Recently we reviewed Cloud Raiders for Android and Facebook as we believe that this game is worthy to play just like other real time strategy game such as Throne Rush and Royal Revolt 2 but compare to them, here in Sky Conquest you will start with lots of already built structure while managing them will give you enough progress to dominate the game through fighting and defending. Marauders were super strong until I upgraded them, now they have 14 attack per second instead of 20 which they had before I spent 100,000 on upgrading them. Whats the time gap between two consecutive valor tournament and how do i know if i have registered for the tournament?
Error code 113 is caused by your Wp version infact with data connection it works only if you have Wp 8.1. Copyright © 2016 CheatersCircle - Get Cheats, Guides, Glitches, Free Items, and News . One of Cloud Raiders' big draws is its truly cross-platform cloud save and multiplayer support. The other thing you'll do lots of at your base is produce military units like grunts, archers, and bombers.
Cloud Raiders comes to Windows 8 and RT with the most recent update that Windows Phone received one month ago. This version also features the fairly new Goblins campaign, adding a welcome helping of single-player combat to keep you busy between multiplayer raids.
One advantage the tablet version has is prettier graphics – you can zoom much farther out, taking in the beauty of your island and the clouds beneath it. Cloud Raiders is free to play and quite fairly monetized, so don't let the presence of IAPs scare you off. Conquer new territories to expand your realm and defeat rival lords and other players in epic real-time battles.
In addtion, with these tips and tricks your gameplay can easily reach the top without downloading any cheating tool just mere strategy guides and correct concept of playing Cloud Raiders: Sky Conquest. As you start playing the game you already have different buildings in your territory compare to other application where you need to start from scratch thus you have opportunity to learn them all one by one.
It is better if you are the one to strategize your entire action but since you are here to know our recommendation, we consider this tip for a good improvement of your entire sovereignty.
That is a rule of a thumb of any real time strategy based game, you should always fill up the available waiting area for your troops as possible not unless you are playing Critter Conquest where you don’t need to train unit but you need only to unlock them and use deploy them in battle. This is the most important part of playing Cloud Raiders, you should know the purpose of each unit you can deploy to attack.
In considering a strategy, troops location is also included and definitely one of the most crucial part of your strategy.
If you believe like me who are not fan of using shield then you should master the technique in placing traps and walls as this will be your primary form of defense.
You should visit that tab since the game observe manually of getting rewards upon completing your achievements (It reminds of playing Hello Hero) So as you complete certain attack or building structures, there is chance that action belongs to one of your quest so by checking your list you have chance to get rewards and definitely free diamonds. Tower and traps are made for defense while troops are for your offense but definitely you can also use troops to add up your defense.
As you started playing the game, there is a pirate ship near your island waiting for you to engage a fight.

We already mentioned that you really don’t need to have lots of building that can generate resources since you can steal resources from beating your opponent.
When I’m battling certain air-bosses, I feel pretty ineffective after my troops are killed. Put your big berthas in the center, your smaller range explosive towers such as mortars and crystal spires around them, and your high range single target towers on the outside ring, line your base with walls to protect your defenses, storage, and stronghold, and your good to go.
This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Cloud Raiders Hack Tool is 100% safely and won’t ban your account, cause you can connect via proxy. You can start playing on Windows Phone and pick up the same game on Android, iOS, or Facebook.
Players always need more resources for base upgrades in Cloud Raiders, so why not go out and take those resources from your fellow players? Right now, joining a clan lets you share units with other clan members and engage in clan chat (global chat is coming soon).
After restoring the clan headquarters building on your island, request to join the WPCentral clan. This update added a new Treasure Island that players can visit once a week, matchmaking improvements, and more. Cloud Raiders requires an online connection on all platforms though, so it might not be as easy to play on a tablet without a cellular data connection like you'd have on your phone. You can't zoom in nearly as far as on Windows Phone, but the increased resolution and viewing distance is actually much better for this type of strategy game. The ability to jump back and forth between Windows Phone and Windows 8 and RT versions (as well as other platforms) at will is super convenient, making this one of the best multiplayer raiding games to get into.
In this game you should spend time knowing these buildings together with their functions on how they can help you earning resources, training superb troops, and other defensive mechanism. Focus with your storage including their building and upgrade as this will decide how much money you can store.
Actually together with resources, it is also good to consider having a good number of available units you can deploy for a certain attack. For instance, if you have troops good for crashing barriers, you should deploy them near to the barriers as well as those troops that can kills enemy units easily you should also place them near enemy units. Shield can be purchased by Diamonds (premium currency) and it has a duration for days based on your subscription. Basically you can put them all around your base while waiting your enemies to come on it and do damage against them and prevent damage from them (wall). By sending troops to your defense bunker (underrated building) these troops will protect your island from attacks automatically even you are not playing. Though this is included as side quest story, the tough battle can give you great rewards upon winning just tap on these ships and you will see what kind of enemies are waiting on you. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.

Both games have the obvious appeal of their franchises behind them, but for my money Cloud Raiders from Game Insight has long been the Windows Phone Clash-like to beat. So far, Cloud Raiders probably sounds like any other city building game – albeit with a fantasy theme.
You won't have to worry about a billion jillion types of resources or hoping to find random items needed to progress.
Attacking a juicy base and looting the gold and clouds inside is quite enjoyable – assuming your team can handle the base's defenses. Clans have their own leaderboard rankings, providing an extra level of competition to the game.
Of course if you know the function of each building you can also handle them and easy for you to decide what building should you upgrade first. The trick here is to learn more about your troops but actually you need first to unlock them all. We can’t command you on where you should place traps and walls since everyone here has their own strategy and base arrangement as well as positioning. Clan tasks will be added to the game next week, helping clans work towards new upgrades for all of their members. Actually in game there is no problem in making money as long as you have perfect strategy for attacking other players and get their resources. You should not stick only with one strategy of attack as the game don’t what you to do that.
This is the key, as you decided to attack other player, you have a chance to observe and got the idea of how you will send your troops that will reveal his weaknesses.
Anyway just formulate strategy on what available characters on your hand but don’t get nailed yourself with that mentality of being mediocre. Cloud Raiders has finally arrived on Windows 8 and RT, and is fully compatible with the Windows Phone and other versions of the game. The fun part of the base-building component is testing your layout and defenses against the attacks of your fellow raiders.
And from doing this trick you can ensure you have a good level of storage so you can store lots of money for future expenses. The campaign mode will challenge you to use variation of attack using different troops and knowing your troops is the only way for you to apply that. I’m not saying that shield is just a waste of Diamonds as a matter of fact there are some occasions where you need to include this with your strategy. Select your device, Select the amount of Unlimited Gold,Unlimited Diamonds,Unlimited Cloud Nectar you want to hack and click on Hack Button wait for few seconds, visit you game and enjoy free Stuffs.

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