Providing you with timely information and interesting story ideas is our goal here in the Autodesk® public relations department. Today at Autodesk University in Las Vegas, Autodesk unveiled new cloud-based collaboration services for the building and infrastructure industries. These new services continue to fulfill Autodesk’s drive to expand the benefits of BIM-based collaboration through the entire building and infrastructure lifecycle – from planning and design to construction and management. Included with subscription to A360 Collaboration for Revit, access to the Autodesk A360 Team cloud-based project collaboration platform (see related A360 announcement) allows the entire project team, even project contributors who do not use or have access to Revit software, to view, search, and socially interact with all project design data.
With A360 Collaboration for Revit, team members can automatically see who else is working on the project, and changes made by one team member are immediately visible and available to everyone. With the Communicator for Revit in-context chat tool that comes with A360 Collaboration for Revit, project team members from all disciplines and firms can communicate directly with each other, in real-time while working on their project models in Autodesk Revit.
Describing his firm’s use of the beta version of A360 Collaboration for Revit on a major renovation project for the Oregon State Capitol building, Bjorn Clouten, project manager and senior associate architect at SRG Partnership said: “We’re sharing linked BIM project models with the entire project team in the cloud. SRG Partnership used A360 Collaboration for Revit to collaborate on a renovation project for the Oregon State Capitol building, which included restoring the natural ventilation originally intended in the building.
Traditionally, crews are sent out to inspect infrastructure assets without knowing exactly where assets are or past maintenance history. Field Assets for InfraWorks 360 empowers field staff to work more effectively by providing easy access to the infrastructure asset data they need based on their location. Field Assets is the latest addition to the Autodesk InfraWorks 360 portfolio of applications for civil infrastructure, supporting engineering workflows that let civil infrastructure teams design and create in the context of the real world.

In addition to the introduction of the Field Assets service, the InfraWorks 360 Model Builder cloud service will now be fully supported in a production release with an update available to customers on January 7, 2015.
The InfraWorks 360 Model Builder cloud service allows users to select a city-scale area from a map of the world in order to generate 3D city models in minutes. Customers have responded resoundingly to Autodesk’s drive to connect project teams and enable greater collaboration across the building lifecycle.
Amar Hanspal added: “As the world rapidly urbanizes, we are going to need millions of new and retrofitted buildings and infrastructure projects to accommodate the influx of people. Desktop Subscribers to InfraWorks 360 will also have access to Model Builder as a metered cloud service beginning January 7, 2015.
Awsome!!, we are definitely entering the future of BIM collaboration globally thanks to Autodesk. JIRA dashboards provide a view into JIRA issues and activity, but can also display any OpenSocial gadgets, including those from your Confluence wiki, FishEye source control browser, Crucible code review tool and Bamboo continuous integration build server. Let’s take a look at how you can collect data from all these tools into one place to get project status with just a quick glance. Want to set up multiple dashboards for different projects or different types of information? Personal dashboards with open issues, favorite filters, and important development activity. By providing a complete portfolio of Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools enabled by the cloud, architects, engineers, construction professionals and owners can collaborate on a consistent set of models throughout the building and infrastructure process – while tapping unlimited cloud computing power for tasks like high-resolution rendering or energy analysis.

With both the web and mobile A360 experiences, all members of extended project team can work together more efficiently on projects, make more effective decisions and deliver superior results. A vast improvement over email or phone, Communicator provides notifications of new chat messages, connection requests, and sync status for workshared models to help the team work better together. Previously available as an Autodesk Labs preview, the production release of Model Builder is easier to find on the new InfraWorks 360 home and has been enhanced to include polygonal area selection, enabling irregular areas, such as highway corridors to be selected. Adoption of BIM 360 is up more than 200 percent in the past year, while the overall building and infrastructure portfolio is up more than 20 percent. As an industry, we need to accomplish this herculean task far more efficiently than previous generations.
One click takes you into the Bamboo build result where you can investigate stack traces, test results, and even use FishEye to explore the code changes in the build. Thankfully we can harness new technologies to plan, design, build and manage the cities of the future – and do so more efficiently through better collaboration. There are dozens of Atlassian gadgets available today, plus you can display any OpenSocial gadget from 3rd party systems.

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