Telegram – a mobile application for sending messages, which is characterized by high speed and security (including the principles of privacy Durov). From Telegram Messenger on Android, you can create a group chat with the number of participants to 100 people and stay in touch with each of them.
For those interested in maximum security, added a secret chat with the function of coding to your messages can be read only interlocutor. Paul Durov team developed Telegram Messenger, again to make the correspondence safe and return you to the right to privacy. Quick: Telegram fastest app in the market, because it uses a decentralized infrastructure with data centers located across the globe to connect people on secure servers.

Security: Security is lame in popular applications such as WhatsApp, so developers have relied on the safety of your correspondence. Group Chat: C Telegram  you can create group chats (with th count up to 100 people), quickly share gigabytes of video and send photos to your friends. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Master different Space Ships and move forward to incredible levels and scenarios, racing against challenging opponents. Plus, you can share videos up to 1GB, send multiple photos on a network, and directly receive any media.

When it comes to the Secret Chat, nothing is stored on servers Telegram Messenger and you can configure the program to automatically delete messages.
Telegram offers free unlimited cloud space for all of your telegram of the message and the media, which you can view from different devices.
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