The NeoSpace Tele Technologies is a 17 years old company, with presence in the field of Office Automation, Tele Communication, Surveillance Security Systems and Mobile industry. We are the Authorized distributor of Tele Communication Products, Office Automation Products, Surveillance systems for two states. We operate online and mobile marketplaces in retail and wholesale trade, as well as cloud computing and other services.
Field Work Monitoring Module has made it easy for field officers to report their daily field inspection work of varied categories. Making the attendance process easy and effective, GPS Attendance module uses GPS to pin-point the officers’ accurate location.
GPS Road Checking Module has replaced the traditional method of reporting about material testing, inspection, road construction and geotechnical investigations with the new technique. Project Tracking is the most advanced solution of the SmartCity-311 mobile suite, enabling field engineers and officers to track the progress of projects of the city. Got Featured on Jagran Newspaper of 12th March, 2016 EditionWe are pleased to share that our application NDMC-311 got featured on Jagran, a leading newspaper of Delhi, of 12th March, 2016 edition. Our Booth at the Launch Event for Indore Smart City ProjectWe are pleased to share that Civic Solutions Pvt. We Got Featured on Jodhpur PatrikaWe are feeling privileged to share this news that we have launched Jodhpur-311 application on 21st January, 2015 and our developed application covered by a leading newspaper of Jodhpur. Got Featured on Dhainik BhaskerWe feel extremely honored to share this news that our company’s developed application covered by a leading newspaper of Rajasthan. Got Featured on The Times of India, AhmedabadWe got featured on The Times of India of 4th May 2015 Edition. Featured on Sandesh Newspaper, VadodaraWe had also launched our application Karnali-311 on May 24, 2015 that covered by Sandesh Newspaper, Vododara Edition of 26th May, 2015. Got Featured on Dainik BhaskarWe have added one more feather in our cap by launching Ajmer-311 application in the city.
Our Booth at 41st Skoch SummitWe also had our booth at 41st Skoch Summit – Transformative Governance event for two days (22nd and 23rd September, 2015) to represent our application SmartCity-311 among visitors. Our Booth at the Smart City Techno FairWe are pleased to share that we had our booth at the Smart City Techno Fair that occurred for three days (29th to 31st October, 2015) in the city of Surat.
Featured on Kannada NewspapersWe also got featured on Kannada newspaper From Hubballi as our developed application SmartCity-311 had won the first prize in the Global Entrepreneurship Week’s sandbox challenge.
Gujarat Samachar, Ahmedabad EditionOur application Land Guard got featured on Gujarat Samachar in 12th September, 2015 Edition.
Skoch SMART Governance Award 2015On September 25, 2015, we have been awarded with Skoch Smart Governance Award for our successful SmartCity311- Mobile App Based on Field Works Monitoring. The Times of IndiaWe have successfully launched our SmartCity-311 application in the City of Varanasi that covered by The Times of India of August 5, 2015 edition.

Smart City-311 in VaranasiWe have made our (SmartyCity-311) application for one more city Varanasi that was like another feather in our cap.
The intuitive design of the app requires no training for using, and it is extremely fast as we have delivered the entire suite on Software as a Service (SaaS) software model. More than 95% of cities have a manual way of maintaining the complains of citizens or a simple software solution that only tracks complains, but takes huge time to solve. The main aim of the application is to streamline the entire process of reporting, inspecting and managing tasks, and enabling citizens to report non-emergency issues without any hassle. Campaigns are marketing efforts made by any business which includes mass mailing, email campaigns, trade shows, seminars, networking events, etc. There is a lot of debate on when is it right to convert a lead to an Account, Contact and Opportunity.
An opportunity is when there is potential for dollars from the account that you have developed.
Most businesses run some sort of marketing campaign and leads are generated from those campaigns.
Once there is an opportunity where the prospect is ready to start talking about purchasing your products or services, you can then create an opportunity and start tracking the opportunity dollars through its life cycle until that opportunity is closed. Our new facility will facilitate this very collaboration among our employees and deliver innovative solutions on the ISMAC stack” says Rakhi Ramaiya, CTO and Head HR, Ambit Software. Have you ever imagined your life so easy that you can control everything with just a tap on your device?
Automation of expense management is key, as it also helps in securing an organization’s reputation. Legacy methods of protecting assets are not effective in protecting companies in this space from cyber threats. While Myntra's move was felt to be radical at the time, it has however been a successful one for it.
Today, the benefits of SDN can easily be demonstrated in environments that are very dynamic or are large and complicated yet process driven. The module allows them to submit inspection report directly from the field, capturing a photo of the field, location, date and exact time. It allows employees to mark their attendance online, enabling seniors to track down the attendance of their staff members with complete information. It was privileged for our company that our application covered by such a leading papers of the Indian State of Gujarat.
However, it is not integrated system, so it is better to adopt a right solution like SmartCity-311.
A lead is basically a business card with a name, address and phone number that could potentially be interested in your product.

I always advise on converting a lead when there is even a 10% chance of getting business from that lead. It has a building, a door that you walk into, company name, address and a main phone number. Leads are nurtured by Sales reps with calls, following up with marketing materials and meetings to get the potential client interested. A suspect is someone who is interested but not ready to spend dollars on your product or services. All activities related to this opportunity can be tracked in the opportunity and relate it with the particular contact that the rep is working with. Even having a good income, it’s so that banks – private loan has never be mailed to really get to $2000 Possible loan companies.
Moreover, the app is simple to use for citizens to report non-emergency issues to government officers directly. You can capture demographic information about the account which can help with reporting on accounts by regions, industries etc. When you convert a lead, all the information about the lead is transferred over to the contact record. Based on your sales process, you will define the stages and probability of that opportunity closing.
Consider task as a list that you put on your refrigerator that needs to get done and check things off as they are done.
Such enterprises are the middle of real human beings working to spend days whether they will approve you can obtain the sea of the. You have activities related to the lead development which will include calls, sending materials and possible meetings.
Tasks are an essential part of every step of the sales process starting from lead nurturing to post-sales support. Unlike in your calendar book you scratch out the event that is not happening and add a new one to the day when it is happening, in Salesforce all you have to do is reschedule the same event to another date and time so you have the history.
Ideally, when a lead reaches a prospect phase, the lead is converted to an account (prospect) and a contact. As a lead moves through the life cycle you can capture the time it took to move from one stage to another. They can add all activities related to this account for each contact and that will be visible on the account.

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