In the real world, however, we're noticing that companies (mine included) are looking at a service delivery model to understand and manage the Enterprise cloud. The business service consumer use the services provided through the cloud, business service providers manage the cloud infrastructure and business service developers create the services themselves.
The business service consumer is the end user or enterprise that actually uses the service, whether it is Software, Platform or Infrastructure as a Service. For Platform as a Service, the provider manages the cloud infrastructure for the platform, typically a framework for a particular type of application. For Infrastructure as a Service, the provider maintains the storage, database, message queue or other middleware, or the hosting environment for virtual machines.
But more importantly, they will also be capable of providing business service management services based on select KPIs. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Please share this infographic with others or use the embed code below to use on your own website. Learn how to evaluate Cloud Service Providers and identify the right IaaS provider for your business needs. Download this report for detailed cloud service provider selection criteria and contracting options.

What are the various IaaS models and how does each model function within our current business structure?
Manon Buettner is an accomplished infrastructure architect, data center and cloud analyst and practitioner with over fifteen years of experience designing, selling, and implementing cloud solutions, data center selection and migrations, and network enablement for midmarket and enterprise businesses, as well as for telecom and service providers.
With all those years of investment in ITIL, it's a good idea to use your common understanding, and extend it to the cloud service provider community.
Consumers writing application code use different programming interfaces depending on the application they are writing. The provider does not necessarily own the physical infrastructure in which the software is running.
The consumer uses that service as if it were a disk drive, database, message queue, or machine, but they cannot access the infrastructure that hosts it. First and foremost, the service consumer may decide that the service provider cannot be trusted to monitoring the SLAs. These will be cross-enterprise metrics based on business processes that span supply chain partners, for example. He is writing a book based on his experience leading mission-critical, enterprise application migrations to the cloud. Sales Channel where IT-Service Companies, IT-Integrators and IT-Solution Provider are multipliers for our Services. Or in a private data center such as our CAL GP Cloud offering starting at $204 per user per month (for subscription) or $124 per user per month for hosting services on Dynamics GP software you already own.

As a corollary, this is a minimum requirement to create a model for business service management of cloud based services as well. Regardless, the consumer does not have access to the infrastructure; they can access only the application. Hence we might well see an emerging industry of third-party business service management providers who provide monitoring services to both the service provider and the service consumer.
What's more, the ability to develop and deploy services in real time will create agile enterprise connections not seen before. In this infographic find out why other businesses move to the cloud, and what you can expect from a cloud service provider. Buettner works closely with dynamic enterprise IT teams to identify business and technical requirements, introduce relevant solutions, and manages complex co-location or managed cloud services searches and deployments. Typically these are negotiated via human intervention between the consumer and the provider. The expectations of the consumer and the reputation of the provider are a key part of those negotiations.

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