RAM can deliver everything that your business needs to develop your sales teams and managers. Welcome to RAMRAM provides business development solutions to SME’s in Avon, Wiltshire, Somerset and Gloucestershire. Cloud based accounting is literally taking accounting to the next level, providing you with real time access to your accounting data. Traditional accounting software only works from one central computer hub, where usually only one person, or a team of people have access to your financial data and customer details. On the cloud you can access cloud-based software from any device with an internet connection meaning you can access information from any computer or device, anywhere, anytime.
With cloud accounting you have a clear overview of your current financial position, in real-time.
The biggest benefit of this service is its time saving quality, so no more manually entering bank statement transactions. Multi-user access makes it easy for business owners to collaborate with their accountant in real time instead of having to send data files each time.
Traditional software is costly and complicated to keep backups, however on the cloud software updates can be developed and delivered faster and more easily as everything is run online, so there’s nothing to install and everything is backed up automatically and updates are instantly available. With traditional accounting programs, often the data in the system isn’t up-to-date and neither is the software. If you’re concerned about a cloud service provider storing your data, rest assured its security is one of the most secure ways to store information. So if you haven’t switched to cloud-based accounting software, we highly recommend to make the switch.
10:06 am March 4, 2014 By Julian Horsey Following on from the recent rebrand by Microsoft of its cloud storage service from SkyDrive to OneDrive. Pricing it as a stand-alone cloud storage solution specifically created for corporate customers and charging for the use of OneDrive rather than combining it with other services which is does currently as part of the Office 365 suite or SharePoint Online. The move by Microsoft to separate its OneDrive For Business service has been rumoured for some time and Microsoft as from April 1st 2014 will start selling cloud storage directly to businesses. Currently Microsoft is enjoying a user base for its OneDrive service of around 250 million accounts however engagement from these accounts is currently lower than Microsoft would like.
The move by Microsoft to separate their OneDrive For Business cloud storage solution has now made them more competitive against the likes of Dropbox and Box who both also provide enterprise cloud storage solutions.

For more information on the new OneDrive For Business cloud storage solution jump over to the Microsoft website for details. Philip Selznick (1957) introduced the idea of matching the organization’s internal factors with external environmental circumstances. The SWOT analysis is easily conducted with brainstorming sessions with key leadership and personnel.  The SWOT analysis should be revisited as you go through developing the Business Strategy to ensure that as you are thinking about the future of your business you leverage strengths, capitalize on opportunities, address weaknesses, and to the extent you can, safeguard against threats. The Cloud, Mobility and Social Networking have created an inflection point for the technology industry. Cloud, a new services delivery model enabling businesses to obtain technology services quickly and adapt them in to new business processes to rapidly innovate business. Social Networking lets me connect with my customers directly, provide enhanced customer service, develop products with direct customer feedback, promote my products and services in real-time and many other benefits. The combination of these three technologies puts the power of technology directly in the hands of the business to acquire, consume, adapt and utilize, quickly changing existing and creating new fundamental business processes to competitive advantage.
When I say business, I am referring to business owners, and business decision-makers such as the heads of sales, marketing, human resources, and finance departments.
Traditionally IT has been the primary owner, driver and sometimes decision-maker in the selection, acquisition and implementation of technology in a business. Master the methodology used by some of the most successful startup companies around the world, that can also be applied to big corporations. Workshop description and goal(s): is to offer the participants new insight into lean entrepreneurship and innovation management, thorough a hands-on approach on the use of the latest methodologies, techniques and models.
Overview: participants will be introduced to the concept of value proposition design following concepts of customer empathy, jobs-to-be-done, customer expectations management and Kano model. Overview: participants will be introduced to the concept of experiment design in the context of continues improvement and deployment. In addition, we have the expertise to transition any current deployment to take full advantage of all the benefits that online hosted solutions have to offer. To receive this information, it is passed back and forth manually via portable devices, for example, on USB drives or CDs, which are not often secure or reliable. In addition to this it’s expensive, difficult and time-consuming to upgrade the software. No one can access your data unless they have a login to the online account and you can control the level of access if you invite users.

The cloud is a platform to make data and software accessible online and many people are using cloud computing without realising it. Microsoft has today announced that they will be separating their new OneDrive For Business cloud storage solution away from other services as of April 1st. This core idea was developed into what we now call SWOT analysis.   The diagram provides a SWOT analysis template. Any of these examples could potentially be strengths for your particular business rather than weaknesses.
I can simply download an application in less than 30 seconds which provides me immediate access to information and functionality. Fundamentals of the scientific approach to business experimenting will also be covered in this part. Feedback will be provided to each group and individual by the workshop’s facilitator.
In order to ensure the right amount of value added at individual level the number of participants taking part at the event should not exceed 28. You can be confident that you have all the information your need to know how your business is doing, no matter where you are. Additionally all of this information is safely and securely stored off site, so nothing is lost. For example if you have a Gmail account, or use internet banking you’re already “in the cloud”. Shadik Technology’s national and international affiliations, provides us daily, practical opportunities to exchange information and solve IT problems.So if your business is ready to experience a new level of business technology services support unequal in scope and experience please contact us  today! Recent Posts Data Center Bandwidth Upgrade Complete Sounds good to me Urgent Our Server is Down!

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