According to Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, the city is the “largest” outside of London and generates 4% of the UK’s economic output – claims which put Leeds on the map as a potential area to start a business.
The city has a growing population of financial services businesses and is said to be the UK’s major financial centre outside the capital, which could represent a good opportunity for fintech firms looking for a lower cost of living and a less saturated market.
Leeds has a high amount of Grade A office stock available for new businesses with 119,582 sq. With five shopping centres all located in and around the city centre (Saint John’s, Merrion, Trinity, The Light and The Core), commercial space is plentiful. Leeds’ labour force is a key advantage for local businesses – in 2014 34.2% of its working age population had NVQ Level 4 qualifications and above. Salaries for the Leeds area are around average for the country, with average full-time weekly earnings approximately ?495 a week for 2014; comparable to cities such as Liverpool (?493) and Southampton (?499). Leeds City Region LEP is the main point of contact for business support after it recently secured a ?1bn ‘Local Growth Deal’ with government which will look to create “tens of thousands of new jobs and accelerate economic growth across the entire city region”.
Part of this investment will be rolled out across the Aire Valley Leeds enterprise zone; 142 hectares of prime development land. Other recent developments in the city to support businesses includes the new EU-backed Business & IP Centre based at Leeds library. Survival rates for businesses in Leeds is also above average with 41.8% of businesses founded in 2009 surviving through to 2014. For start-ups confident that they can bring economic and employment growth to the area, the Growing Places Fund has a range of available loans. For infrastructure, property development and construction businesses, Leeds has the ?10m Revolving Investment Fund (RIF) which seeks to kick-start development projects that will create jobs and economic growth.
Positioning itself as one of the main financial centres outside of London (according to Leeds City Region LEP), Leeds has a thriving financial services industry and offers an accelerator primarily targeted at start-ups in the financial sector, Dotforge. Outside of government funding and accelerator schemes, Leeds also has a growing angel network the Yorkshire Association of Business Angels (YABA) which has a network of over 140 angel investors and supports investments of up to ?300,000.
House prices in Leeds are noticeably higher than nearby cities with a similar make-up; the Land Registry calculated average house prices at ?234,920 for September 2015 which is similar to Manchester (?238,050) in stark comparison to nearby Sheffield at ?136,071. Crime levels in Leeds are just below average for the UK with 83.45 crimes committed per 1,000 people in the year ending June 2015.
A growing cosmopolitan district, Leeds has recently attracted major private sector investment to the tune of ?1.1bn following its Trinity Quarter retail scheme, the new First Direct arena and the Eastgate retail development, due to open in 2016.
For entrepreneurs looking to juggle work with socialising, the city’s Greek Street is the place to go for restaurants and bars, whilst on the entertainment front (as well as the recently launched arena) Leeds also boasts the O2 Academy and the Brudenell Social Club; known for its live gigs and comedy acts. A first-hand account from an early-stage start-up on what it’s like to start a business in Leeds and what the city has to offer new entrepreneurs. Gain insight into the city’s networking events, how and where to access finance, business support, and the best venues for client meetings and company nights out. You can also gauge insider opinion on what more Leeds needs to do to accommodate start-ups. Creating co-working start-up Duke Studios talks to Startups about the benefits of starting a business in Leeds.

The long hard road ahead of you can be daunting and the prospect of failure even more terrifying – but what the business greats of today would tell you is that you should never let fear hold you back.
And sometimes some inspirational words from a successful entrepreneur can give you that much-needed boost, a reassurance that starting your own business means becoming part of something great. Whether you print out a quote for your office that particularly resonates with you or take one to heart as a personal mantra, cheesy or not, there’s a lot to be said for some inspirational words of wisdom. Arguably one of the world’s best-known companies – The Walt Disney Company began with just one man.
The youngest self-made female billionaire according to Forbes, Spanx founder Sara Blakely certainly knows a thing or two about business success. Dame Anita Roddick was a British entrepreneur, human rights activist, and environmental campaigner. The man behind one of America’s most popular fast-food chains, Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas became a TV personality and household name after appearing in the restaurant’s ads.
Serial American entrepreneur Drew Houston worked at several start-ups before co-founding Dropbox at just 24. A fitting way to end, Richard Branson is probably the best-known British entrepreneur – and certainly one of the most admired.
The company has long been suspected of rolling out datacentre infrastructure in Australia to support its Amazon Web Services business, which is one of the largest global cloud computing infrastructure players. However, there has also been increasing amounts of speculation over the past few weeks that the Edge node could be a fore-runner to a larger infrastructure investment.
Does our move to NBN influence things in any way, given the potential speed increases and IT based businesses moving here? I think you’re right, and that some sort of hybrid model will be the best result, but there are other factors at play that may help. I know a lot of Australian IT startups and some big businesses use Amazon for cloud computing stuff.
I figure I can use Paypal, and maybe Visa and Mastercard to process donations that’ll keep my venture going. Given how the US has put their own dominant stamp on other areas, I think the safe starting point is assuming that yes, the hosted data will be subject to US nosiness. I think the evidence is allready there that they feel they have the right of way with digital data, through VERY flimsy linkage. But if you want to go behind the scenes; if you want to gain insight into what’s really going on, you’ll need to become a Delimiter Member and gain access to our premium content, listed below. One of our economic development priorities is making Orlando a great place for headquarters to relocate or businesses looking to expand. Earlier this week, City Council voted to support the growth and expansion of SightPlan, a local Orlando company that was started and has grown in the City of Orlando’s UCF incubator. SightPlan anticipates creating 28 new jobs in the next three years and is considering locations for its national headquarters to base development, support, sales and marketing staff. The City Council action would provide a job creation incentive package to SightPlan, if the company chooses Downtown Orlando for its headquarters. It is because we have been able to build a technology ecosystem that we can support our businesses, not just when they are in their early stages but also as they continue to grow. For each company, they took into account the headquarter location, industry sector, cofounders, board members, key employees, investments, and the business description, which was usually limited to one or more paragraphs on the key facts about the companies’ products, markets and technologies.
Senate floor soon.  It pits high-tech startups against the giants in the industry in a privacy debate. The bill would allow the high-tech industry to share information on a real-time basis with the federal government in the event of a cyber attack. Companies that have been attacked are often hesitant to report an attack because of the potential legal implications. They say it doesn’t do nearly enough to protect private citizens from having their information shared with the National Security Administration and other agencies without the consent or knowledge. A journalist with 17 years of experience in traditional and online media, Joshua got his start in the newspaper business in Pennsylvania. With Manchester and Sheffield less than an hour away by road and rail, the ports of Hull and Humber less than 50 miles away, and Leeds Bradford International Airport in close proximity, the city is well situated for start-up businesses looking to access local and wider market opportunities.

The city’s latest commercial development Trinity Leeds, which launched in the Spring of 2013 and is spread over one million sq ft, has already attracted over 120 retailers and has several leasing opportunities available. Aire Valley Leeds is one of three new enterprise zones in Yorkshire which have been set up to drive investment, growth and job creation, with lost-cost premises available on site. Launched in March this year in partnership with the British Library, the centre provides a free service to anyone wishing to start, protect and grow a business. The Business Growth Programme provides grant funding of between ?10,000 and ?50,000 to new or established businesses based in Leeds or those planning to relocate to the area. Now in its third round of funding allocation, the ?35m scheme has up to ?6m to lend to businesses of any size ranging from ?500,000 to ?1m. It provides loans of over ?1m to commercially viable businesses and projects infrastructure and construction projects on the basis that loans must be repaid within five years.
Said to be the UK’s “first” regional financial technology (FinTech) Dotforge, offers a package of funding, office space, mentoring and networking opportunities. And even if you’ve done extensive market research and refined your idea for months on end – deciding to actually take that leap of faith and leave behind a steady, secure job for the entrepreneurial life is a tough decision to make. Known for his incredible ability to tell stories, Walt Disney is infamous for his wise words. Now a partner at venture capital firm Greylock Partners, Hoffman was also an early backer of Facebook. Roddick founded The Body Shop (which she eventually sold for ?652m) and was a trailblazer for ethical causes. The Apple founder’s leadership came under scrutiny in the recent Steve Jobs film but he is undoubtedly one of America’s great innovators. Unverified sources have highlighted a claimed link between giant datacentre operator Equinix in Australia, and last week The Register reported that Amazon intended to offer cloud computing services from an existing cloud computing datacentre in Australia.
But because we know that the next company to locate their headquarters in Orlando may just be an idea in an entrepreneur’s head, we are also focused on growing and nurturing new ideas and startup businesses into sustainable companies. SightPlan provides mobile and cloud based asset management tools for the real estate industry, particularly for property managers in the fast growing, multifamily apartment sector. The City’s use of and involvement in incentive packages supports our efforts to bring high-wage, high-value jobs to Orlando and grow our targeted industry sectors, one of which is corporate headquarters.
We look forward to continuing to have SightPlan as yet another Orlando startup success story.
But the proposed legislation is not being viewed favorably by those representing small businesses in the tech industry. But many believe that if they’re able to share information with a government agency, they can stop and prevent future attacks. Leeds council also has several industrial units and business properties to rent which can be found here. Combined, the three universities produce around 36,000 graduates each year with its highest number of graduates specialising in medicine and dentistry (6,000 graduates in 2010), business and management (5,800), and biological sciences (2,800 graduates).
Still partly under construction, Leeds Council claims that once fully developed the zone will deliver up to 7,000 new jobs and stimulate development of the wider Aire Valley area.
Visitors can access business databases, market research, and directories, and there is a range of free workshops and advice sessions on offer. However, applicants must be able to lever in at least ?3 of private funding for every ?1 of the loan funding.
CISPA would essentially free liability concerns for companies that willingly surrendered information about an attack with the government. He eventually founded his own local newspaper, the Pottsville Free Press, covering his hometown. Its largest commercial development is Bridgewater Place which has 28,000 sq ft available for start-ups followed by City Point which has over 22,000 sq ft of commercial space.

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