Beginners might be struggling to understand the exact meaning of cloud reseller hosting and its economic benefits. Cloud Reseller hosting may not work outstandingly for everyone and thus, the opinions are distinct. Number of various companies that are interested in reselling the cloud hosting products and services they use. Ease of establishing a website as loads of web developing tool supports this process such as catalog builder, CMS, etc. With the flexibility to customize hosting plans for your customers, you can price the services based on your profit margin and gain more benefits of it.
Cloud reseller web host can set up an automated technique for payment like billing via email. Most important is uptime guarantee, as you certainly don’t want your business to come at halt even for a minute. Reseller hosting is an ideal choice for small companies as the risk investment is usually low.
Secure your clients’ critical data with online backup services and disaster recovery. Integrate Microsoft applications, including Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Office, & more. Becoming a white label cloud reseller enables you to generate monthly recurring revenue by offering private label cloud services to each of your clients. With FREE inbound and outbound data transfer you’ll get truly predictable monthly cloud billing that’s easy to understand and won’t fluctuate. With no start-up fees, monthly fees, minimum spends, hidden fees or additional charges, you only pay for the white label cloud services that you resell to your clients.
As an AwesomeCloud partner, you’ll be able to extend your current on-premise IT offerings to include hosted cloud solutions and hybrid cloud offerings built on the Windows platform. As a part of the AwesomeCloud Reseller Program, each of your clients can benefit from enterprise-grade network solutions and fault-tolerant server infrastructure.
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Our Partner Infokit shows you how you can get up to 43% margins by reselling SherWeb’s cloud services. The best way to attract new clients and keep them happy is to provide a wide variety of cloud services. When you sign up with Partners First, you’ll be eligible for training from specialists who will teach you about SherWeb’s products and solutions.
To learn more about Partners First and how to become a SherWeb partner, watch our video here.
Reseller hosting is the process of using the hard disk space allotted by the web host and renting a chunk of storage and bandwidth with other users.
Nonetheless, if you don’t have abundant knowledge about reseller hosting, take your time to grasp the information and then making the decision. However, these are good enough for web developers and designers with a host of clients that are looking for hosting options, digital marketing agencies wanting to speed up client-based websites or IT firms that want to deliver clients all-inclusive solutions.
If not that, there are multiple options available to choose from that includes other online payment mode. In addition, look if they deliver round-the-clock technical support, provides best online approaches to make the payments, allows you to scale your business and offers cloud server nodes at low price. Because you only pay for the cloud services that you resell to your clients, you can focus more of your resources on business development. We know what you’re thinking, there are plenty of vendors out there who are offering all kinds of programs with tons of different features.
By offering your clients a complete portfolio, you establish yourself as a one-stop shop and the go-to person for all things IT. You’ll also be assigned your own Business Specialist who will show you how to increase your monthly recurring revenue and ensure your success. His extensive experience in the field helps him pinpoint upcoming trends that matter to MSPs and IT consultants. The resources shared are provided under the account holder’s name and not the web hosting company. With flexible pay-as-you-go pricing, unlimited bandwidth, and no monthly fees, there’s no risk to join.
Even though the market for cloud services is red hot right now, there are plenty of other resellers just like you who are clamoring to get into the game.

When you join our Partners First program, you can offer our entire range of products which include Infrastructure-as-a-Service (cloud servers, cloud databases), Office 365, Hosted Exchange, Online Backup solutions and more.
You don’t have to worry about hiring new staff, planning training sessions or building sales collaterals.  Our partners also have access to our web-based toolbox. SherWeb offers three partner programs – White label, Co-branded and Advisor — that are designed to give you as much or as little control as you want over the customer relationships and offers. It’s designed for people like you who want to expand their business without sacrificing their customer relationships.
If you’ve ever had to deal with major players on your own, you know how impersonal and tedious it can be. It contains an exhaustive collection of resources that will help help our partners package and sell their cloud offerings, such as eBooks, battle cards and videos. We’ll even give you additional performance discounts that can range from 5% to 20% on all recurring services.
Because SherWeb is a smaller provider, we can offer our partners more personalized service.
There’s also a link to SherWeb’s partner portal where partners provision their products, manage their billing and create special offers for their customers. And, if you’re a reseller in our Advisor program, you can earn a one-time commission of 150% just by referring clients for cloud solutions. We’ll take the time to offer you a free demo or free migration services simply because we understand your needs.
When you simplify your sales process, you have more time to focus on growing your business and making sure your clients are happy.
You sell all our products and services under your own label, you set your own prices and you pocket the profits. In this case, you offer services under SherWeb’s label and we provide the technical support.
You’ll be paid a commission for the clients you refer to SherWeb and you won’t have to do anything else.

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