Cloud Gate (affectionately known as The Bean by local residents) is British artist Anish Kapoor's first public outdoor work installed in the United States. One question that comes up often with people talking about buying a unit at Nelson Commons is Internet connectivity. With the help of local company DHC Communications, Nelson Commons residents will enjoy the benefits of true, 1 GB high speed Internet connectivity. Because there are already so many variables, it’s difficult to quantify how much faster a fiber optic connection is than a “regular” one. Cost: If you were interested in getting this kind of service in your house now, it would be next to impossible because of the construction and installation costs.

This thanks to a fiber optic “pipe” allowing for consistent high speeds and seamless enjoyment of Internet content like Netflix.
It’s safe to say that it would be at least around ten times faster than your current service and, in some cases, it would be more like 40 times faster. The structure is composed of steel plates that have been seamlessly pieced together and highly polished, twisting the city and skyline around it's warped mirror.
Depending on how you choose to configure it, fiber optic connectivity also allows for television access and, using DHC’s local cloud, you can back-up all the data from your computer(s)—like photos, video, etc—for peace-of-mind. In non-scientific terms, we’re comfortable saying that the speed and reliability of DHC fiber optic service will be a “heck” of a lot faster and better than what you’re used to.

Because Nelson Commons is a multi-tenant building, the monthly fiber optic fees are shared by all the units and the costs are way lower than if you were in a stand-alone house.
If you live in Nelson, you know that our standard Internet service (regardless of which company is providing it) can leave a little to be desired. In thinking about your current service, you’d likely answer the three questions above with: not all that well, depends, and not very.

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