Let’s see some free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds that you can use for cloud computing presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint. To join the cloud buzz, here we will show you some free cloud PowerPoint templates that you can use if you plan to make a cloud PowerPoint presentation or cloud PPT. This is a very simple cloud PowerPoint template with cloud image in the slide design and clean light blue background. This is another simple but elegant cloud PPT template design for presentations based on cloud computing services and solutions. This is another simple template with a Windows Live look and feel but that is very suitable for presentations on the cloud. Download Colored space presentation template background allows you to prepare your aesthetic presentations. About PPT Backgrounds TemplatesWe have thousands of designs for users draw powerpoint as a team. Top quality powerpoint PPT Backgrounds Templates day on the web for free you can find designs.

Takamasa Matsumoto originally discovered how the iCloud logo is infused with golden ratios. Here is the final result compared to the standard PowerPoint cloud shape, with heavier lines around the shape. Lot of different businesses are completely based on the cloud and even Pinterest achieved its great hype and success to Amazon Web Services that allow small and medium businesses and startups to run applications on the cloud and scale. There is space for the presentation title at the top left corner and also a subtitle in the bottom of the cloud slide design.
You can download this free cloud PPT template with clouds in the PowerPoint background and space for presentation title. You can download this template for free especially if you need to make presentations about cloud computing on Windows 8 and Windows Server environment at enterprise level.
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If you use these proportions to draw some basic shapes in PowerPoint, you can combine them using the shape union command (on the Mac right click the selected shapes, go into grouping and select union).
You can use it for your abstract, spaces, design, corporation or any kind of formal presentations.
We offer on our website all the internet information, compiled and presented in a way you free of charge to help you in your projects. I'm preparing PPT Backgrounds designs for you with a professional powerpoint designer friends.
Here is a way to construct a new cloud shape in the style of the logo of the iCloud service by Apple.

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