After all the fuss, we were expecting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to look a lot more like the iPad. Software is the main way that Samsung differentiates the Galaxy Tab 10.1 from the legion of other Android tablets.
Extras include lots of tablet-optimised widgets to choose from on the homescreen, a ‘Mini Apps Tray’ that you can for running supported applets (such as calendar, music player and calculator) on top of the app that’s currently open, an enhanced ‘Quick Panel’ notification area that includes shortcuts to system settings like Wi-Fi, GPS, screen brightness and auto-rotation, and custom fonts, apps and settings that put a much friendlier face on Honeycomb.
There’s also the usual Samsung software like Samsung Social Hub (an aggregator app for email, PIM, chat and social networking), Samsung Music Hub (a music subscription service), Kies Air (an app for wirelessly transferring files with a computer through a web browser), and the Samsung Apps store, and some Android apps exclusive to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 like MagShop (a digital newsstand app for ACP magazines) and ABC Reading Eggs (an educational children’s app). For day to day use, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 felt slightly snappier than other Android tablets we’ve reviewed.
If you’re ideologically opposed to any Apple-branded products, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is definitely one of the better Android tablets available, but even then, your money may be better spent on one of the newer devices with quad-core processors and Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box.
Jenneth Orantia turned her back on a lucrative career in law to pursue her unhealthy obsession with consumer technology.
I haven’t checked to see if the desktop resolution on the Tab is higher, which might account for it (moving more pixels), but for me it is a noticeably less smooth experience than this other Android tablet, which sort of put me off buying one then and there.
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Now, you have a few seconds to quickly remind yourself of the benefits of receiving constructive criticism — namely, to improve your skills, work product and relationships, and to help you meet the expectations that your manager and others have of you.
You should also try to curtail any reaction you’re having to the person who is delivering the feedback.
Next (and this is a hard part, I know), look the person in the eyes and thank him or her for sharing feedback with you. Hopefully, by this point in the conversation, you can agree on the issues that were raised. That said, if it’s a larger issue, or something presented by your boss, you may want to ask for a follow-up meeting to ask more questions and get agreement on next steps.
Nicole Lindsay is a career development expert and working on her first book about women and business school. You'd think the human race would have sleep down to a science by now, but many of us are still sleeping poorly (and so we need top 10 guides to getting better sleep).
We have shared takes on long distance relationships, renting your first apartment, buying a house, getting married, becoming a parent and getting divorced. On passe d’un marche de precurseurs a des produits plus fonctionnels et styles, au point qu’on les retrouve dans les pages des magazines de mode comme GQ autant que chez Wired ou Computerworld.
Avec 111,9 millions d’unites prevues en 2018, la croissance annuelle moyenne du marche est de 78%, c’est presque un doublement chaque annee du nombre d’unites vendues. Ce sont les « accessoires complexes » qui vont mener le marche jusqu’en 2018 tels que le FuelBand de Nike, le bracelet Jawbone ou les dispositifs Fitbit. Une autre categorie d’objets connectes devrait decoller fortement et depasser les accessoires complexes a partir de 2018. Le troisieme segment du marche est constitue des « mettables intelligents », tels que les Google Glass qui fonctionnent en toute autonomie, independamment d’un autre dispositif, a l’exception de l’acces a internet.
Enfin, Samsung est la marque la plus identifiee comme delivrant des objets mettables de qualite, devant Apple, Sony et Google. Mungkin bagi anak perempuan, boneka perempuan mungil berambut pirang ini hampir tidak mungkin terlupakan. Merupakan sebuah berita menarik bagi pecinta Barbie karena Mattel telah mengeluarkan produk Barbie terbarunya yang bernama “Hello Barbie!”. Konsep membalas pesan ini mirip seperti yang digunakan pada web cleverbot yang dapat membalas pesan kita melalui text chatting. Dengan berbekal kalung kecil berisi recorder dan microphone yang terkoneksi internet, boneka perempuan berjaket motor ini akan merekam setiap pertanyaan dan obrolan anak-anak yang memainkannya lalu mengirimkannya ke pusat data di cloud melalui WiFi untuk diolah menjadi jawaban pesan. Dengan menggunakan software Speech Recognition yang dioperasikan melalui ToyTalk, Barbie dapat mendeteksi input suara yang diberikan oleh anak dan Barbie dapat memikirkan balasan pesan yang tepat untuk anak dengan menggunakan konsep AI. Adanya lebih dari 8.000 dialog tersimpan pada dokumen ini, memungkinkan kita untuk dapat mengajak Barbie berbicara tentang banyak hal. Boneka Barbie sudah memasuki bidang IoT, lalu kejutan IoT apa lagi ya yang akan terjadi di tahun 2016 ini ?
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. SoundCloud Google Plus sign-in option has been added to its iOS and Android apps in addition to the existing option of Facebook and email. This comes after Google had announced Google+ sign-in option for apps in February, to rival Facebook Connect.

The update for SoundCloud’s Android app was released last week, whereas the iOS update was made available from today. Another small update in the iOS version allows the user to turn on the streaming option, after the Airplay icon within the audio player was restored. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the famous tablet Apple didn’t want us to get our hands on, and yet despite its best efforts in the courtroom, Samsung was successful at getting the injunction against Aussie sales lifted in time for Christmas. Perhaps if you’d never seen an iPad before, and assumed any tablet-looking device was an iPad, you’d make that mistake, notwithstanding the Samsung logos emblazoned on the front and back.
The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is also the only Android tablet we’ve come across so far with native support for DivX, XviD and WMV. Things like launching apps, switching screen orientations, moving between homescreens and loading webpages felt just that little bit faster. The stock video player can’t play 720p MKV videos, but like most Android tablets, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 supports hardware acceleration for 720p and 1080p videos thanks to its Tegra 2 processor. It still mounts as an external drive on a WIndows computer, but if you’re using a Mac, you’ll need to either install the Samsung Kies desktop software, or use Kies Air over a Wi-Fi connection to transfer files.
Playing a loop of standard definition videos (Wi-Fi on, 3G off, screen brightness set to ‘Auto’), it lasted for just under 12 hours. It’s sleek, good-looking, offers a great user experience out of the box and has the best battery life out of any tablet we’ve reviewed so far.
She’s known for having at least half a dozen of the latest gadgets on her person at a time, and once won a bottle of Dom Perignon for typing 78WPM on a Pocket PC with a stylus.
I am sorry Apple is lame and made you folks there in Australia wait to have a chance to buy such an awesome tab. I am not sure how I ended up here, but it’s getting late here in California, isn’t the internet great? Friedman discussed the biggest ed-tech trend, greatest obstacle in adopting technology in education, and the future of the industry.
It seems I was not born with that trait, and throughout my career I’ve struggled with receiving feedback, even when it was entirely accurate.
The next time you receive constructive criticism from your manager or a peer, use this six-step process to handle the encounter with tact and grace. Now, you’re ready to engage in a productive dialogue as your competent, thoughtful self (as opposed to your combative, Mean Girls self).
Avoid engaging in a debate; instead, ask questions to get to the root of the actual issues being raised and possible solutions for addressing them. Once you articulate what you will do going forward, and thank the person again for the feedback, you can close the conversation and move on. When we’re defensive, instead of accepting and gracious, we run the risk of missing out on this important insight. She lives in Connecticut with your husband, who is the coolest guy in the world, and loves travelling to new places on planes, trains and automobiles. Part of the problem is we have outdated information and beliefs about this all-important health need.
Ils mesurent notre activite physique en association avec des applications mobiles ou etendent nos possibilites a l’instar des Google Glass.
Les ventes de 19,2 millions d’unites en 2014 representent deja un triplement par rapport a l’annee precedente. Afin de convaincre, cette categorie de produits devra s’accompagner d’applications tierces interessantes.  Ces objets mettables arriveront dans l’entreprise, souligne IDC.
Kalau dahulu Barbie hanya bisa mendengarkan perkataan saja, sekarang dia sudah bisa berbicara bahkan membalas pesan kita. Konsep ini merupakan konsep AI (Artificial Inteligence) yang dikenal dengan nama Chatbots atau Conversational Agent. Misalnya ketika kita mengajukan pertanyaan, “Are we friends?”, Barbie pun akan menjawab, “Of course we’re friends! Dengan menekan tombol power di pinggang nya dan menekan tombol pada sabuknya terlebih dahulu untuk Hello Barbie terkoneksi ke device kita. It launched its sign-in service with 10 partners including Banjo, Fancy, Shazam, Open Table and Fitbit. The iOS app update also allows sharing audio within your Circles on Google’s social network.
The feature, known as Sets, allows users to build collections of sounds into a single audio clip, which could be shared and reposted by other users.

But holding the white iPad 2 and white Galaxy Tab 10.1 side-by-side, you’d never mistake one for the other.
As with most tablets, the battery is sealed in to keep it slim as possible, but the Galaxy Tab 10.1 skips a few of the niceties that we’ve come to expect in an Android tablet, namely a micro-USB port (it uses the same proprietary jack found on earlier Samsung tablets for charging and syncing), a HDMI port, and a microSD card slot.
Its Rightware Browsermark score of 88,970 is significantly faster than the average Android tablet score of 55,000, and not too far behind the Apple iPad’s score of 99,578. Also like most Android tablets, 720p video (using the third party VPlayer) isn’t great, with audio sync problems and jerky playback. But it’s not really the hardware we have an issue with – it’s the dearth of tablet-optimised apps for Honeycomb tablets. Next time, hold the black iPad 2 to the white Galaxy tab and let us know about the difference. Nice and handy for planning trips, taking notes, as a personal wifi hotspot, browing sites, and the navigation utilities are really handy too.
At the moment I hear the words of critique, my heartbeat quickens and my mind begins to race — first in search of an explanation for this assault on my person and then for a retort to rationalise whatever actions are in question. Remember, feedback is not easy to give and it’s certainly not easy to receive, but it will help us now and in the long run.
Ces objets operent en conjonction avec un terminal tel que le smartphone, la tablette ou le PC. Similaires aux objets complexes, on peut leur adjoindre des applications tierces afin de doper leurs fonctions. You can, however, buy adapters that attach to the proprietary port for adding HDMI, USB and SD card reader functionality.
The Galaxy Tab 10.1 uses a PLS (plane to line switching) LCD rather than the IPS panel found on most other tablets, and while this is meant to have the same effect for ultra-wide viewing angles, we found the screen dimmed considerably when moving it from side to side. However, when I compare it to one of the other tablets right next to it at JB (I think the Xoom?), the interface feels just slightly slower to respond – like the framerate drops slightly when you are performing basic actions like sliding between virtual desktops. We know there’s value in constructive criticism — how else would we identify weaknesses and areas of improvement? Being able to handle it calmly and professionally will only help us maintain relationships and be more successful in everything we do.
While one second seems insignificant in real life, it’s ample time for your brain to process a situation.
And in that moment, you can halt a dismissive facial expression or reactive quip and remind yourself to stay calm.
Recognise that the person giving you feedback may be nervous or may not express his or her ideas perfectly.
The open API and public developer platform enables ed-tech vendors to do just that.I believe, vendor collaboration and cross-platform integration is the future of education software and will continue to be a big trend in the education technology for a few reasons.
But, with districts now trying to keep pace with the advancement of new learning techniques and technologies, while facing budget realities, many are starting to rethink these policies and encourage “Bring Your Own Device to School” practices.
What do you think are the biggest obstacles in adopting technology in the education space?Moving and managing data is the biggest challenge holding education back today. Bottom line, they want a dynamic system that enables them to teach better today.For students, the biggest obstacle is managing user accounts. They want content and communication to be delivered in an environment that’s safe and familiar.The best way to overcome these obstacles and meet the needs of key stakeholders is to implement Schoology at the district-level. Knewton is able to capture every move a pupil makes – scores, speed, accuracy, delays, keystrokes, click-streams and drop-offs. The platform collects this data and the software continuously adapts to challenge and persuade the user to learn based on their individual learning style.
It’s going to change how people learn and how educational content is presented.Clever and Learnsprout are two companies with the same goal, so I will treat them as one company I’ve been following closely. Not only will data analytics drive the educational lives of students, but it will also shape the teaching practices of teachers.

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