Today, astronomers believe that every galaxy contain within its center a supermassive black hole. And there another peculiarities too: if we compare stellar mass black hole with SMBH, then we will see great difference in their density. Avid announces Pro Tools 12 and Pro Tools First at NAMM 2015 and sets a new standard for the industry standard. Every producer has their favorite production software, but Pro Tools is the industry standard when it comes to audio. Also in this version of the program is the Avid marketplace, which seems to be a social space for creative professionals.
One of the most exciting things to be announced was the addition of a free version called Pro Tools First. Pro Tools 12 can still be purchased out right, but Avid now gives the option of subscribing monthly to Pro Tools 12.
Their conclusion entirely based on the following facts: orbital speed of stars around the center of gravity and their mass distribution. The answer is giant elliptical galaxy M87, that located in Northern constellation of the Ursa Minor. Their properties even more unusual than that of much more widespread black holes with stellar masses. A low-mass black holes of the first example have density that surpassed far any known material. At NAMM 2015 this past week, Avid announced the newest version of its software which fundamentally changes the way the program operates and is delivered to the consumer. Anyone who has ever collaborated with someone via the internet on an audio project knows how frustrating it can be to share project files. This is a version of the software that is going to be available as a free download. Obviously the free version is going to have limitations, but not as many as you might expect. Calculations is clearly show that each large star-system like our Milky Way, or M31 Andromeda should have at least one such object of that kind. Let's us conduct imaginary experiment; some brave scientist decided to jump into black hole. In the case of merger between two galaxies there would be formed binary system of double SMBH.

Back in the 1971 the British cosmologist Martin Rees suggested existence of SMBH at the center of galaxy. Besides now offering a free version of the program (more on that later), Pro Tools is becoming more of a collaborative cloud space for artists and producers to work together. One of the problems is that if two people are simultaneously working on the same project there will most likely be two different versions by the end of the session. For example, a drummer can have a sample of their previous work displayed on their profile and if another artist likes the work, they can invite that drummer to collaborate on a project. Along with the cloud collaboration perks, some features such as video track support, beat detective, and the option to export as an MP3 or to iTunes are not included in the free version.
Pro Tools First should become available for download sometime before April so sign up to be notified when it becomes available. There a well-known rule that acts with no exceptions: the bigger host galaxy the larger its black hole would be grown. When they finally merges together, across the space should be sweeps gravitational ripples. Pro Tools 12 hopes to fix this issue by keeping a list of all of the changes made and who made them. Since a list of all of the changes are kept in the file, it is easy to compensate someone for their work should that particular project be sold. Another drawback is the 3 free project limitation to a users cloud storage, however the option to pay for additional project storage is likely to come in the future.
Supermassive black hole is an omnivorous monster that hungrily devouring the all matter it managed to suck. M87 is a member of Virgo galactic cluster, distance to which some 54 million light years from the Earth. In the case of the low-mass black hole, the scientist would be torn apart even before he crossed into co-called the event horizon.
The main project file is stored in the cloud and can be downloaded and worked on, with changes being constantly updated and logged to the cloud file. This approach unifies the work flow and gets rid of some of the frustrating drawbacks to collaborating with other people on a particular audio project. Still, a free version with a couple limitations is better than nothing. A full list of the differences can be found on the Avid product site here.

It can be mere dusty cloud, space debris from recently disintegrated planet, or even big star! As our astronaut approaches Schwarzschild radius, his body will be subjected to experience the tidal forces of colossal strength. It is an immobile object of extremely compact size, around which the rest of the galaxy rotates.
Taking this a step further, the creator of the project can choose to accept or decline a change made by a fellow collaborator. Both options are going to come with in-app purchases for certain plug-ins, although this is going to be a more prominent feature in Pro Tools First. In fact, most heaviest object of this class - NGC 4889 was recently found in the Coma constellation. On approach to the event horizon every molecule of his body, every single atom will be shredded into the bunch of primordial particles. Careful observation of the S2 star, that closely orbit Sagittarius A has revealed exact mass of the supermassive black hole.
This keeps everyone on track (no pun intended) with an up-to-date file that has a full list of all the changes made to the project. It was discovered last year by small team of Canadian researchers using European Very Large Telescope, that located in Chile. Perhaps, most extreme example of that kind is NGC 4889, that has been previously mentioned. Large volume of the supermassive black hole makes it possible for human body to pass through totally unharmed. Instead, the astronomers prefer to observe Sagittarius A at submillimeter radio frequencies.

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