At long last, companies are starting to realize that the cloud's true potential really hinges on two things: fast connectivity, and unlimited storage. After a back-and-forth tussle over DRM rules, Microsoft has decided to make a positive step by announcing unlimited hard drive space via the cloud for the incoming Xbox One console.
After recently changing its stance on self-publishing and revealing that each Xbox One console can be used as a dev kit, Microsoft is going for a hat-trick.
Last week at PAX Australia, the company revealed that Xbox One owners would be treated to free unlimited cloud storage for games, profiles, Achievements and entertainment and other types of Xbox Live content.
Xbox Live offers Xbox One unlimited storage space in the cloud for all Xbox Live members to store numerous types of Xbox Live content, including your profile, games, Achievements and entertainment.  This content is stored and saved in the cloud so you can automatically access it anywhere, anytime, no matter where you are. Pretty sure Nintendo fanboys cares about fanboyism, since they follow Ninty blindly, like a sheep follows its shephard. How dare you giving us unlimited space when the internets declared that you’re the epitome of evil?!
It is a handy feature, I always used cloud storage for some games on my PS3 and especially on my Vita.
It supports external storage through usb 3.0 which means it is just as fast as internal storage and is extremely easy to add more memory via external hard drive. Yes, but for those who might not have that much space (especially with XB1’s ERNORMOUS size) on their shelf, the flexibility of both internal and external is crucial (which PS4 has).
However, XB1 is getting FREE near unlimited cloud saving support which just can’t be beat no matter how you look at it.
On the up side, over heating should be a thing of the past (although 360 overheated a lot and it was pretty big). Its amazing that some how you can see into the future, can you tell me what fable 4 will be like. It’d be a tough fit especially since the thing has absolutely no form of backwards compatibility and will have to be squeezed in with the 360 too.

The Xbox One makes usage of cloud storage and take it a step further – it manages your hard drive space for you. Trots att Xbox One bygger pa Windows kerneln, sa kan inte spelare pa PC och Xbox One motas.
Det mesta av hanteringen tas idag hand om pa servern och Xbox One ar egentligen en PC, men trots detta sa kan inte en anvandare som spelar pa Xbox mota en anvandare pa PC, sa kallat plattformsoberoende. Microsofts Phil Spencer pratar om att Microsoft ar valdigt intresserade i att kunna nyttja sina konsoller fullt ut med att vara plattformsoberoende vilket, Sony har varit sedan PlayStation Vita.
Dags for lite nya rykten gallande Sony mer kraftfulla Playstation 4 och enligt rykten verkar Sony kanna sig redo. Det ar ingen hemlighet att vi snart far se ny Apple Watch, men nu ryktas det om att vi far se tva nya. No Man’s Sky ar bara dagar bort, men vad kommer detta spel egentligen att erbjuda, vad ar det vi ska gora i spelet? One of the slightly questionable decisions that Microsoft revealed at their announcements was the fact that the Xbox One had only about 500 GB of hard disk space that was not upgradable.
Considering that next-gen titles will most likely be sold on blu-ray disks, this did not seem like a whole lot of space for the console, however, Microsoft has recently come forward with a statement that puts many of these fears to rest. Currently, you can use your Xbox 360 to access cloud storage if you have an Xbox Live Gold membership, and even then you’ll only have 512 MB of free space to play around with.
Microsoft has been hard at work dispelling some of the bad mojo they might have accrues since the reveal of the Xbox One and the subsequent bad press. Now perhaps with this cloud business they’ll have thrown off the last of the bad PR they’ve received and everyone can look at the features offered by each console objectively.
Placing a roof on the cloud, as Dropbox does with its lowly 2GB of gratis space, makes it useless for many people. This would presumably allow unlimited game saves, profile saves, and potentially even saves of digital games themselves.

Currently, Microsoft offers 512MB of cloud storage to its paid Xbox Live Gold subscribers, but Redmond seems to be going an extra mile by extending its virtual space to non-paying customers. And as a fan, there is no harm in me defending my console of choice on it’s relative news site.
To have a second memory option, cloud-based storage was the way to go (since XB1 is so cloud heavy).
Also, we did not forget that every 1-x comes with the Kinect regardless on whether if players would prefer it or not; the same way how controllers evolved since N64.
Spencer fortsatter med att papeka att gamepads och moss ar svara att jamfora och ser de som ett problem i verkligheten. At PAX Australia, Microsoft said that this limitation would be gone, and you would not even have to have a Gold account either. They’ve reversed several of their more unpopular policies including their stance on used games, announced self publishing for indie developers and have even revealed that any Xbox One can be used as a debugging kit for aspiring developers. And on the gaming front, placing caps makes it difficult to figure out what to store, what not to store, etc.
MS just made the need to upgrade storage obsolete and you are complaining that the hard drive that you would buy (which is unnecessary) would not fit on the shelf because the system is too big?
BTW unlimited and infinite is just a word and a THEORY, but in REALITY, unlimited DO have limitations as well ESPECIALLY in storage so really, how much is unlimited in this case because our hard drives are limited, our memory cards are limited, our smart phones are limited so how much is this so called unlimited storage?
You do know that you can share the storage from your pc wirelessly through your home network if shelf size is an issue, but it is not an issue, it is simply a hypothetical situation that you made up to justify your commitment to a console that in reality is no better than the competition. If money is an issue for you and this purchase is gonna put you in debt so you try to justify your need for it then maybe you need to reevaluate your finances, otherwise shut the fuck up and stop talking about the ps4 on an Xbox website.

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